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  1. 11-11 will be nice I suppose. The rest I either have or don't have much interest in
  2. I agree with this, changing the story isn't a big deal at all. It's actually exciting to have a mysterious Nomura project around that isn't Kingdom Hearts for once. We don't know what's gonna happen and I think that's kinda cool since the game is gonna be episodic
  3. For Apex fights as well as other fish fights, they'll have tells when they'll attack. They'll have a circle around their mouth and they'll glow orange-ish. Some attacks don't seem to have this though and they're more spur of the moment. My advice is to try waiting for them to attack first and try to evade through it. You don't seem to get i-frames the whole evade, as even while successfully brute forcing, you will get hit sometimes, but for the most part you should be able to attack and evade on most fights outside of the Apex Orca
  4. Oh thank God Madden 21 made the cut
  5. sad I didn't check this thread before I claimed all my bonuses, but at least most of the grind is already done for me
  6. I'm glad it's Heather tbh. I love her
  7. holy shit this is dope
  8. the Dead Horse Lakes plates should be the only ones that you may need to come back for later. They're a little tricky to get the momentum for early in the game You can keep attempting and wait for the physics to kinda bug out and give you the chance to bite em, though. Lunging through the water's surface and spamming jump gives you some pretty mean distance and if you spam bite after your jumps, you might just dash up to the plate and grab it. Alternatively, just wait til you've gotten all the Landmarks in a few areas to get some Shadow parts. Shadow's set bonus gives you more max. speed, which will help you out a lot with this
  9. ok this shit gon be hard
  10. im so hype for this, I've wanted this game for so long. I was one of the few people who actually loved Jaws Unleashed growing up so to see something that's pretty much that but better is exciting The list looks like typical open world fare which is whatever. I'm just excited to play!
  11. These are two of the hardest platinums on the system! Good games but you're really coming out of the gate swingin on this one lol I can recommend Stardew Valley, Binding of Isaac Rebirth (though the DLC might require some internet connection with the daily runs?), Void Bastards, Flinthook, Ascendant, Dandara, Shoppe Keep, Darkest Dungeon, Downwell, The Banner Saga, The Escapists, Flame Over, and Ziggurat.
  12. I think Trigger Happy is legitimately insane. It says "Reloads quickly" but it seriously feels almost instant. It's especially strong with the Riveter. Feels like you can fire nonstop forever
  13. Hey, just wanted to let you know that you know enough about this game to expand this into an actual trophy guide pretty easily and without too much stress. I did something like this for Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life and then expanded it into a full guide and it was a lot of fun! And then I got hooked on guide writing If you need any help or wanna know more about writing guides, you can give me a shout or shoot a DM to any of the helpful folks on the Guide Team
  14. There seems to be some memey stuff in there, taking control of the moon and shit? Seems like a fun time. I love goofy strategy game lists (Plague Inc was very fun for example)
  15. yes i did but i havent played yet