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  1. If it's any consolation to the folks who would like to play this on Vita, you could in theory remote play it to your Vita though it would be pretty bad connection. You can also remote play to PC and have the window smaller while you do other stuff on your computer. I wholeheartedly agree that Siralim is best consumed with something else or on a trip or something, so it sucks it won't be on Vita but there's some options still
  2. I think it was meant as a simple action, like he "just had to use his alternate" and not tense as in "I just did this", but I understand where you're coming from I got these online trophies a month or so before the shutdown since I didn't want locked out of any Hitman platinums. I feel for the folks who still need them. Has anyone contacted IO about the status of the servers ever coming back?
  3. Was hoping for it since I'd love to snag a plat in one of these games since I love em but eh, not a huge deal. At least it's coming to PS4 at all!
  4. can confirm the Scenario now works as intended All I need to do is the Mad Cow scenario 3 stars for the platinum now
  5. Yep, Ndemic got back to me and says they're working on a fix. They're usually reliable about patches so I wouldn't worry too much, looks like everything's gonna be fine soon
  6. Thief's Badge in Towerfall Ascension. 0.45%
  7. Same here, I wrote a ticket and tweeted at Ndemic directly. Gonna make more tickets if need be, really would like this to get sorted
  8. I liked the speedways in Spyro 1 more than the other two. 2's were fun too but 3's were just boring for me as for the platinum rarity, the game isn't really tough at all to plat. Just gotta explore and do all the stuff. Fun games though, enjoyed my time through them
  9. Yeah this genuinely does seem bugged to me, too. I've looked at videos from when the scenario was released and people would be getting Funds in between every purchase. The only Funds I'm getting once I get "Interested" into the Thousands is from bubble pops. There's no increase in Funds from the Interested number going up. What's the deal with that? I'll get to around 600,000 Interested with 6 months left and have nothing left to pump into manufacturing and sales. But in videos and forum posts from when the scenario came out, they'd be able to buy all 3 factories before going into sales, and have enough to purchase really good sales methods. This is just not the case when I play this scenario No one has gotten this trophy on PSNP since December 13th. The last person to obtain it was @Sylvana778. Did you have these Funds issues when you popped Scenario Master? Or did it not require you to do Ultimate Board Games? EDIT: Not only are the game's Funds fucked, but it thinks you're playing a regular game of Neurax Worm and judges your Biohazard rank off of the Time completed and Cure Progress, not the Sales. It's thinking that I'm killing the world in 738 days and giving me the same score no matter what
  10. SOMA is an absolute treasure. Probably the best storyline I've personally experienced in a game. Gotta love Frictional Games, always make something interesting
  11. 🤔 alright anyways the 1000 kills might be a little grindy but damn 500 wins is gonna take awhile if done legit. even if you win a majority of your matches, you're going to play upwards of 500 no matter what
  12. trophy and game thoughts. the list requires you to get 500 wins. should honestly be easy to discern from context clues but I'm guessing you're trying to make some sort of joke here
  13. 500 wins! That'll take a hefty batch of time. List looks pretty fun even if it'll take awhile
  14. Yep and it's pretty bad
  15. Are you on a side profile or something? I find it odd you're trying to tell someone who's done countless multiplayer grinds that 1000 kills isn't a grind when you haven't finished any platinums 🤔 Like obviously this game isn't Battlefield Hardline in terms of what you've gotta do to finish it, but it's definitely not gonna come from natural play for everyone. 1000 is a huge number for a game where absolutely excellent players only net 15-20 kills in a great match and most players will only get a handful per go