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  1. Its a pain and you need a good group for the multiplayer stuff but you can still get it
  2. The easter 200 events trophy trick in portal knights has been patched in the update that came out today 1.60 Edit: Apparently it still works, must've been my game
  3. I'm farming the easter event and I'm at over. 80 events completed yet the 50 event trophy isn't popping up. Has anyone had similar issues? Edit: 130 and nothing. Losing hope Edit 2: I'm at about 150 and finally got the 50 event trophy. This is ridiculous
  4. The only changes I would make are being allowed to delete games off your trophy list and providing rewards for the trophies. And no I don't mean that sad attempt of a reward system for trophies Sony tried to do
  5. @MattyH16 This creator has not yet configured their privacy settings for their LittleBigPlanet profile. That's what it says when I click on your profile. Edit: I hearted your levels too and played through the one with most plays.
  6. I never did find a solution, ubisoft gave me their copy and paste answer. I tried deleting friends, adding friends, and all the solutions anyone could think of. Never got it to work. I used to play co-op over shareplay with my friend in canada but ever since a few months back it said the gave isn't availible in their country so we couldn't do it anymore
  7. I need author and level hearts. Edit: Thank you to all who helped me get all the level hearts I needed, now I just need author hearts. Edit 2: I got all the trophies thank you to those that helped me. Hearting previous replies and future ones if anyone needs it.
  8. Does anyone have a rare item for the storm trooper trophy? Or a painted item or certified item? I'll give them back. Any help is greatly appreciated. PSN ID: UGZ-GHOSTFACE2 Edit: I got it thank you redcar200!
  9. There's another post on this but the method described there doesn't work. Ubisoft support has terrible copy and paste generic answer that help no one.
  10. Interesting. I now see how that's impossible but I still don't understand why it shows that they all popped within seconds of each other. Thanks for answering the question! BTW how do you do what you did? Show my trophies like that? I've seen people show off their trophies like that but I don't know how
  11. UGZ-GHOSTFACE2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I'm not even sure why I was even flagged. I don't know what stars too fast means.
  12. Since all the 3 mementos are within the starting area I just restarted it over and over again anywhere between 10 and 15 times and it finally showed up. I'm surprised that even worked. I was already about to delete all my saved data. I went online and looked at the memento locations so I made sure not to lose track of the locations. I'd be really embarassed if it was because I checked wrong location lol
  13. In the campaign mission Battle of the Bulge the US wings memento isn't showing up in the spot it's supposed to be in. I look at the guides on youtube and when I go to the exact same spot theres no memento. I'm trying to platinum the game but I need all 33 mementos to do so. Does anyone have a similar problem or know a fix? I tried restarting the mission and restarting the game and even deleting and re-downloading the game but nothing seems to work. I want to try all of my options before trying to delete all my save files progress and start over.
  14. X-Men Origins Wolverine Platinum trophy. Properly named "Platinum"
  15. I've done everything required to get this trophy and I have kept in mind everything the guide says but it still doesn't pop.