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  1. I decided to try again, this time on story difficulty instead of hard boiled hoping this would reduce deaths and the need for forced restarts and reloads, which definitely made the game much easier, I didn’t die at all. That doesn’t matter though because I got about halfway through until my gun glitched out, once I pull it out and use it, I can fire but I cannot do anything else, can’t crouch, can’t select actions, even if I defeat all enemies in an area I can’t put the gun away, he just stands there with his gun out like an idiot, so I can’t advance because I can’t perform any other actions other than firing my gun, can’t open or hack doors, I can’t even go into the ability menu/xp menu. I’ve tried restarting and rebooting the game and the problem just keeps coming back, pull out my gun because of forced combat and then I can’t do anything else. I said it before a couple days ago, I’ll say it now with even more conviction, stay away from this game. It’s a broken turd.
  2. I just started on PS5 and I’m experiencing the collectible bug, I reload as others have suggested in this thread and it doesn’t work. I don’t have the XP from the collectible and it can no longer be collected. The guide needs to be updated, I’d avoid this game.
  3. Just to update this since it has been almost a year since the last post. As of May 2022 it’s still very easy to get into multiplayer matches, co-op and even raids, these are North American servers though. The good news is is that you can change your location for matchmaking in the settings, so if you’re in Asia you could change it to North America if the servers over there aren’t finding any matches.
  4. Just a heads up this is definitely still not fixed, but its not completely glitched either. I’ve completed 4 different challenges without receiving tokens but it seems that if you replay the mission where you weren’t rewarded challenge tokens, complete a contract in that mission and then exfiltrate, you should receive the tokens you weren’t previously rewarded. I think the glitch happens if you leave a mission without exfiltrating, or maybe restart missions part way through, not sure. Digital version so it has the latest update 1.09.
  5. Does anyone know if I can play the majority of single player, get whatever trophies come naturally, even go out of my way to get some of them, but then later download my saved file to auto-pop the annoying ones like the 70 gold medals and collectibles? I kind of want to replay the single player and get some of the funner trophies along the way, but I definitely do not want to do some of the more annoying and grindy ones for a third time.
  6. You can always just download the online portion since it’s free and see yourself what it’s like graphically from another account if you’re worried about trophies not popping correctly for you or losing your PS4 progress. For me personally, 60fps is nice, the dualsense features are nice but could’ve been implemented better. Overall it’s not the least bit impressive though. It’s about as much effort as you’d expect from rockstar these days and it still really is absolute minimal effort, and this is after a six month delay, which is funny. I knew they wouldn’t add any of the extra weapons or vehicles to single player because they probably break some missions, but I was expecting them to at least include the extra radio stations and all of the songs they added over the years from online to SP, but they didn’t even do that.
  7. It’s not weird because you could do that trophy either offline or online, there are a couple of them like that.
  8. You don’t need to literally play on a PS4, you just need to play the PS4 version. Do you have a PS5 and the PS4 version of the game? That’s good enough.
  9. What is going on here? This is a forum where people boost, save scum, glitch and cheat their way to platinum’s at nearly every given opportunity to save time and grind. The amount of hypocrisy here is ridiculous, just because OP doesn’t want multiple play throughs of a massive open world or the added stress of missing something simple he’s getting shit on?
  10. If you haven’t already bought all the cars, then yes. I did that, I had five left that I needed to buy on a save file from a year ago, bought all of the cars and the trophy popped.
  11. Thank you so much, that was the one! I was using piggyback as my reference since I used it on PS4 and it worked just fine. So their map is missing that location, which makes sense now because they have both nomad and trailer park on the map and their total is 150, when it should be 149 because both of those only count as one. edit: Wrong total
  12. Still glitched for me as well, I needed five more from my previous save, tried it yesterday a couple of times, tried it again today with the addition of these and nothing.
  13. I didn’t have much luck unlocking trophies with my old saves, but I managed to unlock Autojock so at least I don’t have to grind eddies. For some reason though I only have one manual save file from right at the end of the game, and a handful of auto saves from the very beginning of the game. I don’t know why the cloud didn’t have more since I probably had at least 10 manual saves that I was using throughout the game.
  14. I don’t believe this is correct. I loaded up my old save right before the final mission, but I did manage to unlock two trophies so far using that save, one of them being Ten out of Ten, and the other being V for Vendetta, both of these I previously unlocked after I unlocked Master Crafter, but that one won’t unlock for me using my old save file.
  15. Would it be that difficult to put more than just the word “glitches” in the title, so people don’t waste time coming into your thread if they can’t help you? Edit: There we go.