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  1. Its a glorified memory game where you may learn what the hiragana mean but you don't learn anything above that, like pronounciation and usages. It's shovelware in disguise.
  2. NA Stack is out now. Used the spam method right from the start and was twice as fast as if I used the regular method (looking and memorizing the letters). Pinned the trophy list on the screen (a PS5 feature) to look for the last hiragana letters. An example of well meant rather than well done. Replace the hiragana letters with cryptic symbols and you have the same effect.
  3. #2629: Killing Floor 2 (+100%)
  4. There are only true/false questions, like "A dog has usually four legs" but also more specific ones like chocolate is poisonous to dogs etc.
  5. On the bright side these DLCs are also free and you cannot mash through the quiz like in the Webnetic quiz titles, though the number of different questions seems to be pretty low.
  6. PS5 version is in the EU store for 29,99 €. No free upgrade if you have the PS4 disc version like me
  7. As a dev I'd decide how I adjust the trophies of my game as long as it's 1260 to 1350 points. Worked fine in the past. Sound Shapes had 32 silver trophies and no bronze, and it worked. If a story driven game goes with 11 gold that's fine too.
  8. Thats some power fantasy there considering the allocation of trophies. God of War 3 had 36 trophies, with 5 gold and 10 silver and that was completely fine. AC2 had 15 silver trophies. I cannot agree with your trophy guideline ideas, even good or at least normal games (Doom 3 with 66 trophies, basic Killzone 2 with 52 trophies) tend to go for more trophies, and if those only had 12 or 14 that'd be fine. Even in your example, 43 trophies for $5 or less is a valid option.
  9. Does Nintendo have a trophy hunter community which the shovelware caters to? If Nintend has no achievement system then I doubt its the same sort of shovelware.
  10. If these titles had no trophies they wouldn't have been developed and released obviously.
  11. The problem is to demand a punishment for something that hasn't been forbidden before, and having a leaderboard with restrictions. A vast punishment for a pointless change of the meta, and a situation where no one wins. No more new shovelware (even for the IMHO wrong reason)? Fine, stops the arms race. Retroactive removal of points? No.
  12. Remove the shovelware games from the store and reward them 0 points here. One year at most and the top leaderboard will be made up from 90% of the same people again, no matter how many artificial handicaps are thrown in the way.
  13. I do recognize the problem but its not that big to me (considering the store situation). However no need to demand a retroactive punishment for people playing shovelware games.
  14. Another strawman's argument. "Majority opinion", no its a vocal, hostile, griefing minority creating a toxic environment, turning threads like these into flaming dumpster fires.
  15. Strawman's argument. A lot of people tend to speak on behalf of others to booster their argument. Sony did not say people wasted their money, you did. Enough of your hostility, "buddy".