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  1. It is not your fault at all. Please choose another game for it's place if you want to do so.
  2. Nice to know that it is counted at least for this month. Thanks!
  3. Knack is finished finally after 4 full campaign runs and with that all of the bracket games are too. Now to take a chill pill
  4. I would like to ask a question can you get points from extra games that you finish within this month if you can get your main bracket completed? And if you do is there any specific extra rules/steps that have to be taken? @Stedde
  5. Wolfenstein the old blood is done! Now to the rng hell known as Knack the last game on the list.
  6. I just finished with modern warfare remastered Next up the penultimate game Wolfenstein the old blood!
  7. I have now managed to complete Knowldege is power decades. 2 down and 3 to go. Next up modern warfare remastered!
  8. Got my first game rocketbirds 2 done 30 minutes after year changed. Now starting the work with knowledge is power.
  9. Can you sign me up? 0-20% Modern warfare remastered 21-40% Knack 41-60% Knowledge is power decades 61-80% Wolfenstein the old blood 81-99% Rocketbirds 2 Evolution (I will be getting the completion percent right before the event starts)
  10. Same problem here ;(
  11. Could you add me on the list please?
  12. Sure and thanks!
  13. Sadly yes but thank you anyway. Also Could i ask you some help with the online trophies? Of course if you can't then no offense taken you have been plenty helpful already.
  14. Dang should have readed this before starting. I was wondering why i got the level 50 trophy at the start of the game.
  15. Alright everyone let's do our best! This will be tons of fun
  16. Can you add me as a participant and on the drawing? Thank you very much!
  17. i really love the danganronpa series amd have been really blown away by the story. now im waiting for the V3 really hyped and i wanted to know if anybody else likes the series and is as hyped as i am *pupupu* lets talk about harmony and disbear*
  18. Thanks for the giveaway! Can you sign me up?
  19. Now you got my attention! Could you explain what makes Ace Attorney better than Danganronpa? What are the main differences? I would like to play the AA trilogy at some point so it would be cool to get your opinion about the games.
  20. All the collectible trophies do not pop when you have got every collectible. And some other trophies cannot be unlocked because the game stays in a black screen when you beat it which means you can't access the extra stuff needed for a trophy.
  21. Can all trophies in the game be achvieved?
  22. Any tips like that for fnaf 2 10/20? After 10 hours of trying i am freaking losing my mind.