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  1. Hello, Any idea in what chapter i have to purr with the cat to get the purrrffect trophy???
  2. Still cant believe that 1st photo with the forest is graphics
  3. Damn,those trophy images are amazing!!! 😍😍😍 So much games dont pay attention to good design in that aspect
  4. Does the SBC on the mobile app or the web counts towards the 20 SBC trophy?
  5. Actually a trailer lately spoiled the same thing,i maybe its not endgame stuff
  6. I just noticed that this game is on price cut on 12.99 Euro here in Europe at least!!!
  7. actually i think thats true " Stylized as RESIDENT EVII. biohazard, known in Japan as Biohazard 7: Resident Evil (stylized as BIOHA7ARD resident evil " thats from wikipedia
  8. Please sign up in the warrior of sunlight category i have the Βloodborne platinum!
  9. Sign me up please for "I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be." (Bronze) as i have 2 platinums... -Grim Fandango Remastered -Sherlock Holmes:Crimes and Punishment and currently working on a lof of those games!!! Edit:i forgot i have Syberia also,but doesnt change my rank,so ok
  10. I have the following 5 games: Life is Strange(ps4) Game of Thrones(ps3) Walking Dead(ps3) Walking Dead Season 2(psvita) The Wolf Among Us(psvita) So i should have You earned my Respect Thanks
  11. Great...Thank you a lot!!!!
  12. Hello, i dont know if this question exists in old posts(i searched and couldnt find anything) but can you somehow get the image fil for the game covers from the site,so you can use them....some of them would be great as fb covers...i dont know if there are any copyright issues or what...just curious.. Thanks in advance!
  13. Did they patched this game or what...i see a lot of people getting100% now
  14. release for pc on steam is at 26 january 2017 i dont know if its gonna be simultaneous release though