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  1. Couple games that i got over the past two months. And my latest arrival
  2. Our Bonds Fought other players online 100 or more times.
  3. The Early Bird Gets the Win Initiated 300 advantage encounters. (Including double and triple advantage)
  4. 歴戦の勝者 戦闘勝利回数1000回達成。 Now i'm on the 3rd run-through, which is going to be much easier, now that it's on Hard, instead of Nightmare, but still will probably have to do a 4th mini run, because of how over-leveled i am, and enemies don't really stack up on me, so i can't get 3-chained battles along with tactical bonus x3.0
  5. 千討の志士 敵を2000体以上倒した。
  6. 孤高の捜査官 難易度ノーマル以上、全員レベル40以下でゲームをクリアした。 Just barely got it, i was like 5 exp away from LVL 41
  7. 至高の剣 最強武器を作成した。
  8. 太陽の狩人 手配魔獣【ダークレジェンド】を倒した。
  9. The Trials of Class VII Completed Act 1.
  10. Nightfall Completed the prologue.
  11. Master Strategist Won a battle with a tactical bonus of x3.0 or greater.
  12. Just arrived today
  13. 爆釣王 全ての魚を釣った。
  14. The Cold Light Unlock 3 Sword Rune slots. Okay, online is done for both of my stacks. Got it earlier than expected.