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  1. Lookin forward to this, I liked the word search one a fair bit
  2. I dig this list and the game looks pretty charming. It's only 5 dollars on Steam so perhaps that'll be the price when it hits PSN?
  3. Seems like the usual jackbox fare and the typical no plat. Are you excited for the games in this pack?
  4. Chad is a Dick Escape in the car or the boat by yourself while another counselor is still alive. heh heh heh 😈
  5. wouldn't "again" imply the other one was real? because it wasn't lol
  6. Ninja'd me by a few seconds lol But yeah, the trophies don't seem too bad. Interested in the 50% of Achievements thing tho
  7. This sounds excellent, honestly. And I see my girl Ayesha in the promotional images? I'm sold, folks
  8. Thanks for the heads up, hope a patch comes through soon or the trophies end up popping for you
  9. Might as well ask instead of finding out the hard way and wasting time lol
  10. Or is it just difficult/confusing to pop the unobtained trophies?
  11. Not every trophy hunter goes for plats exclusively. Some value the 100%
  12. Yeah definitely fair for this game
  13. I remember playing this game years ago out of some humble bundle and it was pretty fun. Super random to see a PS4 release for it now but I'll double dip and pick it up again. Any of you ever play this before? also thoughts on the trophies and no platinum?
  14. yeah list looks very easy, but that's usually standard fare for a lot of open world games these days. prob gonna be fun even so
  15. Michael Myers just excels against newer players because they don't put anything between them and him. So he'll just hit Level 3 like instantly and go on a rampage