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  1. support have contacted me this morning to let me know theyve unlocked the trophies for me. The support is extremely helpful for this game and clearly they are aware there is a problem with these unlocking since there not asking any questions relating to them, il be getting those 3 soon on my account then only 2 trophies left
  2. I hope this happens for me, I already had them unlock big tease as I did this and know it didn’t unlock, I’ve now contacted about the other 3 so hopefully won’t be long till I have them, I only have 2 trophies left other than these 3 to get the plat 😊
  3. I've earned the platinum and the last trophy in control and i can see these in offline mode of the game, i earned these while being online, although when i sync i am getting no trophies showing on the servers, i have tried several different solutions and have tried signing in and out, restarting, rebuilding database and they are still not syncing. Is this something where the trophies will sync in a certain amount of time or is there something i should do? The game will allow me to earn the trophies again as i can reset the skill points and re earn them but i do not want to break the time stamp of the trophies since i have earned these legitimately Il close this, its just randomally worked idk why tho
  4. I got the glitches really consistent. The 1st one is section f which skips the ending fights, go into water and the risk is when your finishing the level under the water. section f v2, this skips the whole level and has very little risk and a lot of gain. New York bunker. There are boxes where the commandant is, you can side jump up and with the use of the battle Walker you can go above the map and skip the whole level. These however are easy parts and there is still a lot of hard parts to the game to practice. good luck 😉
  5. I've just got mein leben done a few days ago, i started the game on the 11th March and it took me a full week of playing i am death incarnate and mein leben to do it. You need to learn the 3 level skips, also positioning and weapon upgrades and to sneak through at certain times as well. If you approach the game wrong it is hard, if you approach it in the most efficient manner then you can do it, but it takes a lot of practice
  6. i agree with this as i dont like auto popping trophies but the key problem is how to police it, certain games like crash 4 dont auto unlcock everything, whats to stop someone doing half the game of what auto pops and doing the rest legit. I think the mechanising needs to go completely and this is a sony thing not a psnprofiles thing, but unfortunately its a tool within the games and therefore it is aloud. It takes away from some of the skill dependencies and is frustrating to see, set your own goals with your trophies and youll never be in the wrong
  7. Longest for me is 12 years 3 months. 1st earned trophy ever was off the boat in gta 4 on October 30th. Platinumed and 100%ed the game a week ago 😂 could say I took a little break
  8. Yep same error as me, the network was slow af. I last synced a ps3 trophy at 1:21 this afternoon so i know it was working then for trophies. They never post about it but the vita is also having some awful issues rn
  9. I cant even open the profiles without errors, next to profiles the levels state - and cant view trophies in online mode either I have checked and others are confirming they are having the same problem
  10. Seems issues have been happening all day, anyone else seeing a problem with viewing profiles or syncing trophies on the ps3?
  11. Thank you
  12. If this is able to resolve the online trophies, much like Warhawk is still running, would this be seen as legitimate earning? If not i wont go for it but if it is i will go back to this and "clean-up" the game. Guess we will wait for mods to decide on this one
  13. I can understand that aspect, but I have also played the game fully on PS4. I want to play it again but it is not as good as Borderlands 2 imo. If it was the 2nd I’d start it within a heartbeat but 3 was no where near as strong story wise
  14. Ive had this waiting since PS5 release day to play, and ive been putting it off since no one has got these trophies, really hope they get fixed soon, its lead me to buy Borderlands 2 VR to get more of a fix of Borderlands for the time being
  15. "And if you already have the Platinum, we’ve confirmed with Activision and Toys for Bob that all of the Trophies will pop for the PS5 version of the game once you transfer your save" That is extremely disappointing that there doing this as well... Play a game once, get the platinum once, you shouldn't be able to get the platinum multiple times if you haven't done it multiple times, devalues the whole system and is just broken I will be playing it again and I will do it from scratch again, it will be hard again but I want to platinum all Crash games and if that means playing this again I will