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  1. Awesome news! Thank you for the update!
  2. Patch 1.07 just released. I was quite enjoying the game, but noticed the trophy involving jumping across the large gap didn't pop so I came here and saw these posts. This was on version 1.06. Can anyone who has had glitches with the ending/trophies speak to if this newest patch fixed the issues? Don't want to have a trophy earned unless everything is properly obtainable again.
  3. I just did "the emperor protects" trophy by going through chapter select on the first chapter and selecting the first option. Will I be able to continue, or do I have to start a new game, for the "None Can Stand Before You" trophy? I am assuming I can since the guide states "resets progress up to that point" and the point i started from is the first point in chapter select.
  4. During mission #236, when I go invisible, the ultimate cancels out the timer. In both the true achievements guide and on the videos I have seen on youtube, the ultimate wouldn't cancel out the timer and people were able to use his ultimate to easily complete the mission. Is this the case with anyone else who owns the vita version? If this is the case, if anyone can give any tips on how to do this without the ultimate, it would be appreciated. It is super frustrating to do the throws to begin with, let alone avoiding the super aggressive amazonian.
  5. Flaming speed and golden greed are technically still obtainable, just harder since you basically have to be in the area for a lot longer (time it takes to kill the greater scorpions and then the 30 seconds it takes to actually spawn either of those two bosses in). Though I suppose in a team you could coordinate 1-2 people killing the scorpions and then have the rest of the team converge on the bosses as they spawn in. Without a doubt it does add an extra layer of complication to already annoying trophies. That aside, more reports would help as someone on XBOX made a similar report shortly after ours and someone did inquiry about further details. Update 8.3 comes out March 23rd (I believe) so pushing attention on it now could potentially see it being addressed in that update or one of the 'bonus' ones that will follow after. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the moment to help!
  6. I saw you posted on their bug reports section on discord. If more people start posting about it, it may actually get the devs to consider looking into solutions for the issue. I have posted to their bug report channel just now myself. If anyone else is able to help by reporting the issue to their bug channel on discord (even if you have the trophies that are currently bugged) it would be appreciated. Here is a link to their discord:
  7. Yea. I've had my PS5 shut off 3 or 4 times now in the past 24 hours from dead ops arcade, always in the wild or fate areas. It's basically black ops 4 all over again. Treyarch are proving that they are incapable of releasing a working game on release. Nothing but sheer disappointment and utter frustration to have it crash on round 60 in dead ops arcade in the wild, and that was with the host on ps4.
  8. I have a few questions about this one. Anyone have any tips/tricks for this? The amount of time to get to round 64 (I feel it would be less than 5 hours personally)? Also, is it better to do this with more people (4) or less (2) (ie. Is there egregious scaling?)? I never played dead ops arcade for longer than I had to in previous installments, mildly concerned about having to buckle down for this one.
  9. Thank you for clarifying. Do you know if you can unlock NegaScott online?
  10. I was wondering if the trophy for the speed run with knives will pop if you do all the missions online in a single session in under 90 minutes. I have been looking around, however, I cannot find any confirmation saying that it will. If anybody can confirm if it does (or does not), it would be appreciated.
  11. Yea, when I got the trophy, it was post update. And he has all the armours I have :/
  12. He has all the armour's I have, along with putting them on, multiple times so no dice there :/. I appreciate the input though
  13. Not for me, but for a friend of mine. Me and him have tried a lot of different ways to try and get his trophy to pop. If your trophy glitched and you managed to fix it, please reply to this thread to let me know of what you did. One thing we haven't done yet is delete the game then reinstall, kind of leaving that as a last resort. Thanks in advance for any info regarding this accursed glitch.
  14. i won't try games on my own account because i don't want a trophy list up that has 0% which is why thanks to friends i have to go and get some in madden O.o but in terms of buying i'll buy it if it is good although i usually won't buy something off of psn if there is no plat