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  1. can you elaborate, please?
  2. im only missing "echoes", "make it last" and "seriously". if those trophies arent fixed, only echoes, i am not playing it until they are. i love NITW so much but i believe i have played it maybe 6-7 times. i know the script of the whole game. lol as much as i enjoy it i wont plat it until they are sure those trophies are not glitched. seriously love the game though. its interesting to me how they made attaining all of the sketches a trophy yet the game doesnt have all the sketches? wtf?
  3. hahaha, cool. i actually asked that question. great that they answered it.
  4. layout is.....funky as hell. 

  5. im gonna explore every friggin inch of FFXV. o.o I appreciate the attention to detail put into the game.

  6. had 4g plugs in for almost two weeks....can already fit 3g plugs. stretching issss funnnnnnnnnnn.

  7. very addicted to the phone app sailor moon drops. omgggg, so cute. unlike candy crush, it is actually FAIR and quite fun.

  8. mine make noises too. since im paranoid about dust or anything getting inside the system, i always keep a can of dust cleaner handy. even if it does nothing beneficial for the system, it just makes me feel better after spraying it.
  9. I would say Star Ocean as well....maybe even Tales Of too....but with the new one coming, maybe it will revamp the series.
  10. atelier shallie is so weak compared to the others in the dusk series. :/

    1. KingGuy420


      It's the only one I ever played but I enjoyed it. It starts to pick up steam around chapter 5. Gets really good around 7 or 8 lol. It's soooo slow at the start though.

    2. TheFinalEmblem


      I only played Escha & Logy before, but I ended up enjoying Shallie more.

    3. miki-iki


      funny you say that, i am on chapter 5. i enjoy the characters so its not like its a painful playthrough. cant wait for it to pick up.

  11. Oh my. LOL I just watched the first vid. I felt bad for the girl and the guy playing the maze game. The guy that broke his monitor....he should just stop playing that game.
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bfgman96


      Are these a type of cosmetic accessory? They look intriguing.

    3. miki-iki


      they are stainless steel eyelets for stretched ears. the donut is meant to both hide the fact you are stretching your ears and just look cute on your earlobe ^^.

    4. bfgman96


      I see. I would much rather eat the donut.

  12. honestly.....no boxing? BOXING IS GREAT.
  13. i smell bread