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  1. Stat shamers lol

    1. MidnightDragon


      I stopped caring about the leaderboards a long time ago 

  2. There is a difference between enjoyable parts of a game and grinds that are stretched for no reason.
  3. Speak for yourself, please. Sorry, thats some elitism. Playing Ratchet and Clank and not getting a hard trophy list? I don't want to spend my time with pointless grinding, which could have bern avoided if there has been any thought put into the trophy list. Higher standards, ok. Weird flex.
  4. What does you stop to explore everything anyways? The trophy list, like I said, is for everyone, and Sony/Insomniac had the casual gamer in mind. A game that has so many barrier-free controls as option should not go opposite way by making the game unnecessesarily hard. I dont want to spend the time I gained with the lack of load times with grinding.
  5. Enjoyed the game and the platinum. This is a game for everyone, and so is the platinum. The series never had any hardcore platinum entries and doesn't need to. Trophy list is solid with some fun activities, and I am glad they avoided grinds, extra playthroughs or repetitive tasks.
  6. Three Virtua Fighter games, no platinum. Way to go.
  7. It's in the category "thanks, I'll pass". Trophies are in no relation to what the game has to offer.
  8. The "professional" reviewers prey on those who do not shill them enough.
  9. The trophy list misses the point and feels unattached to what the cabinet has to offer.
  10. At least they gave a message whats going on, so there is no speculation. One might say thank God.
  11. Whats the updated version's number?
  12. People should stop belittling other gamers because of their choice of games, I don't like stat-shaming. If I want rare trophies I have to work for it, but I also want more trophies, so I need to find a balance. Nobody cares how I achieved level 999.
  13. This series is slowly becoming a meme.
  14. So 1.07 means trophies are still bugged? I don't want to start another grind from the beginning. Deleted my save file twice (at least all skill based trophies are done). This is sad cause it's a great (if overpriced when not at discount) game.
  15. I am just happy that Mediatonic's controversial trophy got messed up in a good way for everyone.