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  1. Industrial Age Advance your settlement to the Industrial Age Since there's barely anyone attacking me now, it was easier to get that money for the upgrade.
  2. Level Master Sora Max out Sora's level. Another platinum ready to pop ;d I leveled up Riku to 98 before i started farming for the cards. Some of the cards were really annoying, especially Barrel Spider, that took the longest to acquire.
  3. Premium Card Maker Make 20 cards become Premium Cards. Almost there, almost . There's still some annoying cards left.
  4. Assassins Creed 3 : Gold Edition
  5. To be honest here, i want FFVIII more.
  6. Proud Player Riku Clear Riku's story on Proud.
  7. Nomad Drive more than 5,000Km on any surface in solo mode All that's left is one accomplishment which is, ''Use manual Respawn 100 times''. Which i have sitting at 99
  8. Never gets old
  9. Reol 🎵
  10. Expert Deck Builder Edit a card deck 500 times.