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  1. I really want it!
  2. Just finished my platinum and damn, I gotta say I was fooled by this game... The game absolutely sucks a**, the controls are really horrible and it's a shame because I love the three movies so I thought about giving this game a try, it was on my PS Now service so why not?! In the first minutes I started playing this I was like "WTF IS THIS S***?!", I was so so mad and frustrated because of the initial difficulty that I immediately rage quited and I deleted the game after just 30 minutes or so. THEN... Later in that day I was feeling really annoyed about having this stupid game at 5% on my profile so I attempted again with a video guide by some girl on Youtube that played the game and got all treasures and let me tell you guys it was not the nightmare I expected. The game was much quicker than I thought and I even stopped using the guide because I was getting a lot more experienced with the controls and everything so yeah... NOT THAT BAD. Basically what I wanna say here to possible future players of this game is: It's not hard, the beginning will be a little of a shock because this is definately not EASY at the beginning (how the hell is a kid supposed to play this), but then you will get accustomed to the awful controls, don't worry. Also the boss fights are a piece of cake if you know what you're doing! If you're looking for a good game to have some fun with THIS IS NOT the choice, the game sucks and the developers were so so lazy that they couldn't even animate A SINGLE cutscene. It's a BAD game, remember this if you really wanna go for it.
  3. #232 - Vampyr A f****** pain in the ass because of all the game crashes, but it's a fun game!
  4. I have started playing this now in 2020 because of Playstation Now and I regret never getting this one before, it's truly a nice and relaxing game, a different game from ANY other, I am really enjoying this experience. I love this kinds of different and relaxing games oh and the music on the game is phenomenal. I played it today while it was raining outside, it was truly awesome playing this game while looking at the rain on my window... Great game to 100%! Well if you have PS Now it's even better because it's included on the service so make sure you grab it guys! Of course it is not worth 10€, Sony doesn't do PS3 sales no more so play this game when you have a PS Now subscription you're not gonna regret!!
  5. Oh dude I truly understand what you mean, this game is so freaking annoying because of the crashes... My game crashed TWICE while running from enemies ON THE SAME PART so yes you're absolutely correct on that info you are sharing! It's a shame because I am actually enjoying the game, I just hate the stupid a** constant crashing.
  6. JESUS! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I didn't expect to be that easy... I did not think about doing that lmao
  7. Thank you for this post, it will be very useful as soon as I get the game. As a skateboarder myself I cannot wait to play this and I am dying for SKATE4! But yeah I think this trophy is absolutely ridiculous...
  8. How in the blue hell do you guys do this?? How do I put my recent platinum icon here (Gravity Rush 2!)?! That is so cool!!! Sorry, I do not post a lot on the website forums... LOL please help me!
  9. I will never EVER put a free game like this on my account again... IT WAS MY FIRST AND LAST FREE GAME, it was a big mistake and yes I'm crying like a baby. This is BS. The trophies are so annoying because we must do perfect runs and even worse the gameplay is all about moving the controller so it can fail a lot no matter how good you do. If you're a completionist don't start this. Also I don't give a damn about people who will judge my comment. I don't give a s*** about you, just stating my opinion. Nope, not a negative look at all, it's just pure facts. I feel so dumb for falling on this whole mess... I thought this was going to be a simple free game. Damnit. EDIT: Just got my 100% but my opinion is the same, this guys will milk us trophy hunters (completionists) until they can't no more and be prepared for many frustrating times to come. Lesson learned. I am also sorry for the initial rage, but with mistakes we learn.. I am a completionist, this is just my way of playing. Do not put this on your account if you're a completionist.
  10. Wow... just saw another trophy being added which seems hard af... What a joke. R.I.P Completionists
  11. I 100% today in 2020 without any problems... The game is active and I still had various beautiful journeys with other strangers =D
  12. I really want to thank you both for the final replies, I purchased this "update" and yes I can confirm to everyone that it gives the full PS4 game with the trophies of course but not the Frenemies DLC unfortunately.. THANK YOU! I will now be impantiently waiting for Guacamelee 2 to go on sale, I heard the full game with all DLC was like 5€ or 6€ before in some previous PStore discounts...
  13. Oh.. So please if anyone is sure about this please reply to this post thank you =D
  14. Hey guys! I bought Guacamelee for PS Vita back in 2013 and won the platinum, now I'm seeing on my Pstore a product with the name "Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition Update PS4" at only 3.99€ which is an epic price but I wanted to know if this "update" will give me the PS4 trophy list?? Just asking because I would be pissed if I bought this and I can't win trophies on it.. It says in the description of the product (EU PStore by the way) that this is an update for the PS3/VITA players that bought the game before but I want to make sure before I make some mistake.. Has anyone bought this? (I'm really sorry if this question sounds obvious or stupid but I seriously don't wanna spend money for nothing.. I'd be so thankful if anyone could help) Thank you for your time. So if I buy this upgrade I'll get the full game right? Thank you so much, 3.99€ is such a good price, much better than having to pay like 13.99€ or whatever the real price is! Awesome that DrinkBox Studios gave us this alternative to older players of their game.. 😍 I LOVE GUACAMELEE!! Thank you one more time.
  15. Just completed this game to 100% today and I enjoyed it, reminded me so much when I used to play on this machines at the bowling club with my friends! I spent like 45 mins on the trophy for reaching the checkpoint with 1s left because I was too retarded to see that I ACTUALLY WON THE TROPHY 30 MINS AGO AND I DIDN'T SEE IT LMAO 😂 Good game to get 100% on PS Now but I would not recommend actually spend money on this, get the PS Now subscription everyone...