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  1. One with Wool Synthesize 1,000 items as a weaver.
  2. One with Gold Synthesize 1,000 items as a goldsmith.
  3. Emissary of Liberation Defeat Lord Balseph. Keep the flag of liberation raised high. The fight has only just begun.
  4. Inazuma: Illustrious in Inazuma Reach Reputation Lv. 10 in Inazuma.
  5. Seriously the OST in this game is just so awesome!
  6. Speedy Chef Cook your first meal. In such harsh conditions, simply staying fed is what matters most.
  7. Seeker of Truth Clear the Binding Coil. It's been a while. Let's just say i've been busy playing this game, and i'm greatly enjoying it ( even pre-ordered Endwalker expansion ), so i'm in it for the long run. No unsync on these.
  8. ウサギルドメンバー ユーリ・エステル・リタ・ジュディスで「うさみみ」をつけて プレイすること5時間。 いつの間にか、あなたもすっかりウサギルド会員 10 hours straight.... why? ;d Because i realized i had the wrong bunny ears on Estelle
  9. スノーボーダー ミニゲーム「ボーダーラピード」のコース1で タイムが40秒以下!! これは速い!速すぎる!! これができたら、さらにそのゴーストにも挑戦だッ!
  10. モンスター図鑑コンプリート 最も獲得が難しいトロフィーのひとつ。 達成できたらモンスターマスター! この図鑑を元に弱点を突けば……って、 その頃にはもう必要ない!?
  11. Inazuma: Second Blooming Obtain Hanayama Kaoru's gift.