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  1. It seems the dlc is indeed back up it was removed for a while but reuploaded
  2. Headshots can only be obtained with the rifle useing the charge shot to save U some money id reccomend U don't upgrade the fire power stat as charge shots 1 shot kill all zombies and it takes a few for jumpers blade arms and screamers
  3. I got this the other day and noticed it has no trophies I connected to the psn and a update is available however when I click update it instantly comes up with a error and then quits out what's the problem
  4. I have a USA trial code now but when I try to use it on my us account I just made I need credit card details but it keeps saying my card details are incorrect im sure I won't need an American credit card to use the trial surely any help would be grand
  5. I'm wondering if anyones willing to trade a USA or a hongkong PS plus trial code for a EU one if its not allowed then sorry and you can delete the thread pm me if U intrested
  6. I'm after one with my name on the bottom (all caps ) and horizontal with this picture http://www.dumpaday.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/funny-frog.jpg back ground I'm not sure about so something that makes it easy to readaube somethinglike a lake or that thanks
  7. lasT one I got was the toughest soul (platinum) from demons souls
  8. Only thing I need is a pure bladestone to plat this game can offer any boss upgrade weapon any ring plz help Server is EU and soul level is 222 hell I'll give U all the weps and rings if U really want