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  1. My Hero Get rescued by the King. Got it at the Land of the Dragons, to get it out of my way asap.
  2. 未来へ。 大団円「未来へ。」をクリアした。 After 97 hours in my first play through, i'm done for now. I'll be getting this as a milestone later on, probably plat. #175 So it's gonna be a while before i replay it
  3. Finally got myself a PS4 Pro. Would have loved to have some kind of Special/Limited Edition, but this will do for the time being
  4. I think i got a good deal with these. Shadow of the TR was for £30.24 and Rise of TR is half of that.
  5. Just arrived today. RDR was from Amazon which i ordered on 29th of October for £34.94 including shipping. Play-Asia orders are from 21st October. Since Ao no Kiseki was available, i had to pick it up along with another Atelier game
  6. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Episode 5
  7. It arrived like 2 hours after i got my Golden Kamuy and Trinity Universe package. I'm pretty pleased with how fast, sometimes, Amazon ships
  8. from recent sale
  9. Pre-Ordered on 05-08-2018 , Shipped 03-10-2018 , some time after the release and it has arrived today on 16th. October. Sen no Kiseki IV (Eternal Preservation Edition) Just in case pic in spoilers
  10. It has ARRIVED! finally :DPGErHnO.jpg

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    2. I am not Divecomb

      I am not Divecomb

      I love kittet.

    3. Dragon-Archon


      Have fun. I hope CS3 and 4 will be localized soon, the wait is killing me.

    4. DEsIx_KaerO


      @Dragon-Archon Yeah. Hopefully they do announce it after the re-release of Sen 1 / 2 Kai.

  11. IRODUKU : The World in Colors Episode 2 I just wish i could see the entirety of this show now!
  12. Alchemaniac Synthesized 50 different items or Aspect Pieces.