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  1. Souvenir from the Nürburgring Took a Scapes shot featuring the Nürburgring and a BMW Gr.3 car
  2. #112 - 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡III Let me tell you this, since the first teasers and images online, i have been hyped for this game so much. And it did not let me down. ( if only i could understand the 100% of the written dialogue, and 90% of talking, it would have been even better ) This game is long, my first playthrough took me 98hours to complete without following the guide, as for second run, i used this guide. It was pretty easy even on Nightmare. Now i really need to get the other kiseki games :d , maybe before the release of Sen IV. Kurt and Altina were my MVP's this time, and Fie had her moments on the Final dungeon almost single-handedly beating all 4 bosses by dealing 22k with Counter attacks :D. Counter tactic sure is OP in this game thanks to one certain MQ. My total playtime would have been higher if i didn't skip most of the dialogue and stuff ;d #113 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy This was a good Uncharted game, but.................. a little bit too short If they make a new one, i would love to play as Sam and Sullivan. Finished it in one playthrough ( Crushing + all Collectibles ) + Cleanup. Really really easy platinum compared to other Uncharted games. I had problems only in two chapters which are obviously APC and Apache fight, died multiple times on these two. Perfect shot ( umm i timed it like that )
  3. Right Under Your Nose Destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies
  4. Five Finger Discount Open 5 lockboxes
  5. 地獄の栄冠 難易度ナイトメアでゲームをクリアした。