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  1. When I had a PS4 I had folders organized by genre and one for good party games. I also have a spreadsheet to keep track of my backlog.
  2. There are tons of other great Vita games that I am only just now discovering.
  3. I got it on sale only hearing that it was an easy plat and having no idea what to expect for the game. I was entertained by questioning what was going on, but I wanted more from the story. I also never knew about the subtitle options and they probably set them to off as a default to encourage players to make their own interpretations. It's fine as a 2-hour experience and there are better ones out there like Expand and Journey, but this one was very unique too.
  4. That's one game to get me to resubscribe to PSNow. I'll need three more. What else is good on there? I've looked through the list and played all the big hitters like Nioh and RDR2. Are there any good "smaller" games on there right now?
  5. My Top 10 PSVita Games: God of War Collection Killzone Mercenary Men's Room Mayhem Motorstorm RC Need For Speed Most Wanted Salt And Sanctuary Sound Shapes Tearaway Uncharted: Golden Abyss Wipeout 2048 Some great strategy/slow chill-out games: Flow Flower Surge Deluxe The Unfinished Swan Warlock's Tower
  6. xTheTrommeL - Loves CDPR games, especially The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  7. If I'm playing Bloodborne, it's probably Dance With The Dead If I'm playing Everspace, it's probably Dynatron
  8. If you need to be connected online to earn trophies, then it is likely an issue with the game itself. Only time it's happened to me was with the initial release of Bioshock Infinite. Thankfully I realized it was a problem a few hours in.
  9. I've used the site mostly only for guides in the past and been more active on, so I'm not close to 50 posts. I thought I'd write out my list here anyway and eventually be ready to submit to join the club. # - 2064: Read Only Memories A - A Plague Tale: Innocence B - Bloodborne C - Crysis 2 D - Dead Space E - Everspace F - Fallout 3 G - God of War H - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice I - Ico J - Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy K - L - Linelight M - Mass Effect N - Need For Speed: Most Wanted O - Outer Wilds P - Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale Q - R - Rayman Legends S - Salt & Sanctuary T - Titanfall 2 U - Until Dawn V - Vanquish W - Wolfenstein: The New Order X - Y - Yoku's Island Express Z - Zero Zero Zero Zero
  10. I love this game, but I have a terrible reaction time. I've been stuck on level 3 for about 2 hours and I'm giving up on the game for now. I still want to see everything and enjoy the music. Thank god for Youtube.
  11. Not that I know of, but I've replenished it.
  12. One of the main benefits I enjoyed with a premium account was the expanded trophy cabinet, but a few weeks ago I realized that mine was no longer appearing on my profile. Can anyone tell me what happened to it? Was that feature removed?
  13. I'm not really getting the height and speed off of my dashes and jumps. What am I doing wrong?
  14. In the video for the trophy guide the player slows down around the second loop. Is there a button that slows your speed or is it just gradually decreasing?
  15. I've been slowly building a Cold Blooded Smart Weapon Specialist. I'm early on and don't have an arm implant yet. Does anyone know if the arm cannon increases the Engineering level?