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  1. This reply was funny asf, had me dead! 😂
  2. What the hell? It doesn't let me complete the 2nd mission, it says "Mission Not Available" so I can't get the theme... DAFUQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Apparently I'm screwed I guess.. WHY ME
  3. Damn... Seeing a post about this game brings me so many good memories, Fat Princess was my favorite PSN game ever created for PS3, I played that damn game a ridiculously amount of hours, probably spent the same hours on it as the ones I spent in GTA games.. I will never forgive myself for not being able to achieve 100%, but the arena trophy was too damn hard. When Fat Princess Adventures came out on PS4 I immediately bought it but I was extremely disappointed about it not having a multiplayer competitive mode like the first one... I didn't know there was a glitch on this while trying to buy it, it's cool that you found out a solution!
  4. Bruh ALL COMES DOWN TO PRACTICE believe me! Why you should believe me? I'm a f****** noob in racing games, I literally suck at them that's why I never buy them but this year I decided to try different games, games out of my comfort zone so I started with NFS Rivals and man I am at 86% already in trophies. Just unlocked the 100 gold medals one, believe me it is hard at first for us racing noobs LMFAO but then it gets better! I strongly advise you to unlock gold medals in as many COP events as possible because I am really finding the RACER career to be harder... Out of the 68 COP events I did gold in 64 of them so thankfully I didn't need much more medals in the Racer part. Good luck!
  5. Thank God I did this platinum around December 2019, I was hearing about the servers closing at that time but luckly nothing happened, I am surprised that they are still up! Make sure you grab those online trophies as soon as possible!
  6. Damnit!!!!! Thanks for the reply...
  7. What the FUCK!? I just realized that the game came out in November and I see no fix for the platinum. I am shocked, how can someone be so bad at their own job?
  8. ... will the PS5 version also be included!? Sorry I literally just got a PS5 and I am not sure how this works.
  9. Thank you so so much!!! Demon Souls is the only PS5 game that I don't have interest on at the moment because I am not into those kind of games, but I have heard lots of good things about it!! OHHHHHHHH Yes! Astro! My niece can't wait to play that, she's 10 she will love the game I showed her the trailer, it looks really fun! Normally I always wait a year or even two to get the next gen console but I really couldn't wait this year specially with all this awful pandemic stuff! Thank you!! I have no rush because I still have 52824739347 PS4 games in my digital library but I really wanna play Spider Man, SackBoy, WD Legion and the new AC game! LMAO Thank you! YEEEEEEAAAA! Congratulations to you too! So frustrating right? It has passed 5 freaking months... I never ever thought it would get so bad this stock situation! MANY MANY THANKS!!!! THANK YOU! Oh, do you believe I never played a Yakuza game but I love Japan and I learn Japanese? CRAZY! I might try that! (Just please tell me there is no trophies related to Majhong or something like that LOL) Thank you very much and yes there should not be any "rush" to get the console but in a situation like this (fucking pandemic) I really wanted this console... I have been sitting on my ass for too long in this house! I do love my PS4 with all my passion but I really couldn't wait for the new system! Also I am gonna be making a HUGE jump because I always played on a PS4 Slim in a normal Full HD 1080 TV and now I got myself a 4K TV AND A FREAKING PS5. Sorry I am still too excited! AND....NO! I would never buy a console from a scalper, NEVER.
  10. Thank you very much and yes I also entered giveaways too, I was literally desperate. I am not like this, I am a patient person who can wait for most things but this console was a little different... I really hope I do not regret buying this now because I have always been a guy who waits for the Slim version of the consoles. VERY TRUE. I would never ever get a console from a scalper, NEVER. Even if that meant getting my hands on a PS5 in 2022.
  11. Bruh I literally wanted to hug the employee and scream the loudest I could but I didn't want the security to kick me off the store. That guy was amazing, he said that consoles are EXTREMELY HARD to get into their own stores because Sony is sending almost NOTHING. He was awesome, he felt the excitement I had in my eyes when he finally confirmed that a console was coming for me! I really wanna play Spider Man MM and Sackboy Adventures, I am a huge fan of these two games. I also wanna try the new AC, the last time I played an AC game was in like 2018 holy crap! I hope it is good the new one!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much one again my friend, I will believe me!!
  12. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Yes I understand that I have like 582095738 PS4 games in my digital library lmao, but I was really really excited for the new console I seriously could not wait much more time. This is my VERY FIRST TIME EVER buying a console after it's "launch", I have always waited for the Slim versions of consoles so I really hope I do not regret this decision. Waiting is smart I understand that. I hope you love yours when you get it bro!! Thank you for your positive comment and ignore that dude. I really want Sackboy Adventures too because I am a huge LittleBigPlanet nerd! Demon Souls is not my thing, but I've heard many positive things about that one, it should be a really great game for the fans of that genre! Thank you! HAHA, I will see how's the UI tomorrow and experience it for myself!
  13. Thank you very much for the positivity! (oh and that nobody who commented here? Lmao Idgaf about toxic people like that, I actually like seeing them pissed. #ApplyColdWaterToBurnedArea) See? That what scares me man! I really really hope nothing happens to my controller I really don't wanna send the entire damn console back because of a controller (yes thats how things normally work here).
  14. LMFAOOOO 😂😂 😂 😘 I have seen so many videos of drifting problems, that is why I am really scared, thank you! I am happy to see that you didn't have any problems with them so far!