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  1. Ah ok. Thanks for the info. Never had that happen in the original. Odd they didn't fix tbh. Now if only the other trophies get fixed haha.
  2. Just FYI to anyone, the Hard Mode story trophy is a bit broken it seems. I beat the game on hard, after changing from medium on chapter 2. And upon going back and replaying chapter 1 on hard I still did not unlock the trophy. I have the little gold hard icon on each chapter, but nothing. I may try replaying JUST the last mission again, I'll report back. Just figured I'd let others know.
  3. I'm down to try to find someone else and rematch until we both get our trophies. We can only edit connection filter, so it's not gonna be an easy thing to match up. It takes a bit to find each other, but after than we should be able to just rematch over and over. Not fun, but I'm down to try it out. PSN: LazHimself I'm EST but I'm usually near my phone, so just msg me.
  4. Looking for someone to help with 10 revives and group sleep co-op trophies. Shoot me a message. PSN: LazHimself
  5. I didn't mind it other than the weak story and Nadine. But that's just my opinion. Gameplay, pacing, etc felt great to me. Also, did they confirm this is the last Uncharted?
  6. I don't see how this turned into anything about achievements or being a "real" gamer lol. Fuck sakes. I literally just wanted know which version was coming. And thought (like most people due to misleading imagery) it was going to be the remaster. I'm still getting the game, I'll still love it, I just wish they were more clear. But then again, they said more news about a release date 'tomorrow' like a week ago, so they clearly don't really give a fuck. I'm just gonna leave now lol. I forget why I never post on forums anymore. I must be a PC fanboy and/or not a true gamer achievement hunter trophy king. rip.
  7. The biggest thing about the remaster versus the original was the tweaking of the simon says stuff. Looks worlds better on the remaster. And like I said, I'm hyped either way. Just annoyed that they kinda pitched it as the remaster. I'm fine with ps2 games on ps4, but just think they are priced way too high when you can get the better looking and running versions on PC and even smartphones now. That being said, I've still bought like 8 of the ps2 ports lol.
  8. I didn't have any problem with the PC remaster. It even let you swap back and forth in real time much like the Halo remasters. And the reason for the short achievement list is because they took ideas from the community on Steam and added post-release because people asked them to. I even came up with one of them haha. Steam doesn't have achievement guidelines like PSN/Xbox. But yeah that's cool I guess. I would still rather PC ports of all these PS2 titles tbh. Vice City and GTA3 would have looked 100x better. But whatever. Hyped regardless. Just dumb because you can get Indigo on Steam/iOS which looks and plays better, but they give us the old port. Just annoyed. Especially since they announced it by mimicking remastered artwork. Just kinda misleading,
  9. So is this confirmed to be the Ps2 version? I read it was uncut, which never happened in NA on PS2 and they just released the remastered version on PC a bit back. Seems kinda backwards to release the PS2 version when they just got done with a remastered PC release. Hyped either way, just kinda bummed if they don't use the remastered textures and interface.
  10. I'm looking for anyone to run the game with me. Played a lot on PC, but can't seem to find people who will legit play on PS4... :/ Send me a message on PSN. ID: LazHimself