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    hi im a 21 year old girl from Manchester England, favorite game is probably fallout 3. thats that im friendly enough :)

    New psn account is Kyomi-okami

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  1. whenever to whoever they want boy or girl , 28? idc. whats your favorite movie of 2013?
  2. cubixx hd ... i was new and it was free , its both terrible and hard
  3. hey hun welcome to the webiste, i think people dont like the term girl gamer because they think its looking for attention, and to be fair if i used it ,would only be to get the attention of girls really cz i dont have many on my psn . but i think boys think your looking for attention whereas u could just be looking for 'other' chicas its best avoided. and you lost me at call of duty
  4. contrast is nice , loved the story but u can finish it in a hour or two, as for black flag my brother has it and its the first game im gonna rob when hes done. ive seen him play. looks amazing .
  5. contrast & killzone thats all i have so far
  6. re playing fallout 3 now , played it on xbox first time round, favorite game hands down. probably the only game id bother lining up in the cold at midnight for is fallout 4. if they do midnight release of course ...pointless otherwise.
  7. my real name which is Kyomi and a nickname i had for a time coco - Kycoco
  8. i would say yakuza 3 - love that game but it such a bloody ball ache, or infamous. you have a lot already you should give me one
  9. Going game later , should i get metro last light, black ops or mass effect :S ??

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    2. straysheep87


      Mass Effect for sure, although isn't a easy plat

    3. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Mass Effect! Shepard!

    4. TrueWater


      Mass Effect allll the wayyy :P

  10. 2 plats in one day :) .. probably need to go outside ;/ ...however gta 5 :)

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    2. TheYuriG


      Still laughing about what xzero said and feeling guilty about my action because of xeno haha :$

      Who needs sun when we have GTA 5? By the way, xeno is right, it's not GT5 LOL

    3. Death
    4. Gone Fishing

      Gone Fishing

      outside is over-rated anyway ;p ....besides, it's too cold. xD

  11. not a plat but 100% on limbo. need a trophy where u can only die 5 times on a game where dying is gonna happen. a lot oh and in one playthrough.
  12. tomato soup and a cup of tea... it just sounds sad for some reason lol
  13. it is a bold mustache , it can make u look like a predator or a pimp lol. but it suits you. i dunno ive got a thing for facial hair so im always gonna be in favor
  14. i love your gangs of new york mustache and joy division top. 2 likes
  15. joining protest. i think if were going topless, im bringing a jacket i get cold easily FALLOUT 4.! loved 3 soo much want bigger maps and stranger companions, and more chances to be evil .. like blowing up megaton and stuff