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  1. I guess i just have to beat the game and collect everything in a separate super easy run-trough... Thanks anyways
  2. Hey gaming pals, i have a problem with the last health point upgrade: the zhong needed has not appeared and i don't see any enemies to defeat. I uploaded a video, so you can see what i mean: Thanks for any help Playsi
  3. Heya, just for those who don't have smashed alle the gates yet: a map
  4. So, i am one of the "tenacious trophy hunting R&C fan", i guess I don't have the trophy yet, but i finished the races yesterday. Only the last Platin is missing, but that one is easy. You just have to re-play this race over and over, till you memorize where these damn rings spawn. And learning where you are able to boost (ace can be annoying in the first race) helps too. Once you get the first race the last two are a piece of a cake
  5. TR almost finished ;)

    1. biotransformatio


      Did you mean trophies? Rank 60 is a hard challenge to achieve.

    2. Playzinator


      Sry, haven't seen your comment. Rank 60 is not soooooo hard. Thanks to the boost methods. And the Samurai ist (thanks to a glitch) obtainable before Prestige 3 ;)

  6. Hey Players, i am just wondering if someone already found all of the gold bolts (for now i don't think so, but who knows?). I am recording ecery minute so soon or later i will make a video. If someone found many of these ... feel free to tell
  7. Well, found ALMOST all of them. I just cant find the 5th Bolt on the 3rd planet. Anyone got them all there?
  8. Then he has to read this here
  9. Hello, does anyone know when its gonna be released in the EU? I found no official statement.
  10. Hey thanks. Hope its in PSN for Preorder soon
  11. Your welcome. Thanks go to ShineDalgarno
  12. Profile Updating seems working again. Thanks Sly
  13. Well, being on the new server i guess ... Database checking next? ^^
  14. I don't wanted to appear impatient. I don't really know Sly, but i know that sometimes 'easy' things can be more time consuming then planned. All i know is that hes doing his work, and hes doing good
  15. MW almost finished :)

  16. Ok, just wanted to know. Sly appears to be online. Does he had his coffee?
  17. Yes, i did. So i am just asking again: Does everything look good? When will it 'probably' be finished
  18. Hey Sly, hows the status?