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  1. 26 minutes ago, Dark_Raven666 said:

    It is glitched, the timer doesn't track properly so you need a significantly lower time than what it says. I contacted Housemarque about it and they're fixing it next patch. As of now you need to beat it by 30+ seconds to get the trophy and feat. I got 5:05 and my friend got 5:09.


    Just got a time of 5:04 and got the trophy. ^^

    Also, did you get any info about the "Look Mom!" trophy with Housemarque?


  2. I'm playing this game on my alt account and the trophy "Storm Runner" won't pop. I've completed that level 3 times under the 5:45 (experienced difficulty) and no trophy. I thinks it's glitched, but some ppl got luck and unlocked it.


    5 hours ago, barrymcg said:

    I was wondering if anyone knows what the end mini games are for the Doing it trophy. I am not quite sure what it means. Every time i finish a area i just get took to the next area?

    When a level/area ends there's a circle that comes towards you, if you dash at the right time then you get the "minigame" bonus.


  3. 1 hour ago, Dark_Raven666 said:


    In other news, 1CC is definitely harder than it was on Resogun, but still pretty doable. Got it on my third attempt at Experienced, had all my lives intact when I finished.


    What can you say about the 100 feats? How doable are those feats? There's just 100 or more than 100 feats in game?