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  1. Afternoon guys. I seem to have hit a bug. I’m in the right battle for Groots call to action, but NO matter what I try it NEVER comes up. Anyone else found a way round this, or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Just entered DZ to try and few trophies. Safe House unlocked fine Got some loot went to extraction complete it, then someone went rogue, killed them and nothing.
  3. It was me. I completely read it wrong. I thought it was one of the 3. Not all 3. It popped fine once I did the last zone.
  4. Same thing happened today. Tier 3. Went in extracted item with no one around nothing. Looks like PLATINUM is unattainable now.
  5. This is so confusing. Some people saying it doesn't lock you out, others saying it locks you out of most trophies. Really wish there was a clear answer. If you can go back to DC I'm not sure what Ubi would lock you out. I'm stuck at level 30 trying to work out what missions, trophies, etc I need to do. And I can't go to level 40 or end game. It would be great just to go to level 40 and tick off side missions, trophies etc in downtime from grinding.
  6. I need to know this too. Did you find an answers?