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  1. 薬草100本 薬草を100本以上引っこ抜いた証。 初期SCが減って街に帰れないときには惜しまず使おう。
  2. 皿・男・叫び 難易度ハード以上か2周目以上で 試練遺跡イグレインでの激戦を、アイテムを使用せず撃破!
  3. a Quote from Last Remnant's Wiki. There are six steps required for this achievement: Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 1" by completing Guild Task 14: Kill the Bloodthirsty Beast (X360)/ Dominator (PS4). Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 2" by completing Guild Task 16: Kill Sledgehammer (X360)/ Prometheus (PS4). Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 3" by completing Guild Task 18: Kill Whitehorn (X360)/ Ore Cruncher (PS4). Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 4" by completing Guild Task 20: Kill Nightingale (X360)/ Death Tank (PS4). Obtain "Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 5" by completing Guild Task 10: Kill two Brynhildr. Obtain "Candle" by completing Guild Task 24: Kill Monopole (X360)/ Falak (PS4). It seems that it is different than 360's Version. Try to kill Dominator first.
  4. 僕と私のブラスティア ブラストゲージの最大値を9まで伸ばした証。 ブラストゲージの最大値はボーナススキル「セイム3:ブラスト」によって増加します。 装備品のコーディネイトの素晴らしさが眩しいです。
  5. 全力走行中十字路でぶつかる 難易度ハード以上か2周目以上で グレイブガント盆地での激戦を、アイテムを使用せず撃破!
  6. 連夜のホテル暮らし 宿屋に通算10泊した証です。 宿屋に泊まると、食べた料理により戦闘時のスキル効果が付加されたり 仲間同士の会話が発生したり、初期SCが100に全快したりとよいことずくめ。
  7. The Heir of Ultimate Fate You have created the Ragna-rock. You have obtained the title of the Heir of Ultimate Fate! Still in the Ancient Ruins grinding phase.
  8. Super happy i got this game for cheap £18.36 ( shipping included ) Oh and it came with two pens, how cool is that? Thanks ''3DS69''
  9. #168-#169 - Drowning (PS4, Vita ) #170 - Heroes Trials ( PS4 ) #171 - Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown It certainly feels awesome platting this game Ace difficulty was not what i thought it would be, that is, being one missile shot = dead, 3 AA gun shots = dead. Maybe if you'd need ALL Medals, then yea, it could be 8/10, but you don't have to get them all. There were some missions, well, actually just one mission, that was pretty hard to S rank at first and that Mission is the 9th one, getting S rank without LACM/LAGM is a bit tricky, doable, but hard. After my first initial Play through on Hard with F-22A, afterwards on Ace it was SU-30SM all the time w/ QAAM, except for M9, and M14 in which i used Gripen and Su-34 respectively. So after all Campaign Runs, first thing i did was grind those 76.500 KM's, but it wasn't that bad, just some 45k+ km's flying around in circles, it took me 2 days to get it done. It was not so boring, because, i watched ( about time ) a pretty darn good speedrun of FF IX on AGDQ 2019.
  10. #167 ( Vita, EU )
  11. Patron Of The Parts Obtained all aircraft, special weapons, and upgrade parts. i'm at 33.1 mil right now.
  12. Frequent Flyer Flew a total of 76,500 km in campaign mode.