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  1. "Precursor Orbs glitch"? AFAIK there's multiple variants of them, and the one I know and personally tested back when the games launched was the one that requires you to restart a "golden orb" mission while holding the L2 button so that you collect the orbs while turning into Dark Jak. May I ask which method has been patched? Furthermore, does using debug mode to earn 1000 orbs still give you the trophies about those with the current latest patch? (Implying latest patch hasn't removed debug codes)
  2. I purchased the game today (disc version, not that it really matters though as the trophy list is not separated between digital and physical), booted it up and played for 10 minutes, then went to check my trophy list (not on my main account, clearly) and it is at 0%. So, by the look of this, I'd say trophies are not retroactive. I'm quite close to the end of the story and I'll try to finish it in the upcoming days. If my theory is correct, then my trophies order is going to be messed up. But I'm doing this for science, so I don't really care. It's an alt account after all. Let me know if you have a different experience and you have trophies retroactively unlocking. It might be worth looking into it. UPDATE: I leveled up (31) as I stopped at level 30 when the trial expired and I got kicked out of the servers. But that didn't unlock anything. Then I went to give Moxxi some money and that unlocked my first trophy, as you can see here: So, uh...yeah. If you want to avoid getting flagged, I'd STRONGLY SUGGEST restarting the game from a fresh file to earn all trophies in their proper order if you played the game during the Free Weekend. The first trophy you should earn is for reaching level 2 and so on with story-related trophies. More details below for those who played through the game already: @MMDE , @B1rvine and the rest of the Cheating Removal team...assuming other players have already messed up and earned trophies not in the correct order after being part of the free trial weekend, will they risk being flagged? Asking just for confirmation, as I assume there are trophy hunters who care about their reputation and, consequently, not being reported/removed from the leaderboards. I took the gamble on my secondary account since I don't really care about trophies in there, I use it to play casually (which is basically the only thing I do these days as I don't really have much time to be dedicated to trophy hunting anymore...).
  3. What about people that already purchased the standard edition, though? A friend of mine purchased the standard edition, and now he wants to get the Deluxe Edition so that he can also play AC5, but it seems like once you purchase the SE, it prevents you from buying the Deluxe because "you already own AC7".
  4. Exactly. The thing is you are forced to use the very first car at the beginning of Formula DD series because that's the only event unlocked. Playing a Heatwave with a non-tuned vehicle is tremendous enough, and when you add the fact that Formula DD cars are hard to control,'s a mess. Luckily I got past that event with a bit of luck and careful execution.
  5. How do you manage to keep your boost after crashing in Formula DD heatwave? (or in heatwaves in general) Every time I crash during a heatwave event, my boost resets back to 0%.
  6. Or you could simply press ctrl+f and type the game you wanna find. If the trademark of the game is registered with "The" at the beginning, why would you want to change that, especially when you have tools that allow you to instantly find what you are searching for?
  7. I mean, this release has a bunch of issues that can be patched over time (and yes I don't like it, I'm all against patches and I wish developers would release working games day one but...nothing we can do about it, seems like the norm now is releasing games that need a patch or multiple patches to make them work correctly. Also I've been able to collect most of the trophies without issues and a lot of people are getting the platinum trophy so those issues don't affect trophies), but the original requires you to own an EyeToy Camera to earn all trophies. This remastered has those trophies removed instead.
  8. Hmm...nope, not going to update my games tbh. I hope there's someone else here brave enough to update and tell us if something was actually patched / debug mode removed
  9. I'm SO happy to see that I'm not the only one feeling this way. I've been thinking this a lot lately. From time to time I turn on my ps2 playing the great titles it has to offer, and being a Crash Bandicoot speedrunner for the original PS1 trilogy, I seemingly can't get tired of it, or CTR for that matter. I even played Spyro 3 recently and it felt like a whole lot of fresh air after playing shallow PS4 titles like, well, Second Son itself. It's good, but it's not AS good as those PS1 and PS2 titles in my opinion. And don't worry if you don't see said titles in my trophies list, I kinda wanna keep my completion rate high here, I play most of the stuff on a separate account (named CR8Online if you wanna check it out because yeah, my creativity is THAT advanced haha) Btw, I'm gonna go as far as calling it the "graphics frenzy", since starting from the PS3 everyone was basically trying to impress the consumers with graphics and graphics only, never showing how the gameplay was while it was the other way around with PS1 and PS2 titles. Now all games feel not only shallow as I said, but also...not colorful as the PS1 and 2 era. All of the colors are just not there, it's just a part of them and when there's colors there, they're not "strong" as they used to be. Even with the PS4 Crash collection, in which they also botched hitboxes and physics but that's something where I need to get a bit too much into detail, and I'll probably go out of topic. I'll follow OP's advice btw and try to get my hands on Infamous 1 and 2. But for those who are wondering what Sucker Punch did before Infamous, go check the Sly games. The entire trilogy is incredibly fun to play.
  10. Hmm...the second list seems to be identical to the first one, with even the same languages. Different list between physical and digital maybe? (If such a thing can even be possible, I have no idea)
  11. Nope. Those who are in charge of checking the flags have confirmed in this very thread on page 2 that this is allowed because it's not an external tool you use to get the trophies, but something that was left in the games by Naughty Dog, the develpoer, itself.
  12. Well, I mean, that still counts as illegitimate because before this very month nobody knew about something like this being in the game. And if they did, they're gonna have to have a very strong proof to argue against getting flagged, something that proves that they knew this sequence beforehand. And good luck with that, because unless you're a Naughty Dog developer, y'know, it's gonna be very hard to prove that you knew this. I think @MMDE will agree with what I'm saying here. So yeah, every user with fast timestamps that are earned before March 2018 (specifically, the tech wiki says the button sequence was found on March 2nd) that gets a report for cheated trophies, perhaps earned with a cfw so that they can have fast timestamps in 2017 for whatever reason, will likely not have its flag lifted, no matter what this user does. One thing is using debug to pop the trophies. Another thing is manipulating the system with external tools.
  13. No, they didn't. And if you want to avoid getting the patch after you buy it, remember to uncheck all automatic downloads in the "System" tab on the settings.
  14. Bad news for you, then. According to Luminar, the guy who is behind all this research (whose video I linked in the main post), Jak X has the exact same code, buuut...the debug features were all deleted. Well, all except the fact that you can see error codes on the top left side of the screen. That's the only debug feature that remains. I haven't tested myself (I'm busy irl) so I can't confirm, but I trust his words for obvious reasons.
  15. Haven't played the collection much (just tried it on a secondary profile because I couldn't care less about trophies, having recently (at the time) completed Jak 2 and 3 on Vita), but as far as I know there are other kinds of glitches like the punch glitch. Hard to explain, but basically whenever you press square, jak can sometimes randomly freeze in that direction when walking, even if you change the direction you're walking towards. This video might also help.