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  1. There is an event atm for a small crown nightshade paolumu, it is the first master rank event that shows up when you go there in the menu. It is called Paolumu lullabies
  2. 10 years ago my best friend bought this game for FULL price, we had fun with it with how bad it was, it was hilarious. However we brought it back to the store after like an hour. A couple of months ago I found it for 5 euro in a store and gave it to my friend so we could finally finish this hilariously bad game so he could get it 100%. It was a great time because it was funny, but definitely a horrible game! But he finally has it 100%, no regrets. btw I found out that the company who made this game went bankrupt due to poor sales of this game. Yeah, saw that one coming
  3. I am having a lot of fun with this game, I play it with my best friend and we always have an adventure and weird things happen The good kind of weird. I pre-ordered this game and I do not regret it at all, been having a lot of fun
  4. I actually played mastermind from the moment the game mentioned it and finished the story and still received the trophy So in my experience you do not have to start over from the beginning... o.O
  5. This is my favourite One Piece game so far to be honest. I loved the setting and the gameplay and I thought it was amazing lol. However I have not played OPPW3 yet. Not sure why this is getting a remaster though But if you haven't played it yet, I do recommend it
  6. A friend of mine got platinum in like 3 minutes and yes he played A LOT. I am nowhere near him though lol. But he has been playing for months The moment trophies got added he booted up the game and the trophies started popping but did not receive platinum right away... He had to go to the hub to receive the other remaining trophies and bling! he had platinum within a few minutes.
  7. Yeah I am not understanding this support really lol.... since there is no cockpit view? What is the use ?
  8. Hey there. I actually earned this trophy yesterday. I was having trouble as well. I put it on the classical channel (108 I believe) and I turned up the volume to the max as well. Then I played the mission till the next chapter and it popped. (I just now noticed you already got the trophy. But I am still gonna post this so it might help out other people)
  9. Hello dear people from psnprofiles, I am playing Tales of Zestiria after a long break and I am trying to get some trophies. However.... I do not understand any of it... I read the guide for the 2 trophies in the title on this site, and on other forums... but I am just not getting it at all... So I was hoping someone could maybe clear it up for me as I feel like I am wasting my time for nothing What do I precisly need to do to get 4 of the same skills on 1 weapon... I am wandering in areas and I am using the Lindwer normin to hopefully get lindwer skill armor/weapons... but I usually get stuff that has like 3 completely different skills and I am just not sure what I can do about this I am personally not enjoying all the G-union, E-union, bonus stacking stuff and rather just ignore it. but it seems I can not if I want to get platinum. Besides all this stuff I am really enjoying the game. If anyone is willing to help me out with this I will be really grateful! Thank you
  10. Hello everyone, Thank you very much for the help @g-bake_1986 I was able to get both trophies. I thought the skill 16 bonus had to be gained on 1 item. but apparently that is not a possibility and had to gain 3 bonus on my other 4 items as well... which was a pain, but honestly not too bad. Now I can work my way for platinum thank you and a happy new year!
  11. Ah thank you very much g-bake! I read about the lindworm rings but I did not know they could only have Lindwer. I have been hunting a few of those starfish and darken eyes, but I did not get any rings at all. On a site I read you have to be above a certain level before they drop the lindworm ring and it would be best to unlock chaos for this. Right now I am playing on hard mode to unlock intense. So I think I will do some training first as I also still need to beat the EX dungeon Thank you once again!
  12. Got Conception II plat ^_^ I enjoyed it more than i thought I would :o

    1. Roster13


      Congratulations !

  13. Hello, Destroyer is the last trophy i need for the 100%, apparently this trophy seems glitched because I have been farming barrels/boxes on a location following a guide, but sadly after many hours.. I never got my trophy. And I am kinda done with this game now because i feel uncertain while playing if I ever will get the trophy. Does anyone of you guys have any tips how I can work on this, and is there anything special like, does it count when you join an online game? A friend of mine got it, and he was the host, and me and another friend who joined him never got the trophy. Thank you, I am desperate lol!
  14. Having the same issue x.x really hope it fixes this wednesday i wanna stare at them from my ps4!
  15. Getting really close to the Dragon's Crown platinum, if only i could get the 100k damage trophy :(

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    2. PietZann


      Yeah i tried that aswell, only got 61k the whole time, and that was a critical hit aswell, but tried it again with a little bit better equipment, and got 105k.. good enuff have plat now :D

    3. Dragon-Archon


      Nice, congrats :D.

    4. PietZann


      Thank yooouuuu :D

  16. Hello everyone! I used psnprofiles for a long time now, except i didn't know the forums of this site was so nice! I hope to meet alot of new people and some people to play games with, for trophies and for fun I am Pieter, i am dutch. I am old.. 23 years I just go to work every workday, followed by games when i a home I also watch anime, but since i have work i watch alot less (same goes for gaming i guess) I hope we can all get along lol
  17. Thank you
  18. So cloooooooooooooose

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    2. PietZann


      I am sorry to hear v_v, i actually got rejected for my internship aswell, like 19 weeks ago. I am glad i got rejected tho because where i am now i am pretty happy, and the guy who got picked isn't it liking there haha. I hope you will find something else which you will like :o

    3. PietZann


      Should be fine ^_^

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      Thnx, I hope so too.

  19. Thank you
  20. @Work again :3

  21. Awesome I watch anime subbed, and i do know some words/sentences, but i wouldn't be able to read it or speak flawlessly
  22. Can you read japanese? EDIT: Enjoy your vita when it arrives
  23. Ofcourse i do Tbh, i didn't know who Terry was untill he died, RIP Thank you all for welcoming me