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  1. Winning these three races made the "Platinum Power" trophy by far the most difficult trophy I've ever earned. The fact that it has a 21% earned rate means either a) R&C fans are tenacious trophy hunters, or B) I can't fly spaceships.

    Do what you can to minimize going up or down, which starts an oscillating effect that becomes very hard to correct. The up-down motion is suppressed in the third race, which is why it's so easy. Pull the joystick hard left or hard right, to prevent accidentally pulling it back.



    So, i am one of the "tenacious trophy hunting R&C fan", i guess :D


    I don't have the trophy yet, but i finished the races yesterday. Only the last Platin is missing, but that one is easy.


    You just have to re-play this race over and over, till you memorize where these damn rings spawn.

    And learning where you are able to boost (ace can be annoying in the first race) helps too.


    Once you get the first race the last two are a piece of a cake :P


  2. Will probably move tomorrow after I wake up...
    Transferring the site files now...
    Files have been transferred, I'll set them to unpack and go to bed. The move will happen tomorrow if everything looks good...

    Do you not understand it? Have you actually read all the above posts? Or did you just posted this without even reading the first post?

    Yes, i did. So i am just asking again: Does everything look good? When will it 'probably' be finished