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  1. 🤔 alright anyways the 1000 kills might be a little grindy but damn 500 wins is gonna take awhile if done legit. even if you win a majority of your matches, you're going to play upwards of 500 no matter what
  2. trophy and game thoughts. the list requires you to get 500 wins. should honestly be easy to discern from context clues but I'm guessing you're trying to make some sort of joke here
  3. 500 wins! That'll take a hefty batch of time. List looks pretty fun even if it'll take awhile
  4. Yep and it's pretty bad
  5. Are you on a side profile or something? I find it odd you're trying to tell someone who's done countless multiplayer grinds that 1000 kills isn't a grind when you haven't finished any platinums 🤔 Like obviously this game isn't Battlefield Hardline in terms of what you've gotta do to finish it, but it's definitely not gonna come from natural play for everyone. 1000 is a huge number for a game where absolutely excellent players only net 15-20 kills in a great match and most players will only get a handful per go
  6. Hate to burst your bubble here bud but it's grindy. Any online game that has you do 100 - 1000 random misc things is making you grind. "It's obvious that the game doesn't interest you" is very strange. You know "grind" isn't necessarily negative right? Some people enjoy multiplayer grinds (myself included)
  7. yea always hated the motion blur in this series. legitimately makes me feel ill sometimes
  8. trophy thoughts folks to me it looks grindy in a lot of aspects (and it requires you to pull a win in each mode once as well as winning 10 times total). might be a little tricky against veteran players
  9. SO how does the list look to you folks? A platinum trophy is pretty nice to see
  10. This game is extremely good. so hype to go through it on PS4. the trophies don't look too crazy
  11. Exceptional Walkthrough Guide - Unepic Trophy Walkthrough Painstakingly thorough. Extreme length but separated into nice little sections with wonderfully-done images. Very clear, very excellent. Exceptional Gameplay Guide - FINAL FANTASY IX - MISSABLE TROPHIES/COLLECTIBLES GUIDE A collectible and missable trophy guide laid out in chronological order, separated wonderfully and arranged in tables that are very easy to parse. Everything a collectible guide should strive to be, and it's got the missable trophies on top of it all. Exceptional DLC Guide - DJMax Respect Tecknika 2 DLC guide When writing my picks on mobile I misremembered the guide I wanted to select for DLC as Clazziquai. It was this one that I read and was very impressed by. It lays out everything you need to do in an exceedingly difficult DLC pack, and tries to lessen the burden of difficulty through an abundance of knowledge. It's a simple, somewhat short guide, but it's an excellent one and reading it got me back into rhythm games. Exceptional Niche Game Guide - Infernium Guide Every excruciatingly small detail about the game that the author could dig up. A step by step layout of the entire game with an ASCII map and clear, concise explanation. A very, very excellent guide at a base level and it has some video resources peppered throughout as well. This sort of guide is pretty much the gold standard for games like Infernium. Guide of the Year - Alien Isolation Trophy Walkthrough Insanity in written form. The thoroughness of the guide-writing here is ridiculous. Every single mechanic delved into, every single section dismantled and explained. Everything about this guide is what we should all be working to do in our own guides. Absolute monster, has to be my pick for Guide of the Year.
  12. Ah I thought it could just be any for those. Well, I'll go back through and write something more full
  13. Exceptional Walkthrough Guide - Burnout Paradise Remastered guide Exceptional Gameplay Guide - Dead by Daylight Exceptional DLC Guide - DJMax Respect Clazziquai Edition DLC guide Exceptional Niche Game Guide - Infernium Guide
  14. notable stuff for me would be Celeste, Frostpunk, Moonlighter, Octopath Traveler, Monster Hunter World, Fighting EX Layer, and Hitman 2 but we've all gotta show some love to the terrible/sub-par games that came out this year too. Metal Gear Survive, Dynasty Warriors 9, Sea of Thieves, Shaq Fu 2, The Quiet Man, and of course, Fallout 76
  15. it's done. I'm done with all the online trophies today. the amount of grind and work i put into this I wish the rest of you the utmost luck and hope as many of you can get the online trophies as possible. I believe in all of you. I was going to give this up but I persevered and it's done. Have faith and keep working at it