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  1. Someone from the chinese community made this map with all collectables marked: Enjoy.
  2. Yes, its possible. I just did it and i got the fastest time here on PSNProfiles. I recorded my entire run and i'll upload it to my youtube channel soon (next few days or so) if you want to check it out.
  3. My search menu is not working and because of that i can't find any crews to join... Can you send me a invite to your crew, please? Psn Marcel_pfs1 Edit: Nvm, i just got the trophy.
  4. Brazil 2 - 0 Belgium
  5. Brazil 2 - 0 Mexico
  6. Serbia 0 - 2 Brazil
  7. Brazil 2 X 0 Costa Rica
  8. Brazil 2 X 0 Switzerland
  9. Hey, i got the FF9 platinum. Now i have 12 plats, and i also finished the "A King's Tale: FFXV" 100%.
  10. Sign me up plz. I got all Plats...
  11. About the "Look mon!" trophy, there's a really simple solution... Just play coop and complete a level with your second controller.
  12. Just got a time of 5:04 and got the trophy. ^^ Also, did you get any info about the "Look Mom!" trophy with Housemarque?
  13. I'm playing this game on my alt account and the trophy "Storm Runner" won't pop. I've completed that level 3 times under the 5:45 (experienced difficulty) and no trophy. I thinks it's glitched, but some ppl got luck and unlocked it. When a level/area ends there's a circle that comes towards you, if you dash at the right time then you get the "minigame" bonus.
  14. What can you say about the 100 feats? How doable are those feats? There's just 100 or more than 100 feats in game?
  15. Sign me up please. I got all 5 plats.
  16. Sign me up as Champion. I have all GOW Plats.
  17. Hello, i just found this topic and i'd like to participate. I already have all 7 FF plats and i'm looking forward to the next ones in the future!