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  1. I can't unlock both trophy, i am playing legit without fan, virtual keyboard or turbo controller. I really need some tips
  2. I have 100% on ps3 and definitive edition (EU) just started NA version and i have a problem, in game i have the challenge completed because i think social hub is the same for all version. How i can unlock this challenge if the game recognize the other version?
  3. 2 days ago i have added this item to my basket and surprise..a friend tell me i can't find this game on my store (italian), checked mine and nothing is just disappeared . I checked us store too and he's not there, so nothing just f*ck since i was intentionate to do this month.
  4. Good luck guys, this sould be hard as fuck.
  5. Driveclub VR, what a fuck'n grind man..

  6. I know it was possible only ps3 to ps4 or vice versa until server was up, i had to check it. Never see some one with double stack on ps4
  7. Nice work man About DC Universe, pretty sure you can't double stack ps4
  8. First plat on VR Hex Tunnel, intresting (psychedelic?) game where you control i don't know what but entirely with head movement. Some level are frustrating but everithing is doable just need reflex. 5$ well spent for an easy and fast vr experience imho. 

  9. Finally bought PS VR so i can add more game to my infinite backlog 😭

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    2. dermarx


      Enjoy it. I also have PSVR and I like it so far. 

    3. killer91ITA


      Hahaha thank guys i was playing with that, really not bad. Just crappy graphics it's annoying 

    4. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      I have my VR tomorrow cant wait! :D

  10. Happy easter! 

    1. LightningCharm


      Happy Easter to you as well!  Hope you have a good one. :wave:

    2. ee28max


      Happy Easter ☺🐇

  11. 1)Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 2)Injustice 3)GTA 5 4)COD Ghost 5)Driveclub
  12. If some one own a Sony Ericsson around 10 years ago (like me) he remember this game (on sony mobile phone it was a pre-installed game obviously, like snake for Nokia 3310). For me he was so good for breaking time, but damn hard. I don't think i'll go for this 100%, just good luck if some one want to do it. Some level (a lot) are just..crazy you know..
  13. Nice glitch this..but you need 3 ps3 or with 2 too? Last summer i got my plat, boosting something with 3 ps3 (A2V, some AA too, IAR and the aerial mines too), but general..i done with 1 ps3 and only 2 pad, on ctf a small map don't remember the name, but around 1 minute 10 capture maybe under a minute, i don't remember good. 100% in around 120 hours, but i think 15/20 hours (minimum) wasted because i was playing really bad in big maps or wrong mode.
  14. Thanks for the reply guys, yeah i forgot to mention about mi connection, i have a fiber who works pretty well, tryied to reset router, connected wired and cable nothing change. The game installed doesen't have any problem, yeah i know i can download preivious game installed but this is not the point i just need to check the store, yeah i can use my tablet or smarthphone but this sucks since i have double confirmation for every account so it take ages and since store from web crash every 3x2 i think it's better to see from my console 😁 anyway tomorrow i'll try to do some type of backup and i try hdmi too, if it works i'll update. Thank guys
  15. Hello everyone i don't know if exist another topic, anyway from around one month or so my second ps3 stop to access on playstation store. This is a secondary console, i just have some account in that (6/7) and a couple of games installed, it's a 500gb super slim. When i'll try to acces, show me black screen and deconnect me from psn, after that the console froze. This happen with every account on this ps3, i tryied to delete and re download the store to, nothing has changed. Tips are really appreciated guys
  16. Already done, nothing works. About HDMI issue..seriously? I had to try, if it works i'll re post. I need to use the store on this ps3 because i have different account in the primary, so if i need to check store or purchase i just can't..glitch/bug like that can't exist in 2018..
  17. I can't access with vpn 😭 and zero mail with extra code..
  18. Congrats man, for you next double stack too 😁
  19. Normal page isn't locked, but when i press login show only 16+ in us so yeah tomorrow i run in VPN and probably works. Anybody know if work with pre order?
  20. It was obvious who i have an us account :/
  21. Tomorrow i can try with a VPN and if it works i'll update here 😐
  22. Dying reborn discounted on vita finally. But there are really more decent games at good price, this is like christmas day for me. And i know it's a shit game but i never see dogchild discounted, probably i'll buy this too
  23. Yeah it's just my face. I have 50 bucks on my wallet and if i had 20% off for purchase i can be motivated for buy something 😁 did you think with a VPN maybe i can solve this?
  24. Why on eu store never happen something like this ☹
  25. Level 60 and plat 300 ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 (PS VITA), just yaaaaaaaay, fuck'n happy. 

    This was one of my biggest drop on my profile, i was hunting them from years and yes i done it, all ultimate marvel platted, i just miss origin due to the license and infinite because i don't like it since they has changed everithing.

    So this is probably my proudest plat on vita more bastard than injustice, just i thank god who i have purchased both dlc before license expire, without that i don't think i was able to do 480/480. 

    @Sergen i want to see your triplete too! 

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nicely done! I hope to join the 300 club soon, but won't have nearly as many Ultra Rares. Lol.

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍 Very impressive! 

    4. killer91ITA


      Thank you guys!