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  1. Won't stop the subscriber bleeding on Sterling's channel. I wish GBP, Mr. Keynes jr from Breakthrough Gaming LLC and whoever's behind The Voices games had a podcast about the quality of video games.
  2. They try hard to copy GTA without knowing what made the game series great and especially without the budget and talent. Good for a laugh though.
  3. Dethroned by a plus game. It eventually had to happen. Credit where its due - this game will stay in the top 10 for a long while
  4. DLC pack 13 + 14 are coming - the Highway Robbery Simulator continues.
  5. Doing one local fight as player 2 with a different account will autopop everything.
  6. Once you've started the game on a 2nd account it will autopop all trophies. Question is how this is getting treated. Ok? Cheating?
  7. Is this console war fearmongering?
  8. The fifth level (top row right) has it spawned at the end.
  9. Cutting off a potential market worth a billion dollars by making it exclusive for one console and PC is the expected dick move from MS. Nobody is going to buy an Xbox console just to play ES6. Then again Bethesda has been a trainwreck lately, sabotaging their own franchises like Wolfenstein and Fallout with terrible releases. Just to showcase: Skyrim anniversary edition still has the same bugs and glitches, nothing has been fixed. Skyrim however is still a great game and I can see why people love it. But I doubt Bethesda can repeat the success. Anyways, we don't need a new console war. Everybody should be able to play good games on any console they want. MS just shows that preventing this is them worth $7 billion.
  10. WGCB have shown their incompetence for years. They said Sony doesnt allow them to have crossplay with XBox1 players until 2020 when in fact XB360 was the problem. Basically graphics, crossplay etc where held back because WGCB held on to the 5 or so Xbox 360 players. Also they have predatory business models. Good tanks like the T-55A cost 17k gold, which is the price of AAA disc game. The community contributor in the link above is not involved in the game's development and programming. Most CCs and the devs themselves have shown that they do not understand their own game in Twitch streams, where they play tier V tanks like beginners. In short, the company caters to Xbox players and have trouble with PS4 and PS5.
  11. Get a Jpz E100, a T110E3 or the T95. Basically the toughest front armor in the game, get hit twice or three times for 1000 damage blocked, then play passively and let the team win for you. Low Tier tanks need tons of shots, a Tank Destroyer needs 3.
  12. A lot of the grindy troohies should be autopop.