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  1. HERE
  2. Very suspect list? just look to his batman arkham city story trophies all messed up, FLAG HIM
  3. to smash my friends in our trophy hunting competition
  4. I have now hidden my Little Big Planet 2 trophies and all my stats have been adjusted, lost 47 trophies 1 plat, and I'm back on the clean list..... Respect for you that started all over again
  5. Yeah, eventually he'll be caught, and thanks for not insulting me because I trophy hacked, unlike other users....
  6. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=s0zuhi&s=5#.UpuumcRdUg0 and if you search: MrCostari ngu,, you'll see his name is PLATINA and he has contributed to the site with platinum saves etc
  7. I would put here the PrintScreen if I knew how to
  8. 1. Look at his way trough SOCOM CONFRONTATION he earns 1 trophy then imideatly turnns off ps3, you can tell that because the trophies are in a very strict order 2. He's a member of NGU and I have a print screen saying ''looking for psn trophy hackers friends''
  9. There are many people like you that start over again but they still hack trophies but in a more cautious way (MrCostari) so that nobody notices them, but I have spotted him
  10. Why doesn't anyone flag MrCostari? that dude is a cheater as well
  11. No, I'm not sad, and I don't regret anything How did you see my profile?
  12. Hello I have been flagged for ''cheating'' in one game, ONE GAME.... and I see many people with the same hacked platinum and many others and they're not flagged, so how do I do it? If you're gonna flag cheaters, flag ALL, not just a quarter of them
  13. GTA V - killing chop Assassins creed 4 - buying the game Fifa 14 - bicycle goal with Pelé Killzone shadow fall - reloading my pistol seriously, nostalgic ps3 moments already? ask me about SNES
  14. only Sly can do that
  15. I have been flagged as a cheater because of my Little Big Planet 2 platinum, earned in just 26 minutes. My mate's could have trolled me better by earning it even faster, what a bunch of noobs