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  1. It's original and has potential. I'll give them that.
  2. I mean, it's Dragon Quest 11 vs hack 'n' slashes with levels, so by this poll and question DQ should be uncontested.
  3. Thank you Generalissimo. I'll vote for Ghost.
  4. Square hasn't learned their lesson from FF13 unfortunately. While I only watched, and the shift from turn based rpg to the cookie cutter arpg is another argument, it's ominous they decided to go with this episodic take, just like they decided to shat out not one, but two sequels to the mediocre received FF13 at the time, they're repeating themselves now, and even worse, I can't image less than AT LEAST three parts, the fanbase will burn itself out quickly before the finishing line.
  5. Unfortunately yes, but there might be more bonuses in the future.
  6. You are correct regarding the connection between trophy hunting and speedrunning, at least for me, these days starting a new game feels more like a chore to me rathen than having fun, so having "data" on quickly completing games is useful. I don't watch a specific streamer, I prefer having a song or audiobook/movie in the background, but I use as it has lots of useful data on various games you can check anytime. There is also speeddemosarchive, but it's a bit dead nowadays.
  7. Was the language east european/russian like? I bought Diablo 3 ROS and it gave me two game files, one at 12 GBs, the other at 22 GBs, turns out the 12 had a different language altogether so I had to download the other. See if you have multiple files downloaded, I don't have the ps4 version, but maybe it's the same from the ps3 store version.
  8. Definitely easier, you can do almost anything via co-op, you only need to worry about the starships trophies and level grind.
  9. I think we should have a "psplus" tag, online only by itself isn't enough, some online games don't require ps plus, or just a stable connection without the service. Many people, me included are wary when going on a trophy hunt in particular games about the online trophies, but more so because it MIGHT require a ps plus subscription to get the platinum, rather than something easy like say, Paid in Blood from Shadow of Mordor. Psplus tag should be able to encompass both "competitive only" and Online co-op.
  10. They're not hard. This meme started because of video game journalists of the same caliber of that Cuphead guy, they're normal non-hardcore games, yes you may die a lot, but the death penalty is inconsequential except in Demon's (the hardest of the soulsborne, but even then, bosses are easily cheesable), and partly Dark Souls 2. Look, if a game is hard, it will always be niche, unless it has difficulty options to please a wide variety of people, soulsborne is not a niche series even if majority of the playerbase thinks so, Demon at the start had a niche audience because fair enough, it was 2010 and the information was sparse at the time, so things were harder, but enter Dark Souls 1, with its 10 20 if you defeat a joke boss rechargeable estus humanity that restores full health per use, (also, no real death penalty), easily farmable from a rat at the start of the game and broken (in the good overpowered way I mean) poise alongside easy co-op unlike Demon and you got a recipe for everyone being able to clean the game easily, look for example what Dark Souls 2 did with just a single estus at the start of the game and how many people cried about agility in a action ROLE PLAYING game and multiple enemies alongside the return (but nerfed) of a death penalty and multiple enemies ambushing you, does that seem to you the mentality of a person who wants a challenge? No, because that was never the target audience, it gained traction because game journalists died multiple times not realizing that it was a simple trade off for the "fast" checkpoint system, one thing is me dying against Gwyn and doing the Klin again ignoring enemies, another is me dying at the end of Mission 19 of DMC4 Hell and Hell mode, the checkpoint system is kinda like the Crash g-, oh fuck, you did not just let me go there. Anyways, Bandai, not From capitalized on this "journalist" shit with their prepare to die edition of DS1, but other than that, the games never were hardcore, or attracted the 1337 pro player squadroon only. They're pretty common, mainstream, whatever you prefer, not like GTA 5, but that doesn't make them niche, and the reason because they're mainstream is because of the gameplay, setting and freedom to how you can approach them. So do yourself a favor, don't believe the hype and enjoy them for what they are.
  11. Regen health and zeni boost.
  12. That's great, but why did they wait 2 fucking years for this "interactivity"? Eh, just checked and I have 120 hours, unfortunately I can't do this connection trick the way my wi-fi is configured, but at least I'll only need 4 millions after this event. Heh, "only". Edit: my japanese is limited, but it seems to be a re-tweet campaign in order to make their account popular or whatever, come on folks, it's time to chug out your gmail accounts and multiple twitter profiles.
  13. I know it can be a pain, but you're very close in finishing Skyrim on the PS3.
  14. Yeah, I'm having this problem with TT and PSNTL too, so it's a Sony's servers problem. Let's just hope it's not another 2011 disaster.
  15. There really is no "yes" or "no", some people like grinding and seeing a trophy being rare, other just want numbers, others don't care etc, I didn't like Spiderman 2018 for how common the plat is and decided to avoid buying it, just like you'll find others that don't care about that and bought the games with no problems.