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  1. インテリアコレクター 全ての家具とエニグマカバーを集めた。
  2. #292 - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Well here it is, finally after all these years - In all honesty it wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't good either. Platinum itself was easy, that is if you keep tabs on everything you collect, in this case Skits and Captured monsters. Once one of them were at 99% you start wondering which ones you need. In monster case it didn't take too long to get the last one even though i marked them as i Evolved them, even then i missed one somewhere, as for skits, thankfully they were marked as to which ones i needed, so once it got to 99% i had two skits left, so either one or both of them was what i needed ( Exactly , Both the Problem ), i had to do a mini 5th play-through up to 3rd chapter to get the last Skit. But once it popped it felt just good and also Both the Problem was glitched so i had to NOT carry over battle info, and escape 5 times when both party members are available - got that in Tower of Mana. Overall the game is way too easy compared to original, NG+ is a joke even on Mania/Unknown difficulties. Marta is too OP ;d, the spams with Photon and Divine Saber i did reminded me of Rita spamming Tidal Wave And i've got JP stack of this in wait too now, but dunno when i will get to that, i would like to play ToV ps3 version first before that. Pretty happy about the Platinum.
  3. One Hundred You played for 100 hours. No seriously, you did.
  4. Mania Maniac Cleared the game with the difficulty set to "Mania." I'm sure you can clear it on "Unknown."
  5. Party All Night Won the party battle in the Coliseum with a special battle. Party on.
  6. それでも僕らは。 終章『それでも僕らは。』をクリアした。
  7. クオーツコレクター 全てのクオーツを集めた。 Ok, and somehow i managed to miss a treasure chest somewhere it's at 99.7%
  8. [MHW:Iceborne ]Well, that's quite a lot of Golden Eggs  ;d


  9. ポムっと!マスター 『ポムっと!』で全ての対戦キャラを倒した。 A lot easier than CS IV Pom battles. ;d Still fun though. Now onto final dungeon.
  10. ダドリーとの絆 ダドリーとの絆を深めた。
  11. 偽りの楽土を越えて 断章『偽りの楽土を越えて』をクリアした。