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  1. Need someone to help with the coop trophy please, just send me msg or leave a msg on this post
  2. i have the game in my Wish List and as off today, it has no price on it :-( AU Store
  3. I can’t seem to release the ball when i am tackled on hard mode, Move right stick wait for a solid green out line, but before i know it, I’m given a penalty for not releasing the ball. Any tips
  4. Is the this trophy easy to do in under the time frame "Complete a 510-piece Puzzle in under 2 hours"
  5. Has any one got any tips to help me get through this game as soon as possible.
  6. Hey guys and gals, went to start a Gaming Session on this game, but they only had MotoGP 13 So if any one wants the only online trophy i can help, and i need your help My PSN id is jazzalinko Hello World!
  7. best web site www.howlongtobeat.com
  8. im not sure, i am about to get this on my vita, have a look at this link :-) http://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/rugby-15-vita/guide/
  9. Thanks for the tutorial
  10. hey lachz_17 i have sent you a friend request, ill will be on later tonight, some help would be great.
  11. hey shell_cup can i join your world for the End Portal ?? Please ?????? whats you psn id ?
  12. Minecraft and Battlefield 4 :-)
  13. The Wolf of Wall Street & Captain Phillips
  14. Up to level 4, playing thru on Hard, i must admit i have died a lot of times, but the saves are great in this game. Loving it soo far, great graphics and a story is keeping me into the game :-)
  15. Playing Unit 13 :-)