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  1. Does this have to be done during a Sequence as I’ve tried four times now in free roam and no trophy?
  2. I had two Darth Vader’s in my game the other day. Glad it’s not just me.
  3. Anyone having a problem with the Rank 25, carry on till 26. Mine popped as soon as I hit 26.
  4. Does this have to be done in one sitting or is it accumulative? Many thanks.
  5. Any idea who character No6 is and how they appear as I can’t find a clear list upon every character. I imagine characters 61,62 and 63 are the albatross and condor characters. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  6. Managed to find it. One small piece of background scenery.
  7. Can’t for the life of me find the last 1% even with the directional help. Keeps putting me by the silos but to no avail. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  8. Anybody looking to boost the online trophies? The servers are really quiet but when I have managed to get a game it seems to be against Japanese elite and I’ve had my ass handed to me on a plate.
  9. Thanks to RAZZA 19-90 as I just got the Cool rating on Stage 4. As for the remix edition trophy I used Stage select and mine popped on Stage 6.
  10. Having a problem getting into Cool Mode on Stage 4! Managed it once then blew it towards the end. Now I just can't seem to enter Cool Mode again. Any tips would be appreciated.
  11. I'll explain how the trophy worked for me. When I became aware of the problem I used five save slots and backed it up to the cloud. When I reached the spider room my weapons where at the following levels. Chaoseater: Level 4 through normal play. Scythe: Level 2 but switched to The Harvester. The Harvester: Level Two through normal play. Tremor Gauntlet: No Level. I grinded out The Harvester to Level 3 and switched to the Tremor Gauntlet and maxed it out to 4. Went back to Vulgrum and bought every upgrade. Saved again in the slots and backed up to the cloud. I then collected everything in the game and forged The Armageddon Blade. At this point I had every collectible and every upgrade except for the maximum levels on the Scythe and The Harvester. Saved again and backed up. Finished the main game and waited for the patch. Installed the patch yesterday and switched to the Scythe. Went to the Spider room, grinded out the Scythe to level 4. Went back to Vulgrum and switched to The Harvester which was now at Level 2 for some reason. Back to Spider Room. Grinded out The Harvester to Level 4. The Battle Hardened trophy popped and the The Platinum popped. That's how I got it. For some gamers it was retroactive meaning it both trophies popped as soon as they launched the game.
  12. I had to max out both. My Scythe was at level 3. Maxed it out, no trophy. Made my way back to Vulgrum, switched to the Harvester which was at level 2, maxed it out back at the spider room. Battle Hardened and the Platinum popped.
  13. Got the platinum. Mine wasn't retroactive. I had to max out the Scythe which was at level 2 then swap for the Harvester via Vulgrum. Popped no problem.
  14. Been tweeting to THQ Nordic. Recieved this just now. I would suggest if you're on Twitter keep the pressure on. I did add a picture of my tweet but it didn't post. My tweet read "@THQNordic So, how's The Darksiders Warmastered Patch to fix the Battle Hardened Trophy going"? To which they replied "Pretty good actually. Update coming soon" As I said, keep the pressure on. @THQNordic on twitter.
  15. Glitched out on me too. Had half left to grind on level 3 of the Harvester with all upgrades purchased. Backed up my save to the cloud and tried it. No joy.