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  1. 3. Win a match of Organ Donor with a single deposit. Today someone tells me that this trophy cannot be obtained by synchronizing, must be in combat again?
  2. Well, My Hong Kong version of the game just need to complete some of the challenges can be platinum 。I want to ask some questions of double-version Platinum。Platinum after a Hong Kong version of the game. In Japanese version, are these trophies synchronized ? 1. Solve all of the Sphinx's riddles. 2. Get two characters to Level 15 and complete all of those characters' missions. 3. Win a match of Organ Donor with a single deposit. 4. Reach floor 15 of a ranked tower. It seems to hear that the training trophy of the Japanese version of the game can't be get 。 Can someone help me with the answer? Thank you
  3. Thank you。I got the trophy。It must be 3 or 4 people in the match。😀I killed the same people 3 times without no dead in a 3 peoples Deathmatch 。
  4. Hey ,my friend。 Can you tell me how to do the #6 for Bronco? Or anybody can help me? I control the enemy's blood to around 20% by the gun 47,and then I Launch 3 ghosts to kill people。I did it anytimes ,finally Always failed。 I did this mission 3 days。 Progress is always 0% 。Hope you help me。
  5. Hey, My friend, I want to ask this mission。 Riddle 6: "In 1 game with 1 life, bring 3 enemies death. And the Dragon arrives, bringing hell with its breath." How can I get it?I with my friend on 1vs1,but I did not unlock that mission。Maybe it must kill 3 Different PSN ID ?