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  1. Almost broke my arms during the "Circling arms" challenge, wasn't that easy to beat the first guy because it's already 11 of November but I finally did it. I would recommend trying this one on the beginning of a month.
  2. Oh man I can really understand what you are saying about feeling angry looking at our own profiles and seeing games not at 100%! I never went for those 10/10 platinums on this generation because I was already feeling that I shouldn't even try a 7/10 to not screw my completion rate, so a 10/10 platinum I would never even think of doing it. But from now one I say F*** IT! If I see a game that I truly love being released and I see that the difficulty will be a 10/10 or 9/10 I will still go for it. I'm tired of ruining my experience as a gamer. Games should be fun, they should NOT STRESS ME anymore! Your profile looks great buddy and it's always a pleasure to meet completionists! I know I'm still a completionist deep inside, but I will not be to the extreme I was! Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts! Damn those horrifying video guides man... I completely know your struggle! It's terrible! Good luck with that man I hope you finish it thank your for sharing your feelings man! I really appreciate it!
  3. Damn I can't imagine... I think that's one of the few things I would not be able to do... Your gaming profile looks very amazing, congratulations!!!
  4. Thank your for sharing your opinion! Dude I saw your profile and it's so cool! But tell me how in the blue hell could you platinum 18 AC games in a row without getting bored?!?!? That's some good dedication man! I love it! I'll add you on PSN, but yeah as for me I'm completely done with being a completionist in EVERYTHING. I respect you sir!
  5. Yes it is! I do remember how fun it was hunting trophies AND having fun at the same time! Like I said I'm proud I worked very hard on my account but from now on my main focus will be HAVING FUN and not TROPHIES TROPHIES TROPHIES. I can achieve them after I complete the games, I don't need to be looking at guides like a maniac anymore. I'm done with it.
  6. Thank you bro, I really appreciate the time you took to read it all!:
  7. Had a good laugh watching your PSNProfile troll, nice one! lmfao. I have never said I had 2 or 3 easy games. I have what I have, I clearly have more triple AAA platinums than crap games. Who are you to judge me uh you lvl 1 nobody who pretends to have another account? Shut your a** up. LMFAO Now you deleted your little butthurted post, not replying to any more of this loser posts, focusing on positive comments only. See everyone? This is how you catch guys like this running their mouth thinking they know everything and can judge others, incredible how you only cared to "expose" some of my bad games and ignored the rest. Your disgusting comment and then telling me that your "friends" are all laughing to my post after everything I just expressed shows me of how much of a horrible "human being" you really are, gosh that's why I love animals. I want positive and good energy not your bad vibes bro. Thank GOD this doesn't get deleted ^^ Thanks for reading it anyway
  8. Yes man you are damn right, I will give this advice to everyone, I am currently playing Rise of The Tomb Raider which is a game that I love, it sucks that there is to much collectibles but I can deal with that that's no problem for me, but I will NEVER avoid games because I wanna be a perfectionist. Thanks for reading all that man!
  9. Hi guys first of all thanks for taking some of your precious time to read all this, so THIS is my story... I started trophy hunting 10 years ago, it was very fun for years, I still remember my first trophy being in GTA IV, it was awesome because it's a very special game to me it has a very special place in my heart and it's probably one of my top 3 platinums that I'm proudest to have achieved in my life... I started to like from a very beginning to be a completionist and I liked to see how it looked so perfect and awesome having my list with a streak of 100% games but of course I couldn't 100% everything back in the PS3 days because as you know the trophies of that era were ridiculously hard and there was almost IMPOSSIBLE platinums in games I loved for example: Guitar Hero games.. so yeah I didn't bother to not complete a EVERY game to 100% like I do today and this is very wrong, very wrong worrying and bothering, getting anxious about thinking that I might not 100% a game or even worse.. not UNLOCK THE PLATINUM TROPHY. So yeah I kept leveling up more and more getting really hard platinums back in the day and actually ENJOYING doing so because they were hard and satisfying to unlock and not like today where 85 in 100 games have really easy platinums and are all about 20 to 30 hours to platinum. In late 2016 I finally saved money from my first job and got myself a PS4... I will never forget that day because it was magic, I spent the earlier months always thinking of how great the PS4 must be and everything and even better I got it in December, my favorite time of the year! It was a magic moment, a gift to myself and I couldn't feel any better. I continued trophy hunting on my PS4 and I accumulated a lot 100% games but I f***** up my list with three particular games and they were Uncharted 4, GTA V and Guitar Hero Live this games as you know are a nightmare to 100% and I kept playing other different games and moved on but deep inside my head and heart I was not feeling great with it, I started to grow a little bit of an unhealthy obsession always thinking that my trophy list was looking horrible with three games at just 80% and I was weak for not being able to do it... So... after months I did the impossible, I achieved 100% on those f****** three games and I was feeling on top of the world, having for the first time a real streak of 100% on a console (PS4 in this case) and I thought to myself "Damn... you f******* did it, now I cannot, I C A N N O T screw my account and I need to be selective in what I choose" Yeah you guessed it guys.. that's where my biggest mistake happened. I started to very selective and I mean VERY SELECTIVE in what I would buy, always thinking what would be my next 100% and ALWAYS browsing for the trophy guides and road maps of the games before I even play them... Sad. But want to know the saddest part of this all? It was actually starting to avoid games I wanted to play and always wanted to try and have fun with because of their high difficulty, online trophies, future DLC, hours to platinum.. (examples: COD Ghosts, COD WWII, Killzone Mercenary, Little Deviants, Persona 4 Golden, COD Declassified, The Last of Us, Rayman Legends etc.........). It's very sad but I did it and I even came to a point of telling a PSN friend to not EVER put Uncharted 4 on his trophy list if he wanted to go for 100% because it's extremely hard because of the Survival DLC. I kept playing games I liked and I always 100% everything (also got some crappy easy games on my list but that's not my main trophy goal to plat those, I prefer to plat games I like) and the streak went on and on... Until now. I feel tired of it. Not tired of trophy hunting, I will probably never get tired of hunting trophies haha but I feel tired, unmotivated and sad about this linear path of searching for the guides and read whole road maps before getting games, always being worried about if one day my PS4 100% streak ends, always worrying about not being able to 100% a game, always thinking about games that I wanted to play so much but avoiding them because it might be a ridiculous challenge not worth my time. This is hilarious because all this turned me into a joke lmfao, yeah I got 100% in games like GTA V (both console versions), Uncharted 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, F******* GUITAR HERO LIVE (was a nightmare) but if I exclude those ones what I have to be proud of? All this new games of this generations have easy trophy lists and going from a guy who got platinums of 9/10 difficulty back in the day to a guy that can't choose a game over 5/10 difficulty because he's to obsessed of losing this 100% completion streak is just awful, it's sad and fucking idiotic. This is not who I am, the guy I truly am is the guy who had tons of fun playing games and trying to win those hard (or even easy doesn't matter) platinums ON GAMES I ENJOYED and not being always stressed and watching stupid guides before starting games. I spent almost three hours reading forums of guys in the same exact situation as me and believe me I have read awful things, even worse than my story. Some of you may think this is all stupid and a total joke but ONLY TRUE COMPLETIONISTS will understand this pain and this unhealthy obsession that affected my passion for games and it's ruining my love for trophy hunting. I obviously will not stop trophy hunting, I love it and I think trophies/achievements are a good thing because it extends gameplay and can show us very interesting things that we would not see if we just played the games without an "objective". To me trophy hunting is exactly that, an OBJECTIVE that I need to reach and what motivates me to keep playing the game. I like the idea but what I don't like, actually I hate is the fact that I turned that beautiful objective into a pure stressing anxious and not enjoyable thing. I will never avoid games again that I want to try just because I like to 100% everything. I will keep hunting for platinums and try to achieve 100% in games but if I could not do it I will ignore and move on. Gaming is meant to be fun! It's not meant to feel like a job and that's what I have been feeling for the last year at least. Just bought Persona 4 Golden for my PS Vita and I will enjoy the FUCK out of it and only think about trophies and seeing a guide after I finished everything at my own pace. I'm even thinking about turning trophy notifications off on my PS4 when I play games for the first time from now. Gaming is gonna be fun again and I'm excited. I will even buy Little Deviants that is a game with a rarity of 0.52% and you're damn right I will play it on my account. No second accounts, no bull****. PLEASE, if you're on a same situation as me rethink what you are doing, I'm not judging you if you like to go for 100% in everything, I freaking love to do it too, but it will come a time where you will feel tired of it and you will gonna start thinking about all the fun you didn't have by avoiding some games that are probably awesome and you never touched them because you are all about being a perfectionist. I even have banners on my PSN Profile, PSN Forum Profile and Playstation Network saying I'm a completionist and that I have 100% on every PS4 game and that I have an overall completion of 94%, SCREW THAT I'm changing it all. I love what I achieved, I will never forget when i first reached 90% of completion rate on trophies on this site but I don't care about it anymore. Sorry if I have some grammar errors on this post but I'm portuguese and english is not my mother's language. - Retired Obsessive PSN Trophy Completionist and HAPPY! - Don't let Perfectionism ruin your love for gaming! Please don't be an a**hole in the comments like many people I saw on Reddit in same situations, understand that this is a mental addictive thing and it was hard for me to change. I will keep trying to 100% games but I will not be depressed if I fail at it in some games. I wanna have fun gaming, this is not a job. Add me on PSN or on PSNProfiles Forum if you like, and most importantly if you're going through this awful situation and you need to talk message me. Thanks a lot for your time and please share your opinion if you have one.
  10. I'm still accepting people's friend requests! Just say something on the request ! Vita is an awesome console!
  11. The games I have from EA are not annually games thank God! I'm sorry I got triggered by your comment. It's just that I'm sad about all this. Maybe you're right, the right thing to do is completely boycott 2K and don't buy they're shit every year but I can't control other people's minds to do it. I am shocked to see that there is still happy "WWE fans" out there proudly praising this game, LMFAO! How is this possible?! They're completely brainless like you said. I'm not even buying this game on black friday, I'm gonna buy it used at a very low price from someone later.. I just wanna platinum it and throw it in the garbage where it belongs. I'm sad as a fan.
  12. Buddy you're calling me an idiot? I have a passion for Wrestling, you clearly don't understand that and you have to insult me indirectly to make a point lmfao, your opinion is irrelevant. I didn't buy this years game but I did buy the others because of my passion for wrestling and in my opinion the previous titles are not bad, they could have more improved stuff but they're not bad. Not replying to you anymore, I want to focus on respectful comments. Lmfao are you serious?! They broke the game even more? Damn, there's no hope left!
  13. What's up guys? Just wanted to share my sadness for a huge part of my life being completely destroyed by 2K, the WWE games series... I have never ever seen such a horrible game like WWE 2K20, it's scary from what I see from all the reviews and comments everywhere. Normally I don't base my purchases on reviews but oh gosh... I have a pair of fully working eyes on my freaking face and I think anybody can agree with me that the game is a complete MESS by watching videos of it. I wonder if there is also big wrestling fans like me disappointed by this, I miss THQ so much! 2K are just a bunch of greedy for money bastards! I'm sorry but it's the true! It's unbelievable how WWE games were so freaking good years ago and now we have to BEG to this company to fix the game, not even a day one patch they released.. It's a true horror story. It's extremely rare for me to buy games day one because they are expensive as hell in my country ( 70 Euros full price ) and the only games I buy day one is Wrestling games (because Wrestling is my passion) and Grand Theft Auto or some huge title like that... It's definately the WORST WWE game ever produced and published, it's the FIRST YEAR SINCE 2008 that I don't buy a WWE game day one, I'm extremely sad because I am a huge wrestling fan but this year I will wait for black friday. I already heard they released a patch yesterday or something like that and I am wondering if it fixed anything?! (Somebody tell me in the comments) I really WANT to buy this game because of my PASSION for Wrestling but I don't have the guts to do it, I don't wanna spend my hard earned money on a 70 F****** EUROS unfinished glitched game... I just want 2K to quit making this games, we need something FRESH! Maybe a WWE game that is annually updated with the new roster each year, DLC and more (maybe for a small annually fee?! I don't know I'm desperate). Share your feelings if you are also this sad and frustrated. Big shout out to the extreme loyal fans who bought this day one or even the ones who pre ordered those special editions I truly respect you and I will not condone you for doing it I know the feeling of buying a thing because you have passion for it. You don't deserve this company serving you that's all I'm saying.
  14. Bro I'm sorry to tell you but I can't help you in any way, I just wanna say that you should wait... the game is COMPLETELY BROKEN and thank God I didn't buy it day one this year... They will patch more things in the future I guess... I don't know what to tell you other than the game is a big mess at the moment. Definately the WORST WWE game ever produced and published, it's the first year since 2008 that I don't buy this game day one, I'm extremely sad because I am a huge wrestling fan but this year I will wait for Black Friday.