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  1. True Miniature Crown Collector Obtain a miniature crown for almost every monster in your hunting log. One more crown left. I'm not in a hurry to complete it yet.
  2. 雷光一閃 先制攻撃発生回数100回達成。
  3. 勇往の獅子 いずれかの章を戦闘退却回数0回でクリアした。 Decided to start Zero/Ao series now, before starting Hajimari. And next month there's Cold Steel IV coming out, so there's that too
  4. #274 - 英雄伝説 空の軌跡 the 3rd Evolution And here it is Sora no Trilogy completed! Overall, totally enjoyable series with a great cast of characters all around, OST that is so good, well it's FALCOM after all There really needs to be a English release of Evolution versions of the trilogy. Even Ao/Zero treatment w/ PS4 upgrade would be fine.
  5. 剣狐 第一の守護者のフィリップ(強化版)を倒した。 Made a huge progress through the New Game+ after yesterdays successful fishing Now i'm at Ch.6, i should be able to finish everything today, if i don't get lazy.
  6. 爆釣伝説エステル 『爆釣伝説エステル』を釣果1500pt以上でクリアした。 Finally! it was all or nothing in my last turn i had 1275 points on turn 14, so i either had to get a Brass or Kasago, in the end i got Kasago, so now for the last turn either i get that ~80-105pt fish or a big one. and i got the big one, ended with 1533 points thankfully! Overall i had good RNG , on turn 9 i already had 1000 points, but then it went downhill, got two fishes with the lowest point count and and random ~30pt. Last two rounds totally saved me in the end. Now i can move on to the next mini-game, which i hope should not give me as much trouble as this did.
  7. Just arrived today
  8. 裏武術大会 『裏武術大会』のナイトメアモードをクリアした。 Really not progressing a lot, because i'm trying to do that darn fishing mini-game, out of dozens of tries, i've come as close as 1481 points with the last round fishing up a Great(Blue) Marlin, that feeling when you're so close. And in another try if only i had not failed to reel in 2 big fishes i would have gotten it by now. But this RNG is driving me mad now
  9. 孤高の栄冠 難易度ノーマル以上、全員レベル140以下でゲームをクリアした。 Somehow managed to beat Final boss with a team consisting of characters with less than 137 LV. First time through died on the 3rd boss in boss rush, afterwards died 3 more times to the final boss, i just could not survive his Ultimate attack, and it always wiped my party out. This time i put accessory that revives me after KO, and at that moment one other character also survived the move, but with ~100 HP, thankfully that gave me the opportunity to bounce back. Boss had like ~150k HP left and there were moments where it was a close call - all teammates being frozen and stuff- Now i can breathe easy and reload earlier save file and do all the Optional stuff ( fishing will be a pain, i did win the 3rd round, but did not get those 1500 points ) , and level up more, so this time maybe i'll be able to survive with more characters.
  10. 改造マニア 全員のオーブメントのスロットを最大まで強化した。
  11. 光と影の迷宮 第五話『光と影の迷宮』をクリアした。
  12. 金の道、銀の道 第三話『金の道、銀の道』をクリアした。
  13. 勇往の獅子 いずれかの星層を戦闘退却回数0回でクリアした。
  14. #273 - 英雄伝説 空の軌跡 SC Evolution THE LEGEND OF HEROES 全てのトロフィーを獲得した。 This took a long time for me to complete, with all the break and putting it off for some time ( 7 months, 1 week ). But in 'IGT' it took me like approx. 180 hours to finish everything in 3 playthroughs . Such a great game, it's a shame it hasn't gotten a English release yet - on Evolution version that is.