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  1. I have had a few sessions completely fall apart because people just either stopped when they got their trophies or they got tired of the work involved. I've given up a decent amount of boosts because of it
  2. I finished breeding an Entbrat. When the breeding was successful and the Egg went over to begin hatching, the trophy for obtaining all Forest monsters popped but not the 4 element monster trophy. Do I need to breed another Entbrat or will the trophy pop when I breed a different 4 eleent monster?
  3. I have some pretty bad disconnection issues on this update even though it worked completely fine before. Wondering what's up
  4. Good to see it got fixed!
  5. 👀 this is a little unexpected. How do you folks feel?
  6. Was Level 33, now I'm Level 446
  7. This game is amazing, I'm so happy it's coming to PS4 Not much to say about the list, though it definitely seems like some trophies will just be completing the cases
  8. Car Mechanic from Car Mechanic Simulator
  9. I don't think they do sadly
  10. Do we have an exact release date on this?
  11. Hard to think of examples because a lot of games force you to use random shit for their trophies. Weird as it is to say, maybe hosting lobbies in various multiplayer games? I prefer to queue into other people's lobbies. In games like Killing Floor 2 and Payday 2, joining something already in progress can be beneficial in some ways. Like in KF2 you can get the Hell on Earth clear if you join just before Boss Wave. Though Hell on Earth is often just fun to play anyways I didn't use tail whipping much in Maneater. Way too slow Can't think of many others
  12. Yeah I agree that you'll find a very large chunk of the URs on PS4 from indies
  13. nice i loved Ty as a kid
  14. Tales from the Borderlands surprised me by actually being good. It looked terrible And then I'd prob say Sagebrush cuz it's a Ratalaika game but it's actually kinda neat
  15. Why are they talking like they did something cool for Hillbilly when this is pretty straightup just nerfs lol
  16. 1 trophy from plat in Sniper Ghost Warrior and it's a specific task that's glitched on me through about 8+ attempts
  17. Nope, but if you ever wanna play the early ones it might be worth doing first so you don't get used to later mechanics. Creatures can have their abilities changed in between games and stuff like that
  18. I'd actually say Trails and Danganronpa are extraordinarily popular and have some pretty large fanbases. Both are great though, so obviously still worth checking out (DR specifically is one of my favorite series) I'd recommend the Siralim series. Monster taming games similar to Pokemon or SMT. First game has a little over 300 creatures and 2 has 500+. Siralim 3 has over 700. Sagebrush is a Ratalaika-published game that's actually worth the look. Nice little short story about a cult
  19. I recommend checking out Last Blade 2 to anyone looking for some interesting stuff from the sale. It's an old school SNK fighter and it's got a lot of character to it. Really fun!
  20. 1 Achiever for the platinum and they don't show up in leaderboard. Next highest is @Big_Blue_Tree, who only lacks The Completionist for platinum. Is this trophy bugged? Or is it just misleadingly difficult to find all rooms and chests prior to beating the game?
  21. GTAV! That's a good one
  22. need for speed heat
  23. Far Cry Primal!
  24. @ObsiEez I want that Birth By Sleep!