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  1. Ultimate Unison You performed Ars Nova, Emil and Marta's special unison attack. Burn baby, burn!
  2. #250 - テイルズ オブ シンフォニア Finally, i'm not being lazy, and i write something here for the change . ( could be better ) Where do i even start? It has been 5 years now since the last time i played EU version ( 17th April, 2015 ) I'd forgotten if English version had full voice acting. Noticing some differences in names, like ''Rifiru'' for Raine, ''Genius''- (is what i like to call him) as Genis I knew that by playing this again, will come across those darn titles, which some are just, eh. Don't wanna do them type So i went and got some pretty early like Colette's Turbo Waitress, which was super easy thanks to Game Capture. You could also just pause with PS Button and write down orders, but that would take too much time. After Triet Ruins, i switched difficulty to Hard and grinded those 256 wins to get Lloyd's Berserker title, what took 2 hours to do so. Gained a level or two by doing so, plus some Gald and loot to sell. Triet Ruins fight was hard at first, i used up all of my supplies so that little grind helped me a lot! Not to mention, i still used Wooden Swords and planned to get it done in first playthrough ( until certain fight in Palmacosta ). After getting to Tethealla, until that moment most of the bosses sucked dry all of my Life Bottles, and other resources. Perhaps i'm just bad, and needs to guard more, not just smash attack After getting Regal, i've been noticing that he looks sad There were some frustrating moments. Like controlling that darn ship, it just likes to drift. And Dungeons of course, that came in mind was Temple of Darkness with their stupid little shadows, Meltokio Sewers is also a candidate for a boring dungeon. Temple of Lightning wasn't bad, after realizing that when you're about to fall in the Dark room, just press O (Circle) and you won't, easy. Also by making Genis your on-screen character it gets a little brighter. After get back to Sylverant, first thing was to go to Palmacosta and do Orienteering exercise, what took some tries, some were close, some were almost minute off. But in the end i destroyed it completely. IN JUST 21 seconds, luck was on my side, all of the clues were on Plaza, overall it didn't take longer than an hour to do, so i was happy. Afterwards came the Uncle minigame, ugh. Didn't like this one, yet again used Game capture software to pause/resume. + PS Button. In later levels they are so clustered together, even when i was in the middle and accidentally talked to the on the right. There are a lot of tough fights in the game if not prepared. Abyssion was one of them, all of my Treats (30%HP Party Heal) were gone + all Life Bottles, so i had to rely on Raine to Revive/Heal, Zelos also helped a bit with first aid. Then there were Extra Dungeon fights that i tried on first run, but died on floor 15th boss, so i just gave up, and decided to do it on 2nd run. Floor 20th was super hard. But as hard as it may have been, i still think that Coliseum matches with Spellcasters were brutal, Genis was a pain to use, but in the last round, since he was so short i attacked physically and it kinda worked as the enemy swung his pole-axe thing above my head + Fire ball also missed me. Cameo battle was super fun, as they were brutally aggressive and their healer also can revive which happened to me twice, but i won on the first try. But all the fun had to end at some point right? So here come's the most annoying mini-game Red Light, Green Light, to my surprise didn't take even an hour to do. At first it was hard to even pass second level, and the 3rd level is just bullying at it's worst, they like to push, go in front and stomp the hell out of you . Yet again, RNGenis was with me, and they were bumping in each other and got sent back, like most of the front liners if not all, so all i had to do was.... NOT mess up myself! By playing this game again, made me feel kinda nostalgic (yea i know i only played this 5 years, not long , but still ). OST is just great, all across from roaming around the world to dungeon themes, to boss themes, to Summon fights. Characters are decent, some are bad in fights though. For the guide, i used this. it has Walkthrough + affection stuff along. All in all it was an awesome experience to play it again!
  3. イガグリモア しいなが全ての称号を獲得した証。 精霊を統べる最強符術士。 On my 4th and final playthrough, where i should get the last few titles from Flanoir scene + level up my last character who needs LV 100 title.
  4. 悶々とするモンスター モンスター図鑑を全て埋めた努力の証と共に 倒されたモンスターの恨みの証。 Nearing the end of my 2nd run, got all characters to LV 100, except for Zelos Will try to get some more titles that i can get, and move on to 3rd playthrough, still missing like 3 items for Collector book, which i should get in my next run, as long as i don't forget to buy them
  5. One of the best Battle themes of Tales games imo.
  6. #249 - Master of Fate Earn all FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trophies.
  7. [MHW:Iceborne] MR KT is here! ;) Time to grind.


    Few days before hit that HR cap :P


    +1.1k hours as of now.


  8. お千度舞い人 エンカウントが1000回を突破! これすらも通過点。きっと。
  9. ゼロス・インパクト ゼロスが10の称号を獲得した証。 いやー困っちゃうねえ。
  10. [ToS] AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. This Orienteering stuff. I'm gonna get it ! Just gotta be lucky with those hints.m57JFJm.png

    1. AlchemistWer


      1 min with 4 sec? nanda kore? 😅

    2. DEsIx_KaerO


      I have to get the time below 1 minute. Which as of now, i broke it by a lot :D .
      Super RNG, they just give you hints to run around and do stuff, which usually are not so time friendly :D

    3. AlchemistWer


      Interesting, I'm with some RNG stuff as well 😅

  11. ユニバーサル剣士 ロイドが10の称号を獲得した証。 いろんな剣士の称号を得つつ そんなに剣士でもなかったりもする。
  12. 混迷の大地 第8章『混迷の大地』をクリアした。
  13. Awesome, yet to play first NieR. But i will definitely buy this too!
  14. #247 - The end is a new beginning Obtain all trophies. Started off pretty slow, but in the second half it got better, and sad