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  1. Can all trophies in the game be achvieved?
  2. Any tips like that for fnaf 2 10/20? After 10 hours of trying i am freaking losing my mind.
  3. Same here mate made it to the 5 AM. Someone has already beaten the night on ps4. but we could always try to pester clickteam to make the custom night more balanced especially toy bonnie.
  4. Is there any trustable and cheap sites to buy digital Indonesian psn codes from? Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you! I just thought that it would be cool to get more bang for the buck especially in the sales How so? Am i doing something wrong?
  6. Entry 4: I would love to pull a catgirl out of a nekopara for some lovely times :3
  7. Entry 3: I would like to have the ink machine from Bendy so i could bring my (waifu) dreams to life.
  8. Entry 2: Portal gun from Portal 1&2: Would be neat to save some time and energy when you need to go somewhere important quickly.
  9. I would love to take the kingdom key with me so i could open some closed hearts and locked doors.
  10. Can you add me to the top and elite? I have every platinum and stack of ratchet games, vita and ps3 version of battle royale and move heroes done
  11. Thank you very much! The only thing i am still wondering is can you get flags from lost battle? Does the result of the battle effect the drop rate in anyway?
  12. Can you get the end of war flag after fighting a one fight within war and then retreating ? (returning to main menu) Sorry about another question the retreating option just confuses me.
  13. Can you get flags from the war if you dispatch troops from detachment? Or do you need to stay on the war screen until one ends? I quess you can't retreat to the menu?
  14. I mean the character relationships and the 6 collectibles. Thanks in advance
  15. I was in my final playtrough on kingdom hearts rechain of memories trying to get the platinum.... But the naughty dog server closures have gotten in my way pretty badly :/ Maybe i'll get to continue it before the end of july? Hopefully.
  16. Alright! I just finished spyro 2 a couple of minutes ago.
  17. Can you add me mate? Requirement 1: Spyro 2 Ripto's revenge Requirement 2: Have to say Finland it is rather nice to have Darude back ūüėĄ
  18. I would need to play with 4 more unique online players on worms revolution extreme vita for the social butterfly trophy. We would only need to play one 4-5 minute online match per person. Help would be greatly appreciated :)


  19. So does anyone here know does umbrella corps have any online players anymore?

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    2. platinumplayer12


      It is pretty fun game to play. :)  The story especially. Have you played Resident evil 7 or 2 remake?

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      Yeah I've played both. ^_^ I've only ever played a bit of RE7 but have watched people do playthroughs and with RE2 Remake I'm currently doing my first playthrough with Clair. I'm not the biggest fan of RE7 but I'm loving RE2. :D My favourite Resident Evil game is definitely Revelations, really need to play the second game.


      What about you, have you played RE7, RE2 or Revelations?

    4. platinumplayer12


      Sorry about taking my sweet freaking time with this. :D

      I have played the revelations 1 and 2.   RE2 And 7 are on the scope after i am done with the kingdom hearts series. :) 


      What have you been up to these days?



  20. I redeemed the code and it worked well. Thank you for the giveaway
  21. I live in Finland (EU) so the 20e code would be the best option. If any problems arise with that please let me know I have always wanted to buy the lifetime premium membership but now it seems that i do not need to do so (I'll take the membership gladly). Thank you very much :3
  22. Thank you for giveaway :3 My favourite memories for christmas are our family's dinner's. All the good foods and awesome people around the same small table. It is very lovely thing to be a part of
  23. Thank you for the giveaway :3 1. Crash twinsanity remastered/hd 2. Ape escape 4
  24. All the collectible trophies do not pop when you have got every collectible. And some other trophies cannot be unlocked because the game stays in a black screen when you beat it which means you can't access the extra stuff needed for a trophy.