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  1. If you can turn your brain off completely you can enjoy this film a bit. I chuckled twice throughout the entire film and constantly cringed. Other than it looks good for a low budget film. It has no story and is just full of shoved in references. Very surprised anyone here even thought it was "alight" it was utterly trash Imo and that's coming from a 22yr old kid that loved the original/future trilogies. Not worth the 90 minutes of watching on Netflix and so glad I didn't watch it with my friends or gf or I would never hear the end of it.
  2. I'm glad there are still trophies around that require skill to obtain. Since the game just came out the ratings are going to take awhile to settle. The way penalties are handled needs to be harsher. Anyone who gets a penalty should not have a positive sportsmanship rating (Blue) at the end. People have flat out rammed me and gotten an improved rating. With driver rating the matchmaking actually mixes groups of skill based on the qualifications. You always see 2 E drivers then D drivers etc. Based on what's available I have messed around with it and lowered my driver's rating from nearly B to low D. Doing that I ALWAYS got a poll position on dragon trail Gr.4 with 1.49.328 and won. However against a few A/S drivers I started between 3rd to 5th against the best available, with even two of the top ten players in the same race regularly. I can get around 1.47.7 if I spent time going for it to get polls around my skill tier but this method is just easier and I'm lazy. If you're semi-decent set a good time and lower it to an E in other races. You'll get a poll and win if you play safe as long as you're will to grind and enjoy the game.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised that the Joke of a trophy from 2048 had been replaced by something actually challenging (Kinda) as it's an A class Speed on Downtown. Nobody noticed? Well it's not bad, if you beat HD you beat this simply put. In case you want some tips: - Do a barrel roll on the small decline after the start of the lap. - Side shift on the straight with all the pads to get a 3rd on the right. - On the tight hill turn where you go airborne, try to go on the outside of the corner and get just enough air to roll. - On the final corner try to stay on the inside so you get as little air as possible but do both barrel rolls and hit all the speed pads. The only thing is getting used to the speed class and how much you need to air break. Did it in 30 laps so don't sweat it, pretty easy imo. Also I high recommend the trilogy but the AI seems worse (Am I crazy?) So I think this is the easiest Wipeout platinum even though you do both lol.
  4. I left it on terms of service before logging in for about a minute and it popped when I went to upload. Definitely a sync issue when logging in, as I had gained no xp this week.
  5. No clue. I have about 110,000xp (100K is 28) and have not gotten the trophy. I have all my mods published and it says my xp on the global leaderboards but nothing. I have deleted the game and downloaded it again to delete unwanted mods so the game runs better, however this was done after I hit Level 28. Has anyone had this issue or any suggestions? I tried: - Deleting the game - Republishing and deleting a Mod/Track - Reseting the vita multiple times - Downloading other creations etc. I have no clue why this hasn't worked.
  6. You want people to take this seriously when the first paragraph is literally about petty console wars? That's already disrespectful and stupid.
  7. https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/25523-average-platinum-rarity-stat/?hl=%2Baverage+%2Bplatinum+%2Brarity#entry556592
  8. This is a GLOBAL issue. The server has been garbage for everyone since release.
  9. So disappointed. No new challenge, just shows how pussified developers have become when providing a challenging platinum much like the majority of trophy enthusiasts are too pussy to earn them. Honestly why not remove those pointless treasure trophies?
  10. So they realised that an easy platinum increases sales (Probably by hardly much) but that alone is really sad imho. Play it on an alt or borrow it from someone if your concerned about the trophy completion. Honestly I want a challenge for trophies as what else is the point?
  11. Every playlist is empty, even waiting twenty minutes in each nobody appears. Is this just becasue of my time zone or is the server messed up in some way? I suppose this is boostable but i have not seen anyone with a session for this either.
  12. You forgot to put 'American' in the title.
  13. Everyone apart from Nintendo. Sounds bias but they really are at least imho.
  14. Gravity rush had a cool concept and art style but i have to admit I didn't love the game, felt like there's a lot of missed potential that GR2 can build upon. Since Vita became a legacy console i don't think anyone is surprised it's a PS4 exclusive.
  15. Trying to install patch but it keeps coming up with A server error has occurred (HTTP Status Code:504)