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  1. Chapter 5 Clear Completed objectives of chapter 5.
  2. Canine to Five Solve every puzzle in "Career Day"
  3. Tyrant of the Sand Sea Defeated the dragon threatening Stellard.
  4. Really should not have spent on all of this ;d but i just could not resist ;d aaagh. RIP. Soon deduction from pre-ordered Sen IV is coming as well. RIP again wallet ;d PS. backlog keeps piling up .
  5. Chapter 3 Clear Completed objectives of chapter 3.
  6. Chapter 2 Clear Completed objectives of chapter 2. Is there anything that i shouldn't sell? Or the only way to make money is to take on Requests? Hmmm. ;d
  7. Chapter 1 Clear Completed objectives of chapter 1. Before starting game *Goes in Dressing Room, puts on Neko ears on Stera.* Done! Now i can start! ;d
  8. #146 \ Hmm, it was something. A lot of references in this game from Movies and so on. And that Ending... that got me why? yeah why does it always rain in England ?
  9. Aaaaah
  10. One that comes to mind is The Last of Us on PS3 100% with DLC, without boosting which i'm proud of ( PS4 ver. as well, but that's really easy to do ) I remember that i was running away and hiding a lot in the last map/match. It was our teams loss but i got the trophy in the end, so i consider myself the winner Once match was over they were talking about me why was i running away instead of battling them. One answered ''he was probably going for the trophy''
  11. Just some games ;d
  12. And Bro bought VVVVV
  13. Sound of Silence Won a battle with a party member incapacitated.