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  1. what game do you mean?
  2. There is no more prove i can give to you but i'll get that my explanation is maybe not enough as there are things that are questionable for an outsider I'll hide the game and this thread can be closed otherwise this would go in a circle i think...
  3. That is something that happend to myself and I was talking to someone at the trophies.de forums who helped me out with the game a little a this time because that happend to him too, the only thing to prove is, i play the japanese version so you see i did this game legit i think... i know this stuff seems odd to some of you, but i can't really explain it other than this. maybe it has something to do with me getting the endings and stuff on the later patched easy mode? or because trophies generally needed a long time to pop for me with this game? and also why should i cheat something like endings and stuff and not axis mundi or rapunzel which are really hard? it is hard to prove for me but i hope there is some benefit for the doubdet.. if that's not enough then i will hide this game of course to reappear on the leaderboards and wait for the ps4 version to have this awesome game in my list again
  4. Yeah but that's something that happens too, on day 8 you have to talk to everybody you safed to get the trophies, as i safed everybody at once, the trophy popped as i got control over vincend and after that i talked to everybody to get the individual trophies that also why they are so close together
  5. Oda-Chi Catherine Hello, I know I got the trophy for seeing all endings, before getting the trophy for two normal endings, but as I were playing I did not get these two trophies for the ending, and thought ok nevermind i play this endings again later and continued playing the other endings i had missions- because it is no problem to get them because i could skip all the puzzles at this point- but after i completed the last ending, i got the trophy for all endings, and the other two popped afterwards, without playing the endings again.<br /> I came across that this bug happend for some people in the JP version but i can't find something for the EU version.<br /> But as you can see with the other trophies, that i have reasonable time frames for them- i played alot of catherine I could also do the JP version to show you :) i hope someone believes me and otherwise i will hide this game of course, but i hope everything's gonna get alright!<br /> <br /> best wishes
  6. thanks alot man!
  7. Can somebody help me out?
  8. Does the BR1CK5 cheat make the Designer's Delight trophy unobtainable? because i can still obtain brick elements I just don't know how many are missing? Has somebody entered the code and still got the trophy?
  9. the trick works perfectly fine for me, got 500 million today and doing the rest later, works awesome with a turbo controller btw
  10. I´m missing some stuff although i played with the guide. I´m missing Scene 13, 35,36,38 in the Scene section with Nadeshiko and Pictures 16 and 46 in the Picture section. How and where i´m supposed to get those? I need your help! Oda