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  1. GTA V for me. I was seeing all the hype surrounding it while in high school but never stuck with it after a few hours of playing it. I perferred GTA IV story and atmosphere Sidenote: Loving the shouting match between two people nobody is paying attention to.
  2. Batman: Arkham Origins seems to have no issues. Had my previous experience and rank after change
  3. Recently Persona 5. That game was crack to me...
  4. Shhhh Nice btw!
  5. Curious to see what games made people grind and skillfully achieved in order to get those rare plats or 100%'s. Mine would be; Blacklight Retribution The level grind...
  6. My principal is: I platinum games I want to play, not play games I want to platinum
  7. EDIT: Completely finished the game and I'm honestly shocked how well the story and emotion there was. I truly felt bad for the Prince. Combat got a lot more tougher and hectic but persisted through. Final Boss was pretty anti-climatic but nice ending to the game. Definitely a great game that stood the test ot time ( ;D ). So far, I have played 1/3 of the first game and felt it would be good to base an opinion from somebody who never played it back in the day. For a 2003 game, I could tell this game was pretty revolutionary for many people back in the day. Almost every single trait of the game is done very well and made in a way that is very organic. Combat: Getting to the meat of things, this combat is intricate and smooth. You can see the various styles of movement and attacks the main characters does that shows the engaging nature of a battle when facing quite a wave of enemies. It allows you to fight aggressively if you're able to dodge attacks quick enough but not be too greedy by making the triangle button the finishing blow in order for you to reevaluate if you're safe to do so or not. I was surprised how many enemies came at you at once and how attentive you have to be in order to peoperly process the situation. Design: You can definitely tell this game was the spiritual predecessor to Assasins Creed and even other games in it's genre. Ubisoft did a great job capturing the Persian aestheic, with the sphere shaped structures to the wardrobe characters wore to even the complexion characters hold that feel like they are actually Persian (though hearing Yuri Lowenthal with a english accent was interesting). Controls: The controls are pretty janky for the causal playtime. Everyone who's played the game knows the struggle of jumping off one tree/pillar/wall to another and going the complete opposite direction. It get pretty annoying at first but I learned it's best to stop moving, put the MC in the direction he needs to go, and use the action button to complete the task. It definitely gets annoying while learning how to play the game but you get use to it. Wall jumping downwards was the worst for me and got stuck for two hours on the Tower of Dawn portion before realizing I was pressing it far too quickly. Characters and Development: At first, I thought the two main protagonist's were pretty generic and one dimensional but once they start opening up their feelings, it starts feeling adorable and even relatable. The last portion of the game really drives all that development home to the point that I started sympathizing with them and their predicament. Main villian was pretty much MIA in the game and can be summed up as by-the-numbers discount Jafar. I did appreciate the unique dialog from Farah whenever I was about to die or when she gasps as I almost fall numerous amount of times. Made it feel more alive in the world you were playing. Sound/Mixing: Now the bad part of game so far and I blame this on the port itself since I heard the original had no problem whatsoever; the sound mixing in this game is....pretty bad. Music would be playing over the voice acting in cutscenes that it would make me miss some dialog and unsure what was really said. I even had a nearby save point-sound effect completely sound out an in game cutscene. Other times, I would be just solving a puzzle or platformer with no music and play in silence to the point it would take me out the game a bit. That said, the sound effects fit the objects projecting them fine. Trophies: This is probably the biggest thing about this game that will affect your enjoy out of it. In the first game so far, the trophy that restricts your use of time is basically making you constricted to playing a game it wasn't designed for. If you are hating the shackles that placed on your playthrough, take a break and try again later or even play the game all over it again after playing it properly. It's a pretty short game and we do this stuff because we love gaming first and foremost, right :)? Overall, this game (or should I saw port) has it's flaws but you can't deny this game must of been amazing to the people who played it back in the day and I'm just happy I could appreciate their enjoyment of this game too. Verdict: Definitely play this game if you enjoy a good story and gameplay similar to the big name PS2 games like God of War.
  8. That's clears a lot of stuff up. Thanks you two for the clarification!
  9. Thinking of playing this game and going to try to 100% it but heard comrades is unattainable with one edition; not exactly sure. Just asking if I should buy Standard game with standalone comrades or the Royal Edition? Hope to get this cleared up for me.
  10. I was just thinking of making a post like this so good job on yhe head start. I can help on some others if you need some more to list
  11. Making this post only because after years of 100% this game did I realize that my Star Agent didn't pop when I got rank 34 until a year later when I got Top Agent level trophy. This is around the time Blacklight actually released additional content before leaving it again Did anyone else get something like this?
  12. Godzille PS4... Not because it was hard, but the grind with the god awful gameplay.... "Godzilla is approaching the generators"....
  13. Some ppl here are talking bout how difficult a game was and they hate it for that reason than the actually lack of quality. One really standing out is Jak 2. Sure the game was hard ( and I mean balls to the wall almost Demon souls hard) but that will be my favorite since it's so memorable and great achievement for me
  14. The R2 servers are still up so anyone who wants the coop trophies of Killing machine ( like myself ) should get at it. Have a good hunt.
  15. Tbh not jealous of yours man but Hitman Absolution looks hard so that one? Tbh not jealous of yours man but Hitman Absolution looks hard so that one?