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  1. Got my plat a month ago and online work but a couple of time i got some error and deconnexion, try to whait some hours
  2. Nothing work at this time..i never complete this game and this sucks since i have payed 15€ each dlc and marvel is the only who i have missed due to 1 stupid trophy..
  3. Sounds great..i found a toxic community like this age ago when i have played kane&linch many hours take to obtain online trophy?
  4. For the language it's probably french only (i read this on ps store) and it is 4 player i don't read the trophy so i dunno if requires multiple controller :/ i'm interested too about this game but i whait a more price drop.
  5. I remember 1 pick up item at the begin but not what is that, i never visited SE website but i remember many people on .org has the same problem as you but in any case glitch or not it's a good game and really fast to complete, you can archive easily in under 20 hours..i know it's a waste of time in your case but this is the only way if your really done everithing as possible.
  6. I plat this game 3 times and each attempt i forgot to wear some legendary outfit. I checked your trophy list since you don't have Chief Inspector trophy i think this isn't any type of glitch but you have missed something. Try to date some girl and do the race or maybe try to search events i am sure you miss something!
  7. I played this game age ago and got the same problem try to play offline and should be fine
  8. So any one can confirm this works?
  9. I just can't access ps3 store from my console, the error says due to a maintenance..already deleted and re download but nothing works..i don't know what i can do now
  10. Oh bel ma dove cavolo sei finito in questi 3 anni? E perché non mi rispondi ai messaggi sul PSN? Non penso di averti mai fatto qualcosa di male da meritarmi il silenzio.

  11. I hope they put some great sale at least..
  12. I parked in front of the office and come out in a couple of mins. Patch 1.07.
  13. Back from hell

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      I can't be absolutely sure, but i doubt PSNP would be on my priority list after coming back from hell.



      Who am i kidding? What else would i do? 🙃


    2. killer91ITA


      🤣 3 years without gaming man psnp now its my priority 

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Don't think you missed much.

  14. Good luck guys, this sould be hard as fuck.
  15. Driveclub VR, what a fuck'n grind man..