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  1. Yes. Just like in the past games, if a Trophy is asking that, it wants you to kill a couple specific story bosses.
  2. Maybe. It just seems that the game is sticking pretty close to the original Disgaea 1, rather than, say, how the Vita ports changed 3/4, or how Disgaea D2 was. Though, Galactic Demons are replaced with Baciels, and it's the newer girl Thieves, not the old male Thieves, and possibly some other things. Apparently, the few added characters were actually in Disgaea DS.
  3. Unfortunately not. Some people have the Japanese version... and it's very similar to the original game. There's a couple added characters, and you can skip animations, but you still need to pass Bills to boost enemies, and there's not Cheat Shop. You can pass all 20 Stronger Enemy Bills in one go, but it's all or nothing - all twenty at once, or one at a time, which is much slower than the more recent titles.
  4. It's not as grindy as some of the others - if you had to get every weapon, that would be incredibly grindy. This only requires you to take on a powerful Lv9999 enemy... with 200,000 in stats. It's not too bad. The real problem is going to be the lack of features that make the game more palatable, like the Cheat Shop. God, I hope there's no need to pass 20 individual bills every time you want to boost the enemy levels to grind.
  5. It's already been localized... In Asia. It's coming out this week, physically. Through Play-Asia. But, yeah, unless it's not very difficult or long or has an easy EXP exploit, this seems like a grind.
  6. This is actually on the easy side. No need to get every weapon. Not as much as it sounds like. To start with, 10,000 means it takes into account Transmigration, so you only have to get to Lv1000 10 times, and once you get past Lv99, leveling speeds up a ton. But because it's Disgaea 1, that trophy isn't anywhere near as easy as it might be in more recent games.
  7. Huh. Even though this game is supposed to include Mary Skelter 1, this only has trophies for the second game. That's interesting... I assume there's only the one trophy list in the game?
  8. So, seems pretty bad.
  9. Money Kaiser's not that hard. There was a bug in V that happened if you got too much money at once. 100,000 is below that value. Basically, Gold Emblem + Bless + End Game Boss will make that easy.
  10. It's not missable. It's just a little tight. The more side-quest stuff you bring in from previous volumes, the less you have to mess around with the Forest of Pain and it's optional objectives. Without it, you would need more-or-less every item and equipment available in Vol3, many of which are in the Forest of Pain.
  11. Yeah, they seem to be considering each volume as a separate "playthrough", which isn't really an accurate way of looking at it. The guide on says 60 to 80 if you don't skip cutscenes, but the one on PSNProfiles says 100. But both of them think there's two rewards from Own King.
  12. The more unique quest rewards you bring over from Vol1 and Vol2, the less of the Forest of Pain would be required. There's a bunch of rare stuff in the FoP that's only available there, but that's why you get the rare stuff from earlier Volumes instead.
  13. Yeah, I've been using those areas to grind for the Chaotic PKs alongside Mecha Grunty and Lucky Animals, but I still feel that grinding PKs is more annoying. Though it doesn't help that I left all of the PKs to the end, so I was just playing the same battle in the same area again and again, for no substantial reward in money or EXP. Huh. If that's true, the trophy guide is mistaken.
  14. I was really annoyed that Bikman's quest doesn't carry through volumes, too. I did it in the first volume for the trophy, since there were less people to find, and it's not too bad if you take the time to talk to everyone as you go through the story. It's easier to keep track of who I haven't traded with, but it's still a strong reason not to do it twice. But I think the PK Bounty quest is worse, since they don't seem to appear in story dungeons, and don't always turn out to be a PKer. There's 2 items, actually. A Dual Blade and a Broadsword. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you can do it without any of the carryover, it just requires you to get nearly everything else, some of which can be even more of a pain, as you start running into stuff that's locked behind objectives in the Forest of Pain. Even in Volume 1, you can seemingly max out the books without needing everything, but then you start needing things like the *5 accessories from the Guild shops that only sometimes spawn, and only sometimes carry those accessories.
  15. I've played Xenosaga. I cannot be phased.