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  1. I got mine polished item from chest. (EU player, Poland) so, it’s definitely possible but taking a lot of time.
  2. I gave up because 10 maps left for me on rift battleground (and combo x15) Or maybe someone will ba able to help? (Or need those maps too) i have done 5 first rift lord maps and Frostbite
  3. You need to active play theough 1h30min (this is what im doing currently 5h per day) but you can setup macro for the night or during work
  4. How you can script the macro? And how can you use this? On remote play or cronus max or something?
  5. Is there any chance for any short description of this set up? Video could be even better if you have one.
  6. Is this completly afk? Or you need to start every match manually?
  7. Thx I can get max 4% per day mon-fri because of work. On weekend i should be able to get 8-10% per day.
  8. Im currently at 36% and still need master, rift lord maps and combo x15. This could be hard but i think this is doable.
  9. Something around 400-500 if games with 0% are included. Maybe slightly more but im not sure how many of my unfinished games are 100% ones
  10. what if someone on another version got 6000 points online? (or 5,5k) he will need only campaign and login to online or something
  11. If hacking is better than boosting, then maybe I should just try to hack my stats instead of trying this „legit” and hackers didnt resetted stats of the players - because that way i will guve another try - they just put my stats on big minus, and even i get some trophies for ranks, now it looks on my profile as i dont have single rank (exen that for 100xp)
  12. They dont need to be in your lobby. I last played on 2nd November. On 11th of November I get psn message that my stats on warhawk „looks bad”. At work i read forum so just in case i was login with my alt and when I checked „buddies” stats I saw that my main was updated on 10th November and I have -9999 points and kills
  13. Yeah. There was problem with PSN (same as last week on Tuesday too). I started game for 5 min today before work and everythink worked fine. Btw. Did any of you know any tips for Hit List trophy? (Minimum amount of players and if need to be ranked or not and if playing on split screen making this trophy impossible to get?)
  14. If you will not find anyone interested soon I can rejoin if possible. However i cannot promise a lot of activity here, but my points definitely not will be 0 so always some rivalisation for others.
  15. Yeah, this is what i thought, that EU version is only digital. Thx for comfirming this BTHRZeroX