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  1. Michael Myers just excels against newer players because they don't put anything between them and him. So he'll just hit Level 3 like instantly and go on a rampage
  2. Seasoned Vet from Loadout - 0.36%
  3. I think PSNP's is valuable in some instances and Sony's is valuable in others. Like in a game with a low amount of players overall, PSNP rarity might be more achieved for a genuinely hard game and give a false impression to someone checking out a list. But an easy game might have a lack of achievers with Sony's due to it tracking everything. I think it's good to use both when looking at rarity, gives better context for why a trophy might or might not be rare
  4. Project Diva Future Tone DX
  5. Killing Floor 2, my man
  6. It's a solid game but please make sure to use multiple autosave slots in case of glitches, and go for trickier combat challenges while you're going through the story still so you don't end up screwed over. It's a tad grindy but it's a fun game imo
  7. NSane Trilogy and Last Blade 2 are my guesses
  8. why does it say survive 120 for the plat and like 130+ for the golds? typo on their part making the trophies or is this legitimately the goofiest list that exists? lol
  9. I don't know why that guy removed his video, but he was fighting a boss in I believe boss rush practice. It was a big ol fella and it had two phases, you had to protect some little dudes from it in the second phase (I forget the name of the boss, sorry). But anyways, you get to that second phase and let the little dudes you gotta protect die instead. I don't remember exactly what happened next but I know it was something to do with loading your story mode file. Like you tricked the game into loading your story mode health pool. @CarvedWood what's up with the late edits removing the info, man? Was the bug fixed or something?
  10. How I did it was I solo'd and bought RK5 to help with the first couple rounds and then I got a KRM to one shot zombies at close range. If you make sure to do the Magician's ritual in the very first round of the game (by dropping the first 500 on the gate, power all the appropriate electrical boxes efficiently with the beast, and then just running a circle around the ritual ghost dudes), you can either work through setting up all 3 of the last rituals without finishing them so you can save 1 zombie and then go do the last 3 rituals, or you can get 1 of the last 3 ready and focus on surviving til Round 8 for a Margwa to spawn on its own, then go spawn your 2nd with the Ritual (without ending Round 8) and you're good to go. It's a little tricky if you're not really good at zombies. I am not good at zombies at all and I was able to do it with persistence. Just have faith you can do it and keep practicing and you'll get it done!
  11. this is super cool, I've wanted to play meruru and totori forever but my PS3 is on the fritz. super hype
  12. Is it all of us or is it the friends we've made along the way? p.s. trophy thoughts?
  13. Teslagrad, game looks pretty neat