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  1. As soon as I saw a 3.33% platinum rarity I immediately told myself: Nope. LMAO, I suck at sports games, this would be a nightmare to me.
  2. Someone's mad 😂😂😂 WWE veteran fan/gamer here, it's one of the most fun wrestling games I ever touched, specially playing it with someone else using two controllers (or more). This beats the ridiculous WWE 2K20 any day of the week. I absolutely loved this game and the only thing that sucks is the stupid micro transactions. "This is the worst game I have ever played" LMAO, I guess you didn't play many games in your life yet. Right!?!? This game is hella fun, it's cool to see new people getting interested in WWE like yourself. The game is absolutely hilarious, super fun to play and has great visuals. I really liked this new different game from the standard realistic wrestling simulators that we get every year.
  3. Shiiiiiiiiiiii I wish that was available here in Europe lmao.
  4. WTF! That's an epic fucking theme! Much better than the other one from a few years ago, I'm not even gay but I'm downloading that shit right now 😂 Love the colors so much! Happy Pride Month to y'all and remember, no hate, please respect everyone 💕
  5. Yes I did and I loved every single bit of it, both the V and BATTLEFIELD 1 War Stories. Great shit.
  6. LMFAO WHAT? Not gonna buy it. Fuck that, I'm a big Single Player guy. Yes I do love the MP part of some games they are really fun but no Single Player on a war game? No thanks.
  7. Get ready bruh we gonna get 7 DLC's lmaooooooooo 😂
  8. This is the type of gamer I was really afraid to become that is why since I bought my PS5 I have decided to stop worrying so much with completion, I'm kinda tired of skipping games just to be perfect (games with ridiculous amounts of dlc you know). Being a perfectionist is tough, only perfectionists will understand this. Dude I advise you to do the same bro, stop worrying about it so much, you'll see how gaming will be so much better when you take that step. Good luck. (I'm kinda pissed about the trophies too gotta admit it lmao but it is what it is, not the end of the world).
  9. Im f pissed and no I'm not buying that s***. Only if it is like 5€ some day.
  10. Yikes.
  11. Now I am sure the SR III PS4 version isn't going for sale anytime soon... DAMNIT :/
  12. This is unbelievable, I got 4 glitched trophies, I keep trying to contact them and NOTHING. Got a friend that contacted them and they unlocked the trophies for him in 2 HOURS. This is ridiculous, It's been days... I'm pissed. Also THEIR SITE IS ABSOLUTE S*** can't even send videos without the upload failing. Had to record and put on Youtube.. Oh my f***** God. I am normally a very patient person believe me but this is really pissing me off. What pisses me off so much is that I am finding out more and more glitched trophies as I send new support tickets making all this even slower. Now AFTER TWO DIFFERENT TICKETS sent I have found a FOURTH GLITCHED TROPHY, the one for falling 10 times and qualifying. Gonna unlock this platinum in 2023. EDIT: They finally unlocked the trophies for me, kind and caring devs, I was kinda pissed to see people getting their response in hours and me having to wait days just that.
  13. ratio.
  14. Just contacted them with video proof of BIG TEASE, also asked them for help with BIG BULLY because I've done that multiple times. While contacting support I couldn't send the video because it was always saying "Upload took too long, lost connection". RIDICULOUS. Had to upload to my second youtube channel and sent them the link. What a pain in the ass these stupid trophies... It's been 24h and nothing, well... maybe because it's sunday not sure... Hope they help me. I'm positive they will, they seem really kind from what I've seen.
  15. So they only unlock the trophies with video proof? Can't believe this s*** I am on PS4 didn't record it obviously because I thought it was gonna unlock (BIG TEASE)... Ah man this sucks. Tried to contact support but I don't have any hope that they will unlock it for me without video proving it.