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  1. first of all, what lol second, over 40 endings? jesus. what do you folks think?
  2. I've heard great stuff about this game so im excited
  3. mine was Infamous Second Son
  4. saying this probably means u don't really know Wayforward too well lol. They make the Shantae games dude. They've always made female protag stuff with cutesy aesthetic. their playerbase is prepped for that. weird take Game looks really good and prob will be since it's from the shantae boys. I'll get it eventually, prob on a sale tho
  6. i think the ribbons are a fine idea. the framing here might be a little bit weird, like pointing out the ratalaika stuff. I like the ultra rare ribbons at the very least because it's a very cool stat to see at a glance. it would be cool as an extra stat for people who primarily focus on ultra rares, not necessarily as a punishment for those who don't. i also dig the DLC completion and 100% ribbons, they're cool the effort one I could do without because it seems a little arbitrary. you get most telltale for beating the games. sure they're 8-10 hours long, but there's no real "obstacle". it is a point A to point B platinum. The effort ribbon would be nice for people who play Soulsborne games and Soulslikes, but idk. I could be swayed on it but I don't really care about it as much as the other 3 proposed ribbons. I'm also saying all this as someone who would really only benefit from the effort and 100% ribbons. I have very few ultra rare platinums and I have many incomplete games due to DLC. I do like the 100% ribbon, but the effort doesn't appeal to me much even as someone who would get an extra stat out of it on my profile though, a guide writer's ribbon would be kinda cool btw 👀
  7. a bunch of the pokemon have been around pretty much my whole life so i really feel an attachment to a lot of my favorites. bastiodon & froslass in specific from gen 4 are some of my all-time favorites that have stuck with me
  8. Congrats! I'm glad it popped for you
  9. Your run is perfect for testing the theory then actually. If it does pop for you then we know at least accepting dailies and weeklies will not cause the glitch (still won't be certain for completing them though)
  10. Actually I wonder if the daily/weekly missions are the cause? A lot of people who have this popped seem to do another playthrough and rush to the end to get it but I've not seen anyone complain of it not popping on the 2nd playthrough yet. Perhaps ignoring the daily and weekly missions is what gets it to pop? Maybe those mess with the statistics in some way? Has anyone who's gotten the trophy been able to while doing the dailies and weeklies?
  11. it's fun but i dont care much for the story. if you want really fun gunplay and something to play with a pal, it'll deliver on that just fine
  12. fingers crossed for Immortal Redneck
  13. yikes anyways this is cool, glad that the games are pretty cheap too. glad they gave 3 separate lists instead of doing BFG Edition but on PS4
  14. 1) I popped off pretty hard for Farewell, My Turnabout's conclusion in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All, it was very spicy stuff. 2) Gonna second Maiden Astraea from Demon's Souls. Gut-wrenching moment in a very tragic story. 3) A certain character's death in My Time at Portia caught me off guard (as it does with a lot of people). I'm glad they updated the game so you can work to save them but I also kind of liked the emotional impact of having someone actually die in a game like that
  15. What do yall think? Anything particularly spicy for those of you who play a lot of arena fighters?