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  1. So does anyone here know does umbrella corps have any online players anymore?

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    2. platinumplayer12


      It is pretty fun game to play. :)  The story especially. Have you played Resident evil 7 or 2 remake?

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      Yeah I've played both. ^_^ I've only ever played a bit of RE7 but have watched people do playthroughs and with RE2 Remake I'm currently doing my first playthrough with Clair. I'm not the biggest fan of RE7 but I'm loving RE2. :D My favourite Resident Evil game is definitely Revelations, really need to play the second game.


      What about you, have you played RE7, RE2 or Revelations?

    4. platinumplayer12


      Sorry about taking my sweet freaking time with this. :D

      I have played the revelations 1 and 2.   RE2 And 7 are on the scope after i am done with the kingdom hearts series. :) 


      What have you been up to these days?