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    I have a lot of interests that I'll eventually list here. However, it's mainly games, girls, money, food and competition. :D

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  1. The Hype. And Uncharted as a launch title. Trophies on the go.
  2. How I Met Your Mother
  3. I have 13 going on 14 Mortal Kombat PS Vita 0.42% Injustice Ps3 0.45% Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend PS Vita 1.10% Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita 1.22% Street Fighter x Tekken 1.87% LittleBigPlanet Ps Vita 2.23% Blazblue Chronophantasma Ps Vita 2.78% Shadow of the Colossus 2.87% Mortal Kombat X 2.98% Soul Calibur V 3.27% Blazblue Continumm Shift Extend Ps3 3.38% LittleBigPlanet Ps3 4.11% LittleBigPlanet 2 4.85%
  4. How many consoles do you currently have (including handhelds)? Nintendo 64 Wii Wii U Game Boy Advance SP 3DS XL Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Playstation 4 PS Vita How many consoles do you have hooked up to your TV right now? Playstation 3 Playstation 4 Wii U How many consoles have you broken/died on you? I have a SNES that is either missing/broken cable or doesn't work Ps2 fat broke on me and had to get a slim.
  5. Loves fallout as a fun challenge and everything else quick and easy
  6. Loves getting platinums at any cost. Hence the sound shapes 5 times auto popped and the Hannah Montana platinum
  7. Sport Games are main platinums Quantity over Quality, doesn't care much for completing stuff.
  8. BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA Attack on Highlander Gold
  9. Vita: BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Ps4: Want to Start Playing SFV or Resogun 3DS: Fire Emblem Birthright
  10. Gravity Rush Theme is pretty cool and I'm loving it right now.
  11. Catherine fanatic and loves shooters.
  12. Mortal Kombat X Just got the DLC trophies to raise it back up to 100%
  13. Only got DBZ Budokai HD Collection. Wanted to relieve my childhood. It's a 29.42% More to come soon.
  14. Whyfire!!!! I'm a Champion of the Gods Big fan of the GoW n.n