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  1. ghostface hype! i hadn't noticed the list came out today til a little while ago. gonna buckle down to work on this one after class tomorrow
  2. Dragon Fin Soup is an excellent pick for one of the worst games we got. So promising but at the end of it all, ended up being a buggy broken pile of shit
  3. I more meant like what the specific cheese was that people were using, but I'm assuming it's like different for each boss?
  4. What is the Sekiro cheese? You've piqued my curiosity But yeah, for the mastery question, just make as many weapons as you can and grind patrols to be able to upgrade them. Getting each weapon's EXP objectives done is a great way to farm Mastery XP as well. Acidic is also a fantastic Cell to take just to get added Wound damage on Behemoths to work toward those Objectives! (Acidic +3 is really all you need to do decent Wound damage)
  5. The game seems to be going down and coming up every so often
  6. just got DC'd from the game because I was "disconnected from the Playstation Network" even though I'm still signed in just fine. Anyone else having this? Servers might be shut down early
  7. Cool to see this come on consoles after being so well loved on PC. Thoughts on the trophies here? Anyone who's played it on PC have some ideas as to how the list looks?
  8. literally what's the harm if they do lmao? their hacked trophies are now gone. if they had already been banned from the psnp leaderboards for their hacked stuff, it's not like they'll be unbanned. weird mindset on this
  9. Will throw some love in for Prey as well. Game has potential to become the new System Shock 2 in terms of being a cult following sci-fi shooter RPG horror-y thing. Arkane are some of the only devs that truly make you feel like you can tackle a situation in whatever way you want. It's fantastic Siralim as a series is excellent if you love old school RPGs, grinding, and collecting "pets" in games like Pokemon or SMT. The first game is pretty barebones and is mostly just grinding so you can get to your next batch of cool creatures to collect (and making super powerful versions of them), but as the series goes on, it introduces more features and mechanics to keep you working toward something. Batman Arkham Knight is actually quite a bit of good fun. I know it got a lot of flak for a bad PC port and some other issues but I've been enjoying it so much. The movement around the environment is very fluid and fun and the different challenges and stuff are quite good (though I'm not a huge fan of the Riddler stuff!) Gotta give some love to Under Night In-Birth Exe Late(st) as well. Under Night in general is one of the best fighting games I've played. It's got the neutral game of games like Street Fighter and Koihime Enbu along with the flashy anime combos of stuff like BlazBlue. French Bread also made Dengeki Bunko, another favorite of mine, but the PS4 version of that is JP only right now sadly. Check out UNIST though if you want an excellent fighter! Shoppe Keep is a store management game in the same vein as Moonlighter or Recettear, though it's not quite as popular as either. It's chill fun and I really hope we get Shoppe Keep 2 on PS4 sometime soon
  10. Prob Red Dead and Just Cause 3
  11. Any of you play the first Act it Out? If so, how do you feel this is compared to that list? it's nice to see a platinum in this one and a lot more specific stuff to do instead of just like "finish this one game type"
  12. Persona 5 Royal is gonna have new content and stuff, so yeah you might wanna hold out for now unless you're really keen to get into it (it's one of the best RPGs ever so I wouldn't blame you). RE7 is also fantastic but FF15 imo is kinda trash, and there's the Comrades DLC you'll have to revert your game to an older patch by outside means to be able to play because it got shut down.
  13. Just keep trying them. There is absolutely nothing in this that's that bad. Perfect block and some of the strings can be a little finicky but just persist and you'll get it. Knowing these concepts will help you with the rest of the platinum anyways
  14. The Key Towers thing was an early thought on the heads. You can perform them in any Tower
  15. Source DO NOT use Kenshi's Blindfold when you are near 0 Soul Fragments. When you reach 0, there's a possibility that it will break your ability to receive rewards from the server. I got to 0 with the Blindfold and didn't have this glitch occur, but multiple people have had this happen to them so it's not worth the risk!