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  1. You mean Schwein Leben mode.
  2. This would have been great on the PS2. The Super Nintendo game for the 1992 movie was a solid one, but this looks like garbage.
  3. Coffee Break obviously D-Day Break Farm Break Chinese New Year Break Monster Break Dinosaur Break Knights Break School Break Sports Break
  4. How dark should the trophy pictures be? Aragami: Yes.
  5. At least they are honest. And they make me laugh. Otterific made a good Minesweeper game though with free DLC, a plus in my book. The Voices Games instead (Lizard Lady) set their quality bar way lower. Sadly some Ratalaika or Sometimes You games are thrown in the same bin.
  6. He responds to comments. I once posted "Roses are red, violets are blue If the title's in English Video should be too." Because he spoke in Arabic entirely without subs. He added subs and answered.
  7. If I had started trophy hunting in 2015, starting with only PS3 games, getting 100 platinum in a year would pretty much been doable. In 2009 or 2010, there was a much smaller games library, later we got japanese visual novels. Still saying that the easy platinums do not make the difference, its the "normal" ones. And personally I cannot focus on easy platinums alone.
  8. Good game for that price. Rough on the edges but some nice character designs. Budget fun.
  9. Love the concept but why the lack of contrast, the levels are a bit too dark (in matters of lighting).
  10. A great addition, 30fps was a bit insufferable when games like Ghost of Tsushima spoil you.
  11. Ad hominem at its finest. It's not a "victim card" if someone calls your argument invalid judging from their high horse by what games you play, and post a link into a discussion to your account to show "whats wrong with trophy hunting". Yeah that's some discussion culture. Again it is assumed people like me are addicted when in reality at some point people like me have learned to manage their resources (that's as far as I will explain). If you say predatory bc they feast on people then not at 99 cent per game. Ashamed? Ad hominem. You wanna shame people or let them feel ashamed for what they play. That's a terrible way to think. Or is it because its easier to personally attack someone or assume something because a normal discussion takes some effort?
  12. Thats a nice attempt at blame-shifting. It's far easier for people to insult players by judging their play-style. Worse its been used to push the agenda for a rarity leaderboard. Using elitist behaviour to push a tool for elitism. And said elitism has been adressed as a problem in this thread. "Dude you have like 90% Ratalaika plats" A predatory business model with games at 99 cent (the Voices Games studio offered theirs at 0,25 Euro) is a bit of a stretch. I mean what does it matter to you how many games someone buys, and what they are paying for, other than using it against that person in an argument? Looking back the online pass, the DLCs locked on a disc (SF V), the 15 Euro cosmetic DLC in TES IV Oblivion or Microsofts attempt at preventing second-hand market, those were predators feeding on wallets. 99 cents for a game is not. The problem in first place is that these threads should not exist or need a lot more moderating. People get insulted or offended, depending on what they play and what they don't. There will be another pointless thread next week when there's a new Breakthrough game released.
  13. So it never happens, right? Guess what, it happened to me, since these kind of threads turn into insult and harassment games pretty quick. Do not blame the mods for removing posts without notification. Go make screenshots of posts as evidence before they get deleted if you think mods tend to delete posts unjustified.
  14. Disgusting behaviour of a stat shamer.
  15. Another thread getting hijacked because people despise these kind of games.