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  1. Hoping to be working on a guide for Mortal Kombat 11 when I get my copy of it
  2. Where's the link for the PSNP discord server? Can't find it on the site 

    1. DaisyVilla102


      @MMDE posted it a while back but I can't figure out how to show the post here.  Anyway the link is https://psnprofiles.com/auth/discord.

  3. Is Bug-Vorah a loot box customizable thing for D'Vorah like that one trophy for Catwoman in Injustice 2? Or is that on one of her base variations? could be a little grindier than people might be expecting if there's any loot box stuff hidden in here somewhere
  4. gimme Drawn to Death 👀
  5. I'm so excited for this! I love Harvest Moon style games What do you folks think?
  6. Dammit I wanted to check this out but I guess I waited a little too long
  7. Yep, you can play it from the very first ingame day
  8. Shoppe Keep is rough around the edges but quite fun overall if you like shopowner games. Siralim 1 thru 3 are all fantastic teambuilding turn-based RPGs with an emphasis on grinding to find new dudes and make them stronger There's even an obscure free to play game that literally next to no one plays but its Trophies are all mostly grind. Games of Glory's trophy descriptions seem to be misleading as you can get most of the trophies by playing customs with bots
  9. I'm not so sure really. An original killer is always preferable (at least for me) cuz then I can grind for them for free but we haven't had a licensed killer since Pig. I could see it going either way for the next Chapter
  10. One of the easiest DLC lists DBD has, if not the easiest. Still cool to be able to get an Adept for Ash though! I wonder what our next full Chapter is gonna be?
  11. I recently played through the original Constructor on PS4 and quite enjoyed myself What do you all think of Plus finally coming to PS4?
  12. It's a fighting game, of course there's gonna be online trophies Anyways, yeah this looks pretty 10/10 difficult especially with the touch of death shenanigans being found out. Gonna have to git gud for this one
  13. You know the drill, folks. How do the trophies here make you feel?
  14. What was your favorite part of the game growing up?
  15. She's fairly immobile compared to some of the other newer killers but it's mostly due to how much pressure she can exert on someone in a chase with the vomit