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  1. Oh S%&# please don't tell me that. I'm about to start this game.
  2. Got my PS5 a couple of months ago but I am only working now on Astro's, it will be my 3RD PS5 platinum and I gotta say I am shocked with the quality of this game. This game is fucking epic and the developers are some of the most talented people I've ever seen. The Playstation Lab almost made me cry cuz I own every goddamn console on that Lab. THANK YOU SONY AND ASOBI 😢😢😢
  3. HOLY F*** I'm such a lucky bastard, I was about to buy TLOU 2 !!!!!
  4. Jesus Christ, this is the last trophy I need, I have 100% on the game already and can you f****** believe it that I only have 370 destroyed cars!? JESUS F CHRIST, I will be here for a long time... Thanks for the tip!
  5. What in the blue hell is this bruhs 😂😂
  6. ☝️ Me buying every LIS game 😂😂😂
  7. LMFAOOOOOOOO I don't have this game and don't plan to play it but as a completionist I almost had a heart attack seeing this whole trophy list.
  8. Nice topic, I like to know more about PSN trophy history too!
  9. As soon as I saw a 3.33% platinum rarity I immediately told myself: Nope. LMAO, I suck at sports games, this would be a nightmare to me.
  10. Someone's mad 😂😂😂 WWE veteran fan/gamer here, it's one of the most fun wrestling games I ever touched, specially playing it with someone else using two controllers (or more). This beats the ridiculous WWE 2K20 any day of the week. I absolutely loved this game and the only thing that sucks is the stupid micro transactions. "This is the worst game I have ever played" LMAO, I guess you didn't play many games in your life yet. Right!?!? This game is hella fun, it's cool to see new people getting interested in WWE like yourself. The game is absolutely hilarious, super fun to play and has great visuals. I really liked this new different game from the standard realistic wrestling simulators that we get every year.
  11. Shiiiiiiiiiiii I wish that was available here in Europe lmao.
  12. WTF! That's an epic fucking theme! Much better than the other one from a few years ago, I'm not even gay but I'm downloading that shit right now 😂 Love the colors so much! Happy Pride Month to y'all and remember, no hate, please respect everyone 💕
  13. Yes I did and I loved every single bit of it, both the V and BATTLEFIELD 1 War Stories. Great shit.
  14. LMFAO WHAT? Not gonna buy it. Fuck that, I'm a big Single Player guy. Yes I do love the MP part of some games they are really fun but no Single Player on a war game? No thanks.
  15. Get ready bruh we gonna get 7 DLC's lmaooooooooo 😂