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  1. Just completed this game to 100% today and I enjoyed it, reminded me so much when I used to play on this machines at the bowling club with my friends! I spent like 45 mins on the trophy for reaching the checkpoint with 1s left because I was too retarded to see that I ACTUALLY WON THE TROPHY 30 MINS AGO AND I DIDN'T SEE IT LMAO 😂 Good game to get 100% on PS Now but I would not recommend actually spend money on this, get the PS Now subscription everyone...
  2. Oh you can bet your a** that I am huge ROCK/METALHEAD ! My top three bands: - #1 Avenged Sevenfold - #2 Skillet - #3 Breaking Benjamin ____________________ Bands I also love: - Metallica - Megadeth - Iron M. - Asking Alexandria - Papa Roach - Bullet For My Valentine - Five Finger Death Punch - Slipknot - Bring Me The Horizon ...And much much more my dude.
  3. Yeah I almost had a heart attack when I realized why the hell was the Lil Earnie mission taking so long to appear for me, then I see a lot of people saying it glitched on them. I was like: OH MY GOD I DON'T BELIEVE THIS SHIT, then I saw a dude saying he just had to bought the second upgrade of the mural and then it appeared, well that was what happened to me THANK GOD, as soon as I bought the upgrade 2 for the mural the mission unlocked for me. But yeah... seems that this trophy can glitch for many people so I strongly advise buying the things in order and don't rush buying the different upgrades.
  4. Ohhhhhh!! I didn't know that sir! Thanks so much!
  5. Dudes I feel like a complete dumba**, can someone tell me how do I renew my subscription? My subscription ends in two days and I want another year but I've been trying to find on the website everywhere and I can't find anything lmfao. Please help a brother out.
  6. I seriously cannot believe this game keeps getting more and more trophies. FFS.
  7. Oh REALLY?!?!? They are free?! Wow that's awesome news man thank you so much! I will get the standart game it's very cheap 9.99€ digital at the moment.
  8. Hi, guys, I am sorry if I sound dumb but all this s*** is so confusing, can someone tell me WHICH VERSION of The Division 2 includes ALL 4 DLC PACKS??? I swear I have tried going to the Ubisoft website and searching on google and I can't understand this confusing s***. What the hell is a "Year 1 Pass"'?! Damn, I've been gaming for years and I have never been so confused. My goal is to buy the game that has the: - Operation Dark Hours - DC Outskirts - The Pentagon - Coney Island Here in Portugal (EU Store) I see the STANDART game, The GOLD Edition and the ULTIMATE Edition. I don't want to pay the Ultimate Edition if the Gold has everything I need... Again I am sorry if I sound ignorant lmao.
  9. Thank you for confirming this, I only did 5 matches and won them all, 3 of them the guys left!
  10. Guys can someone tell me if a player quits (normaly the LOSERS when they realize we are good at reversals) the wins we get on those matches count????
  11. I finally bought the game today (it's January already xD) let me tell you that I only found a glitch so far happening with the sound (no crowd noise) in one of my WWE Universe Matches.. well so far so good it could be worse! But yeah DO NOT buy this at full price, I got it 50% off on PStore.
  12. Thank you guys! I will message you
  13. Hey guys I'm trying to find people to boost this DLC packs, so I wonder does anybody know what is the minimum number of players needed to start an online match?
  14. Thank you my friend, I will try but I still cannot find any DLC available... Do you think I need to progress that much on story to unlock DLC mission? I really don't want to complete all the damn game again It was an awesome game don't get me wrong but I'm not that type of person that enjoys playing games twice unless it is in a harder difficulty for a trophy/achievement OR a collectible run.