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  1. yall are funny for getting so heated about this, especially if you don't even play PC or live in any of the listed states
  2. Crystar is pretty cool. You've got a solid list to work with here, though I don't envy that you'll be playing through YIIK lol
  3. Misunderstood the question, thought you meant the points for the platinum itself, not the full game My guess is 2746.2
  4. It's not too bad. If you don't have experience with shooters, it might take some caution and a pretty decent batch of attempts to clear some of the levels, and the final boss may give you some trouble (though if you keep taking a wide circle around the boss arena and taking shots on the boss and his spawned enemies when you can, it's mostly just tedious and not really all that troublesome). I'd say with shooter experience around a 3 or 4/10 and without, maybe a 6/10.
  5. The platinum was not as painful as I expected it to be and I grew to enjoy the game a bit over time while working on it. Server shutdowns are always kinda sad, even for games that didn't have a great reception
  6. Same thing happened to me
  7. I play pretty much any genre you can think of, so maybe the WarioWare games since the minigames can be vastly different from one another? If I were to pick individual games to fit my criteria of things I enjoy, I'd go with Payday 2 for good online co-op play, tight FPS gameplay with a large variety of weapons, instanced missions each with a ton of replayability (sort of like Hitman), and more relaxed arcade-y style stealth. Those are all features I really enjoy in games. Then I'd probably say Harvest Moon DS. It's got the whole farming life sim thing along with a large variety of activities that each play back into the main incentive of the game (finding all the Sprites). I like when you can make forward progression in a game without having to stay dedicated to doing one single thing the entire time. Also Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for being a roguelike with pretty much infinite replayability. I love roguelikes. And finally, I'd pick SOMA for having a very strong narrative (I think this is lowkey extremely important for horror games), impeccable atmosphere, excellent chase music, and some really scary moments. Super important qualities for a horror game to have!
  8. It's also just not how Tripwire has ever worked. Killing Floor 1 was updated for so long before KF2 came out. If you did research before buying, you'd know that they would do the same thing for Killing Floor 2 and keep adding content and trophies to go with it (they always added achievements for new maps on KF1)
  9. Yeah just tested this on 1.5 on PC and it did not at all work. Probably wanna use this to glitch your money right now and then use 1.5 to get the arcade game done
  10. the entire siralim series is exactly this
  11. any ideas on what that solution might be?
  12. Battleborn (5/10) just an annoying grind
  13. yes, you very much can aim with your crossbow in witcher 3
  14. I don't own XL yet
  15. Battleborn isn't a fantastic game but I always kinda dug mastery style achievements and trophies. "Master X Character" and you get a trophy Are there any other lists you can think of that focus on having you master a lot of individual characters?