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  1. Indomitable Hunt 50 tempered monsters.
  2. A Living Fossil Capture a fish known as "the living fossil." Got all of the crowns from the Event quest, which didn't take long overall. First hunt of the day : After a while, maybe 4-5 tries later i got Large Tobi Some time later when repeating this quest got 2 Crowns in a row ;d Not counting those i also got Uragaan from 15 Min Tempered , it was the last Investigation left, and i think i would have gotten a large one as well, if i had not died miserably
  3. Elderslayer Slay 50 elder dragons. Tried the new event with 5 monsters in it, and got this on my first try the very first Giant Gold Crowns. Tried again, and got Tobi on Silver though.
  4. Power is Everything Obtain five highly rare weapons. As of today i hit 100 hour mark by playing this game
  5. Bourgeois Hunter Possess 1,000,000 zenny. And finally got my first Mini crown on G. Jagras
  6. Hunters United Forever Complete 100 quests via multiplayer. Today was a good day. Played for at least 12 hours I was HR 29 today and had some troubles with Tempered 2 Bazelgeuse quest i tried to do it with others but with no luck, someone have to die instead, occasionally myself included but not that often, i tried to keep my distance most of the time ( Charge Blade ). So i decided to go solo with a bow, and what do you know it was soo much easier, first try. As for Crowns no gold yet, i keep getting Silver's all the time
  7. The Sapphire Star Solve the mystery of the Elder Crossing.
  8. #122
  9. Movin' On Up Move into an upgraded room.
  10. [MH World] Got that Rathian Plate on my first try today lol.Hello Dear Lutemis! I was doing a quest that had me delivering 2 Wyvern Eggs and i didn't know the location of them, so i found Rathian instead, , so while fighting him, he escaped to the nest and there they were. Plus, i captured Rathian, so that might have increased my chances for the rare drop :P ( yesterday i captuered him 2 out of 3 times, but i wasn't lucky enough )

    1. It Is Time To Oil Up

      It Is Time To Oil Up

      How could you do that to those poor animals.



    2. Edunstar84


      Seems luck was on your side! I still haven't managed to get those fluffy creatures.

    3. DEsIx_KaerO


      @Edunstar84 Yeah, i got lucky with Snuggly creature  ;d i think i warped out and in like 4 times, and got them on Ancient Forest. Hopefully same will happen for bristly one ;d

      @Trophy Huntress blame the Cook who ordered me for the delivery :D

  11. New World Settler Establish five camps. 25 hours into this game already And, only 2 Big Silver Crowns ;d got one on the first attempt while capturing Tobi-Kadachi by myself, other one is on second hunt of Tziki-Ya-Ku ( or whatever it's name is :D). Been trying to get Rathian to drop that Rare Plate, three tries and no luck yet, obviously i'm gonna need much more than that , but i want that Charge blade ;d