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  1. JESUS! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I didn't expect to be that easy... I did not think about doing that lmao
  2. Thank you for this post, it will be very useful as soon as I get the game. As a skateboarder myself I cannot wait to play this and I am dying for SKATE4! But yeah I think this trophy is absolutely ridiculous...
  3. How in the blue hell do you guys do this?? How do I put my recent platinum icon here (Gravity Rush 2!)?! That is so cool!!! Sorry, I do not post a lot on the website forums... LOL please help me!
  4. I will never EVER put a free game like this on my account again... IT WAS MY FIRST AND LAST FREE GAME, it was a big mistake and yes I'm crying like a baby. This is BS. The trophies are so annoying because we must do perfect runs and even worse the gameplay is all about moving the controller so it can fail a lot no matter how good you do. If you're a completionist don't start this. Also I don't give a damn about people who will judge my comment. I don't give a s*** about you, just stating my opinion. Nope, not a negative look at all, it's just pure facts. I feel so dumb for falling on this whole mess... I thought this was going to be a simple free game. Damnit. EDIT: Just got my 100% but my opinion is the same, this guys will milk us trophy hunters (completionists) until they can't no more and be prepared for many frustrating times to come. Lesson learned. I am also sorry for the initial rage, but with mistakes we learn.. I am a completionist, this is just my way of playing. Do not put this on your account if you're a completionist.
  5. Wow... just saw another trophy being added which seems hard af... What a joke. R.I.P Completionists
  6. I 100% today in 2020 without any problems... The game is active and I still had various beautiful journeys with other strangers =D
  7. I really want to thank you both for the final replies, I purchased this "update" and yes I can confirm to everyone that it gives the full PS4 game with the trophies of course but not the Frenemies DLC unfortunately.. THANK YOU! I will now be impantiently waiting for Guacamelee 2 to go on sale, I heard the full game with all DLC was like 5€ or 6€ before !!
  8. Oh.. So please if anyone is sure about this please reply to this post thank you =D
  9. Hey guys! I bought Guacamelee for PS Vita back in 2013 and won the platinum, now I'm seeing on my Pstore a product with the name "Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition Update PS4" at only 3.99€ which is an epic price but I wanted to know if this "update" will give me the PS4 trophy list?? Just asking because I would be pissed if I bought this and I can't win trophies on it.. It says in the description of the product (EU PStore by the way) that this is an update for the PS3/VITA players that bought the game before but I want to make sure before I make some mistake.. Has anyone bought this? (I'm really sorry if this question sounds obvious or stupid but I seriously don't wanna spend money for nothing.. I'd be so thankful if anyone could help) Thank you for your time. So if I buy this upgrade I'll get the full game right? Thank you so much, 3.99€ is such a good price, much better than having to pay like 13.99€ or whatever the real price is! Awesome that DrinkBox Studios gave us this alternative to older players of their game.. 😍 I LOVE GUACAMELEE!! Thank you one more time.
  10. Just completed this game to 100% today and I enjoyed it, reminded me so much when I used to play on this machines at the bowling club with my friends! I spent like 45 mins on the trophy for reaching the checkpoint with 1s left because I was too retarded to see that I ACTUALLY WON THE TROPHY 30 MINS AGO AND I DIDN'T SEE IT LMAO 😂 Good game to get 100% on PS Now but I would not recommend actually spend money on this, get the PS Now subscription everyone...
  11. Oh you can bet your a** that I am huge ROCK/METALHEAD ! My top three bands: - #1 Avenged Sevenfold - #2 Skillet - #3 Breaking Benjamin ____________________ Bands I also love: - Metallica - Megadeth - Iron M. - Asking Alexandria - Papa Roach - Bullet For My Valentine - Five Finger Death Punch - Slipknot - Bring Me The Horizon ...And much much more my dude.
  12. Yeah I almost had a heart attack when I realized why the hell was the Lil Earnie mission taking so long to appear for me, then I see a lot of people saying it glitched on them. I was like: OH MY GOD I DON'T BELIEVE THIS SHIT, then I saw a dude saying he just had to bought the second upgrade of the mural and then it appeared, well that was what happened to me THANK GOD, as soon as I bought the upgrade 2 for the mural the mission unlocked for me. But yeah... seems that this trophy can glitch for many people so I strongly advise buying the things in order and don't rush buying the different upgrades.
  13. Ohhhhhh!! I didn't know that sir! Thanks so much!
  14. Dudes I feel like a complete dumba**, can someone tell me how do I renew my subscription? My subscription ends in two days and I want another year but I've been trying to find on the website everywhere and I can't find anything lmfao. Please help a brother out.
  15. I seriously cannot believe this game keeps getting more and more trophies. FFS.