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  1. Damn, the Hitman contracts are shutting down? They're really fun to mess around with so that's a damn shame. Gonna have to maybe borrow a PS3 or something to knock out the PS3 version's online junk for that
  2. I'm not sure you know what I mean here. I mean the sides of the paddle you use to hit the ball up at the blocks. if you hit with the side, it usually throws the ball underneath the paddle causing you to lose a life (not just the actual sides of the paddle, but the upper sides as well. the hitbox is super finnicky)
  3. this fuckin game sucks pretty bad, mostly linear mode. the ball getting stuck at the top is almost unavoidable and almost always kills the run. the twin stick aspect feels like total dogshit at times. give me normal brick break every single day over weird twin stick shooter brick break also if it was meant to be twinstick focused, why the hell do the sides of the paddle push the ball to the side and make you lose a life? why not have it act like the ball registers snagging the hitbox of your paddle and get sent upward so you can better focus on shooting? pretty bad mechanic choices in an already underwhelming bargain bin game
  4. Yea it'd be cool to see it on the PS2 on PS4 list, but they've kinda slowed down with those
  5. I know we've gotten lists like this before but I was wondering what you folks think about still getting them nowdays
  6. weird to say it, but King Oddball is the only thing im glad to see here. i have the other stuff or can play them on ps now
  7. you like some very good fantasy games, friend
  8. thanks for the heads up, this is definitely on my radar now
  9. Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace from Red Dead Redemption This was such an annoying grind that relied on 6 people spending hours helping one another out. I can't even get 6 of my closest friends together for more than a few hours let alone some random trophy hunters lol. It was a huge relief to finally get it done.
  10. cannot for the life of me get mini rathian in wildspire bolero lol. second time I'm going for it since I didn't get it the first time the event rolled around and it's just a complete menace
  11. Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  12. yeah there's not very many story missions and the story itself isn't very good. the side content is extreme. there's just so much. but overall I enjoyed the game a fair amount