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  1. Understandable. It's definitely a hard game and frustrating in parts, but still really gratifying once you've beaten it. Now that the servers are staying open longer I may hop back in and work on some of the harder trophies (weapons, spells, etc.). I canceled my preorder on Dark Souls. I figure it'll be half price in a few months, and I'm not feeling the difficulty thing at this point in time either.
  2. June 2010. Best electronic purchase I've made in a long time (well, the Kindle is inching closer).
  3. Yup, physical collections are nice. I loved displaying all the music, books, and other stuff I owned at one point. Guess as I've gotten older I've taken on a more minimalist mindset. The less stuff I have cluttering the better I feel. Video games are the one thing I don't like in digital. I want my physical copy, thank you very much. Ebay the We're in This Together (Halo 15) three disc set. Those things go for ridiculous prices. And all I did was buy the things off Amazon when they were released.
  4. Yeah, very unfortunate to see the group was rolled back into nonexistence. Lost a good 20+ folks and some interesting television conversation. My Cult of BioShock group was fubared as well. Lost members and the Infinite thread I started with all the links. Bah.
  5. Awesome feature Sly. All of the trophy pages, guides, stats, etc. look amazingly clean. Doing a hell of a job.
  6. Current stuff I'm diggin': Justified Sons of Anarchy Fringe Castle Game of Thrones Hung Body of Proof Harry's Law Breaking Bad Damages The Walking Dead The Killing Treme The list of former shows is a long one.
  7. That's my favorite NIN era too. I used to collect everything I could, but I've mostly switched over to a digital collection now. Here's an old pic of the NIN stuff:
  8. The game is completely playable offline, you're aware of that right? Sure, the online functionality is cool, but it's not required to enjoy the game. In fact with the game being as cheap as it is, and the servers staying open into next year (no close date set), it's a perfect time to hop into the original before moving on to Dark Souls.
  9. Oh, now that's fantastic. Can't wait to see the guides implemented across the site.
  10. Good news. http://kotaku.com/58...ne-through-2012
  11. Nice list - those two also stand out for me. Adding a third to my list would be Tool. Started listening to all three in the early 90s and they've traveled well with me over the years.
  12. Who else is picking the collection up when it releases next week? *raises hand* Comes with a couple video bonuses: http://blog.us.plays...ontent-preview/
  13. Same there as I am here. Not sure if I'll re-register or not once it's back up. May just decide to hang here with the other 5 folks.