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  1. (PS4) Over 9000! Pass 9000 levels in Bloody Palace Mode
  2. #129 (PS4) Platinum Trophy Unlock all trophies Phew. For the second time i platinum this great game! But seriously Mundus is HARD! First phase lasts a long time ( at least for me ) not to mention the second part, if you have not stocked up on Yellow Orbs, which i did! Had like 16 of them and in the end was left with 4. First i tried to damage him at least till 50-60% of health, and then try to use my Untouchables/Devil Stars + Holy Water helped a lot in this, cause of those stupid smaller balls, i took most of the damage from them. Kinda glad that i did not suffer as much as on ps3 version trying to do Mundus without any Items, and somehow managed to win ;D Surprisingly i beat the last Nightmare on the first try, but had to use one Untouchable while in the last phase and just spam Inferno. N. Angelo fights were tough, especially the 3rd encounter, had to retry that like 20+ times, overall DMD playthrough went on smoothly without any problems.
  3. Badge Of Honor Be in an Alliance that receives a badge at the end of an Alliance Battle Season Completed in 2 years, 4 months O.O
  4. (PS4) I Read You Like A Book Unlock all the entries for every enemy file in the status menu Got the last 2 paragraphs of Sin Scythe and Blade in Mission 2 on DMD, happy that i'm done with this at least and now i can just finish the game.Even on Hard Mundus was a pain to deal with, i tried to do it with no item usage, but after like 10 tries i gave up on that :D, i used one Untouchable, 1 Devil Star and a Vital Star to get it over with. But i still got 3 Untouchables left.
  5. (PS4) Redemption Collect 50,000 Red Orbs Right now on Hard playthrough, and i'm back on the last Nightmare fight ( i still need one file paragraph from him, and that is getting caught in his net +One paragraph from Blade - getting hit while in Red Zone, and two from Sin Scythe) not to mention i'm trying to beat this playthrough without using yellow orbs - i have 29 of them lol
  6. PLUS ULTRAAA! 400+ pages O.O
  7. (PS4) The Nightmare is Over Defeat Nightmare ''The Nightmare is Over''? Nop, it's just the beginning. Defeated it on 2nd try, that last phase cought me off-guard. And i still don't have any Vitality Stars ;d i don't really want to repeat the same struggle i had on PS3 against Mundus
  8. (PS4) Night Terrors Survive an encounter with Nightmare As the name implies he IS a NIGHTMARE! God, i hate fighting this guy, especially the 3rd encounter. Got to the last Nelo Angelo fight > Died > stopped playing ( Should have used Ifrit ). Well that's it for today, i got pretty far anyways. But unfortunately missed some of the blue fragments + Secret Missions, which i will get on Hard playthrough.
  9. #128 Platinum Midnight Become a master collector Well, the only hard part would be, not to make silly mistakes ;d ( I had lots of them )
  10. Ok i think i spent too much today
  11. Impact Resistant Obtain a Level 7 Wall Only one trophy left then i'm done, unless they add more DLC trophies. Gotta wait for Alliance Season to end in 4 days. Hopefully i'll get that Badge ;D
  12. #127 Birth by Sleep Master Obtain all trophies. Hell yea! Today was a great day, finished Mirage Arena + Unversed Missions + Vanitas LS + Completed Command Collection. And most importantly beat MF Had to do it in 10 or so tries, i really hate his Dash move, at one moment there's a pause when i'm in the air, and that equals insta-death. Not to mention when his clones are ganging up on you, sometimes they hit you up and somehow negates Once More/Second Chance, which luckily did not happen on my last try. He only had like 2-3 millimeters of health left, one move and he's dead and he had Clones comboing the hell out of me, they bumped me up twice, but lucky for me i didn't die there. My thumb was already going numb from mashing the Square button at that point, not to mention my heart was racing like crazy. I lost count how many times he went invisible in one fight and how many Dooms i evaded. So. After 3 years and 3 Months , finally i have platinum for this game! Will i do it again on PS4? Most likely i will at some point. Overall playtime: Ventus: 32:43 hours Terra: 41:55 hours Aqua: 37:15 hours
  13. Resourceful Play one more than your daily Alliance Battle limit