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  1. Yo Lost Sphear is STILL pretty expensive, too, so I'm gonna guess Oninaki won't drop for the foreseeable future. You lucked out
  2. never thought I'd type out that thread title What do you folks think about these trophies? How excited are you all to play this classic?
  3. 👀 This is hype as shit. What do yall think about the trophies?
  4. This is so aesthetically pleasing. What game is this? My Picks Painkiller Hell & Damnation My favorite platinum image right here. Super avant garde and weird and I have it as my icon because I'm in love with it. I need to get this platinum tbh Spec Ops The Line Monster Hunter World Iceborne 11:11 Memories Retold The Silver Case HD Chaos Rings III Path of Sin: Greed Oninaki Ovivo
  5. I think that without the No Flask trophy this looks like standard soulslike fare, but with that one trophy this could be pretty difficult. Wouldn't underestimate this one's difficulty just yet fellas
  6. Probably tied to Master Rank specifically then
  7. as a side note, it doesn't seem that endemic creatures count for the Large and Mini Crown trophies on less than Master Rank quests. Perhaps even base game endemic life doesn't count? I got 2 mini crowns and one large crown on endemic life creatures (all Omenflies) in high rank and got no trophies for it
  8. agree, length doesn't determine it. it's just repetitive action
  9. Wow, Surgeon Simulator
  10. Rogue Warrior for sure
  11. be forewarned folks who go for 100% in their games. Arkham Knight's The Curtain Falls is worth taking a look at to weigh whether or not you can do it. The freeflow stuff in the Arkham Games is always a little bit annoying to do, and Knight's hardest freeflow stuff is a little intense. Watch videos and see how you feel about it
  12. GTAV platinummmm
  13. Zombi would be cool
  14. Remember Me would be pretty cool to have!