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  1. Adding new friends on psn. I play all kinds of games, indies, multiplayers, single. Currently playing a plagues take. But could also be Destiny 😅 Jait send a request. Or if you can’t find me on psn for the weird writing. Just message here
  2. The name of the new trophies added with the patch + Heroes: Patch trophies Look, I made this! I like what I'm seeing Not 42, but close enough Not even a dent Took this thing on a test flight I'm overburdened The loneliness of a short distance runner No-verdrive NAVDML Burning times I'm back and I bought a friend Heroes DLC trophies You have recovered Don't make me pull the trigger! Save the last humans I came in like a Resogun Live to die another day Don't leave me!
  3. could use some more ps4 friends. i like to play all kinds of games, and just for fun. anyone interested just send a request

    1. Dimmu-T


      Add me if you like. :) Dimmu-T

  4. great, so i just followed u
  5. would be kool to watch, only how will i know when u will be streaming? anyone on twitter?
  6. 'nice' to see more hv this problem, so it cant b a hacker problem. friends had the same problem. that really sucks! hope it gets fixed soon
  7. Same for me, 20 hours of online gaming just to start again? Hope this is just a joke
  8. so I'm online, finally
  9. same for me
  10. trying to be funny? lmao .... and who said rush, waited for 2 weeks
  11. i finally had the cutscene which made me pretty much excited. got a trophy and I saw the startpoint of the race ... and then, there was nothing lol I'm going over to more interesting fun on GTA like collecting spaceship parts. Someone has to do that job too
  12. no cutscene for me, only created a char
  13. gonna try it too, but nt right away
  14. 'Thomas was alone' was awesome. I want more games like this

  15. might want to prepare urself already