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  1. Well, thanks for the support. But it's ok. I find it interesting as well. In the sense that, if it was glitched or had issues I think there should be a way to replicate it. Of course, at this point, it means I need to buy the game again to do some tests but if it's not for me then it's for the dozens of others who might face the same problem. Plus, it's their job to enforce the guideline they have and they don't know me personally. Cause I've had other issues with trophies, like my Adventure of Mana not having timestamps and I was like wtf?! But as a completionist, I take it as a challenge to prove that I didn't "cheat" and did it legitimately.
  2. I think he just meant that at that point in time, it wasn't as prevalent? But anyways, I believe I'll need more to prove that I didn't use a save file beyond "It glitched". I understand you need to uphold the integrity of the leaderboards. So I'll keep digging and be back. Cause the alternative is that I hacked the system and I spent way too much on my account to have it be ineligible because of a bug.
  3. Thanks, I was trying to find a board where others were having issues as well. Hmm, if I remember correctly what happened to me and I could be wrong because this was a long time ago was that I was rushing through the game cause I wanted to finish it as quickly as I could. But when I saw certain trophies not unlocking when the ones that were further down in the progression popped I freaked and restarted the game immediately to get the ones that I missed. Also, please don't take this the wrong way. I waited one year for the stupid Arkham City trophy to unlock legitimately. Who knew that something as benign as not unlocking trophies due to a bug would haunt me 8 years later. Not sure how the game trophy unlocks actually work. But I think even if I were to use a save file, the preceding trophies would still unlock first. I could give this a try with a dummy account, I'm just curious.
  4. NixiN-7hieN inFamous Uhh, actually I have no idea why I got the 50% before the 25% trophy... it's been so long ago that I don't understand why either? It could have been a glitch that popped the 50% trophy and then pop the 25% trophy after. How would I actually circumvent this game in the first place?