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  1. sniper ghost warrior. i've gone back to it like 6 times throughout the years and got it down to 1 trophy left before plat. Of course, it continues to glitch out on me no matter how often I fulfill the requirement, so I still don't have plat
  2. Pretty sure Second Story was ported to PS3 as well but I believe you're right that it's the only Star Ocean that was released specifically for last gen
  3. Dec. 5th is apparently the day these are rolling out. Yall excited for these? No plats but they seem like really fun games
  4. you learn somethin new every day
  5. I've eyed this on Steam for so long! So cool to see it come to ps4 How do yall feel?
  6. The opening theme on PSP is absolutely amazing, I wonder if they'll change it in the remaster? Also theres like one or two party members you can lose forever if you recruit specific people I'm pretty sure. And I know someone doesnt like if you have Cyuss recruited, which is super early on in the game. Cant remember who it is though
  7. 👀 this is a little unexpected. How do you folks feel?
  8. Yes, it seems you cannot get all characters in one playthrough since many of them will not be recruitable if you have another character recruited
  9. How do yall feel about this list?
  10. Good luck everybody! Lots of impressive guides this year Guide of the Year: Rain World Trophy Guide. A bit of a niche pick here, but this guide is so thorough it's ridiculous. It makes an intimidating platinum into something completely approachable, which is the mark of an exceptional guide to me. I also hope this guide gets more people to check out this fantastic game! Exceptional DLC Guide: Dead By Daylight Stranger Things DLC Guide. A fellow DBD guide writer, MinatoIsDeadLol, did a fantastic job with this one. I love Dead By Daylight with all my heart and this guide is exactly as descriptive as it should be. Both newcomers and veterans alike will take something from this guide. Very, very well done! Exceptional Niche Game Guide: Pantsu Hunter Trophy Guide. This is the sort of thing you hope to see when you get a niche game from a really good sale on a whim. Oftentimes I'll get a lesser known or strange game and find no information about it whatsoever. Other times, I'll get a wealth of information in someone's guide, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Here, it's everything you'll possibly need for this game. Exploring a relatively unknown title to these lengths and cracking out a guide like this is very commendable. I love this guide. Exceptional Use of Original Content: Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Definitive Collectibles Guide. The original pictures alone would be impressive enough, but the immense detail and the great tabling lead to one of the best guides I've seen on the site. Fantastic stuff.
  11. Piece of Cake Award Sagebrush This game actually took me less time to plat than My Name is Mayo and Mr. Massagy. That isn't to say it's a bad game. I actually rather enjoyed the experience here! It's a neat little atmospheric story game. A game Ratalaika brought to PSN that is genuinely worth a look! It's Like Dark Souls Award Plague Inc Evolved This game wasn't very difficult but a few of us going for it back in February had to contact the devs to fix an issue within the Scenarios so we could finish it. They were timely about it and very pleasant, so it wasn't an issue. But I haven't really gotten many "tricky" plats this year! So yeah, this would have to be the closest thing for this award. Bad Ass Award Dauntless - Clutching It Out in the Trickier Fights Some of the fights in Dauntless can be pretty damn intense, especially solo! Nightstalker had his moments, Rezakiri as well. Many of the buffed up versions of earlier monsters were terrifying at first, too. Each time I was able to finally beat a monster that was keeping me down, I was relieved. And then I had to go fight that monster a million more times to get all the materials I needed! Grind of the Year Award Happy Dungeons - Grinding the 100% Before Shutdown A combo of actual grind and leaving my console on overnight to grind hours toward the required 100 hours, this game was about 10% enjoyment and 90% grind. Sad that it had to shutdown, but satisfied to have this grind done and over with! King of the Internet Award Monster Hunter World: Iceborne A fantastic expansion to an already fantastic game. I still have to go finish everything up in this game, but I've gotten terrific mileage out of it already. World and Iceborne alike were both worth every penny I spent on them! I love joining onto S.O.S.'d missions and helping people clear monsters they're struggling with. Worst Online Experience Award Dauntless - Bugs Galore Dauntless is an interesting game because while its core gameplay is very fun and the monsters are all very interesting, it has suffered from some intense bugs and performance issues. Many of them are fixed now, but as I was playing, they were rampant. From the fire monsters causing massive frame drops because of all their particle effects, to bugs with inputs (the glitch where your button-hold meter would hit maximum but not complete your action was infuriating and was present for SO long), to crashes, AI issues, and much more. One of the buggiest games I've ever enjoyed. And the community never seemed to like talking, too! Everyone I ran into was very quiet. Just because the monsters bite doesn't mean I do! Sleeper Hit of the Year Award Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Honestly I expected this game to be straight shit. But it was a dollar, so I decided to give it a shot. And I genuinely had a really good time with it! It's just a goofy little hero shooter. And there's plenty of kids freaking out over mic all the time, which is very amusing. Biggest Bomb of the Year Award Wolfenstein Youngblood Damn! This game sucks. I don't even wanna talk about it because it disappointed me so much lmao Best Trophy Image Award Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Platinum I actually did not care much for this game but it's the only platinum I've earned this year that doesn't suck! It's very colorful which is pleasing to my simple mind. Worst Trophy Image Award My Time at Portia Platinum Very, very good game. Very, very lame platinum image. Best Female Character Award The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth - Lilith I like to play Lilith in BoI. She can't fire tears of her own, but she has small pals that do that for her. They receive all the effects of passive items that you pick up. It very fundamentally changes how you play the game, and I think that's pretty cool! Also I've mostly played shitty games this year so I kind of have to pick this. Best Male Character Award Wizardry - My Friend Kroeger You can make your own characters in this game so I made my autistic pal Kroeger. He's ripped as hell and does karate, so I made him one of the strange dwarf looking creatures. He is very powerful, both in-game and out, and I suspect that he knows this. Anyways, I'm picking him because he is a very Good Male Character. Best Plat of the Year Award Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion One of the games I wrote a guide for this year, Spooky's is a fun little indie horror game that I enjoyed quite a bit. My Time at Portia is also notable here cuz I was struggling to pick between this and that, but I think Spooky's edges it out. Worst Plat of the Year Award Hotel Transylvania 3 I don't even need to say anything lmao Most Anticipated Plat of 2020 Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Remaster I wanna make up for my lackluster year in plats for 2019 with this monster next year. Wish me luck boys
  12. depending on what the list looks like I might give a Star Ocean First Departure R guide a go. Been loving the PSP game and I'd like to really sink my teeth into the remake
  13. disgaea 4. whew! what a doozy
  14. the whole Star Ocean series except for Second Story is about to be on PS4 once First Departure R hits PSN in about a week, and Star Ocean is absolutely excellent. Avoid the 5th game and play the rest (specifically First Departure). Star Ocean games are action RPGs but they don't feel strictly like hack n' slash games like many other action RPGs. Disgaea 1, 4, and 5 are all on PS4 and they're all quite good. They're tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem, but with a very large emphasis on grinding your characters up to be monstrous. You can do billions of damage in postgame lol. Their stories tend to be very comedic, too, so if you're into that sort of thing then the series might be up your alley Battlechasers Nightwar is a charming indie turn-based RPG that takes inspiration from JRPGs. It does get a little repetitive but it's worth a look. In a similar vein, Rainbow Moon and Rainbow Skies are also indie RPGs that try to evoke the vibes of older JRPGs Siralim 1, 2, and 3 are criminally underrated indie RPGs in the same vein as Pokemon or Shin Megami Tensei. You collect monsters and build teams with them. Siralim as a series is heavily focused on building strong team synergies by playing around with different monster compositions, and you have 6 monsters out at a time. Every monster has a unique passive but you can get those passives as legendary materials which you can slot into gear. Each Siralim game is worth playing, too, because the passives and balance are changed heavily between games. For example, the monster Fallen Carnage is broke as a joke in the first Siralim but he was nerfed heavily in 2, so he's not quite as useful. But you can still go use the broken Fallen Carnage since he wasn't patched out This is a little bit of a copout suggestion, but PS Now subscription also opens you up to all the PS3 JRPGs that are available on the service. All the Agarest games, Wizardry, Ragnarok, all the PS3 Disgaeas, Atelier Rorona, Atelier Shallie, Atelier Ayesha (my personal fav), Atelier Escha & Logy, etc. There's also plenty of PS4 JRPGs on there too, like the aforementioned Disgaea 5. Megadimension Neptunia, Persona 5, The Witch & the Hundred Knight, etc. PS Now is worth it if your internet can handle it and you wanna really delve into some JRPGs without spending too much
  15. yall ready for freddy?