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  1. I'm 100% sure i can't earn the trophy it's ok but i am nervous at same time they can change requirement in any time and put this absurdity offline.
  2. Is just a ridiculus grind can really take 150+ hours and the game is a piece of crap.
  3. I have many ur plat but my "best" it's gta IV without doubt.
  4. I receipt the same e-mail on my main account (EU) but is not the same because they don't talk about pegi 18 restricion but for everithing in ps3-vita store, so for buy something you need to charge the wallet from ps4/web.
  5. I know it's an old game but finally i got it. I made 100+ playtroughts, there are no way for a frequent spawn of those damn level if some one want to try this trophy just restart until you find as the first level the snow this is the only help. On my run i finished level 22 and i have found 3 snow level. For make a perfect run stay focus, there are no shortcut in this game don't waste time killing people just kill every one is close to you, the same is for mini games do only the closest. If some one need tips i can help.
  6. Got my plat a month ago and online work but a couple of time i got some error and deconnexion, try to whait some hours
  7. Nothing work at this time..i never complete this game and this sucks since i have payed 15€ each dlc and marvel is the only who i have missed due to 1 stupid trophy..
  8. Sounds great..i found a toxic community like this age ago when i have played kane&linch many hours take to obtain online trophy?
  9. For the language it's probably french only (i read this on ps store) and it is 4 player i don't read the trophy so i dunno if requires multiple controller :/ i'm interested too about this game but i whait a more price drop.
  10. I remember 1 pick up item at the begin but not what is that, i never visited SE website but i remember many people on .org has the same problem as you but in any case glitch or not it's a good game and really fast to complete, you can archive easily in under 20 hours..i know it's a waste of time in your case but this is the only way if your really done everithing as possible.
  11. I plat this game 3 times and each attempt i forgot to wear some legendary outfit. I checked your trophy list since you don't have Chief Inspector trophy i think this isn't any type of glitch but you have missed something. Try to date some girl and do the race or maybe try to search events i am sure you miss something!
  12. I played this game age ago and got the same problem try to play offline and should be fine
  13. So any one can confirm this works?
  14. I just can't access ps3 store from my console, the error says due to a maintenance..already deleted and re download but nothing works..i don't know what i can do now
  15. Oh bel ma dove cavolo sei finito in questi 3 anni? E perché non mi rispondi ai messaggi sul PSN? Non penso di averti mai fatto qualcosa di male da meritarmi il silenzio.