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  1. Thank you guys, that's to much to buy specially for me because I am not even into Hitman games to much, I just have the PS3 Hitman Absolution platinum... So it's not worth it spending all that money, I was just curious because I was having a difficult time trying to understand what to buy in my PStore lmao AND I have Hitman 2 "for free" in my PS Now subscription. If all the DLC shit was really really cheap I would get it and go for the 100%.
  2. Not into RPG's so this month is absolutely terrible for me and every non-RPG fan.
  3. Listen guys, I have never seen such a confusing game in my entire life... I have the Hitman 2 in PlayStation Now but I am not into Hitman games to much so that's why I have no experience in this, I wanted to ask please if anyone can send me all the content that I need to buy to be able to 100% every pack from this game. I see so many different things, what the hell is the Expansion Pass?! Jesus! Lmfao... I do not have Hitman 2016 by the way... I'm in Europe so I'd use the EU Pstore links. Please help a brother out! Thank you for your time!
  4. Wow, how bro?! Well I guess I am just lucky.. I just started Burnout Remastered like two days ago and I already 100% every DLC in this s*** because the lobbies are full of players! It's so nice to see this great game alive.
  5. So f****** true man, took the words of my mouth! As a HUGE wrestling fan, me a guy that has EVERY wrestling game ever created I would never reject this game just because there isn't a platinum trophy. YES it kinda sucks but I would never reject it because of that, my love for wrestling is too huge! I am playing the game now because it recently got added to Playstation Now and I am having a blast, it is so so so fun playing here local couch coop with my friends. I think it is a fun game in the end but is it worth the full price? Nope! (My opinion). I was lucky that I got it for "free" on the PS Now service actually, but to any future people reading this, go get the game on discount, it is a really fun game and PLEASE, never stop yourself from playing something just because it doesn't have a platinum trophy in it! (PSN 100%'s look sexy on your profile too, come on!)
  6. Bro the game just entered Playstation Now this month! If you have a subscription like me now it's your opportunity! Good game, it is so fun, I prefer simulator games but I am loving it, playing with friends locally is so cool!
  7. OMFG REALLY?! This is the ONLY WWE game where I don't have a platinum trophy because I didn't play too much during that time... But the invite man.. the invite.. I don't have anyone. Damnit.
  8. Just watched it in 2021! I totally loved it, amazing movie, I am a new Ratchet and Clank fan. I feel bad for missing it in 2016, I wanted to watch this in the cinema!
  9. Add me dudes! PSN: fresquinho
  10. Never played the game, not even the first one (cuz I hate zombie games) but boy oh boy how I enjoy eating my popcorn and watch angry gamers talking shit to each other over a freaking game!
  11. As a PS Now user I am starting to get really pissed with this.
  12. DON'T do it Trust me!
  13. The ending yesterday at WWE TLC was freaking great, the fiend is the next big thing, wonderful character, my favorite since The Undertaker.
  14. - The Lombax Triumphant