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  1. This shit has fucked up my perception of space back when it was common in the ps1 and ps2 era. I'm glad that now the default is almost always normal.
  2. Nah. This site also adds DLCs you don't own to your completion rate, and since I won't buy crappy DLCs (or play again old games I had only on plus)for a number, my percentage is lowered. As of now it's 71.30%, and I'm planning to reach 75%, but something like 85+ would mean pointless spending.
  3. Yes, it's something I definitely noticed during this gen. It's not always connected to the online or lack thereof but it has its part for sure. As gaming becomes less physical and more digital (for example I only have three physical ps4 games, when the previous gen most of my stuff was physical, since ps3 store lacks a good deal of digital titles) developers are less likely to add trophies that avoid for someone to sell the game used after completion like they did in the past with 10,000 kills trophies, connect 6 months later in Crysis 2 etc, though you still have some scumbags like the devs. of Dragonball Fighterz, but it goes beyond online, I remember a Square Enix interview talking exactly how back in the ps2 gen games they made were overly long and cryptic, and how things have changed now, and if you look at Final Fantasy 15 to previous entries you see the difference, or even Bloodborne, much more straightforward than Demon's Souls. Games seem to have taken a shift with them being more "accessible" and shorter, as the medium needs to account the increase of people interested (and the money they give in).
  4. You should not save Tidus' overdrive though. He learns more overdrives the more you used the last unlocked overdrive, and the fourth and last overdrive he learns is very useful against endgame bosses.
  5. Basically when you fought the final boss at some point you would get a black screen taking you back at the start of the game with all your progress deleted (if you had your memory card inserted).
  6. Honestly it's easy only if you lucked out with the gear, for anyone interested I'd suggest soft resetting gears until you get: sheltered life, scavenger vest, burning halo, and winter shield. The siren isn't even the most difficult fight, it's the last fight in the story.
  7. Series, huh? Let's see Crash 2 is the hardest, and only very rare, bullshit, compared to Crash 1 it's a breeze. Demon's souls Spyro 3, yes it's an easy game but I remember the european versions being bugged and you couldn't complete the game, I'm happy that 20 years later I can conclude the chapter. Devil may Cry 4 It's hard to say about Final Fantasy, X-2 is the hardest percentage wise Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, a pity it's no longer ultra rare. Call of Duty Infinite warfare Borderlands the pre-sequel Just Cause 3 Tekken 6 One Piece Unlimited World Red Dragonball Xenoverse 1 Darksiders 1, but I'm planning to start Darksiders 2 and complete the series. Far Cry 4 Infamous 2 Pretty much, I noticed I hardly have an high percentage of completed series, except for the Soulsborne, Devil may Cry who I only lack 5 and Borderlands with 3 coming out recently, i's more than likely due to burnout, even Final Fantasy a series I cherish is hard to keep up with, having to deal with MMO and... VR fishing, really?
  8. Only time I had this problem was with birth by sleep, and that's because I had a new ps3. If you already connected in the past, you shouldn't have problems.
  9. X is to me the best game of the franchise, but since you're pursuing a 100% completion rate it's only fair that I warn you: the grind for the platinum is no joke, it's comparable if not worse than Yakuza 0.
  10. Well, Borderlands having an interesting story isn't really the point it focuses, hell, it lucked out with Handsome Jack as a compelling villain, the gameplay though, a fusion of fps and rpg(as in good rpg, not meme dialogue choice, but customisation of your characters and playstyle) without fucking up the single player is something that to this day hasn't been rivaled in the market. Now, I feel it's gonna be better than Borderlands 1 and the presequel, but not better than 2, that's a milestone it cannot reach. I'll wait some more for a complete edition, with all the DLCs and level cap to buy.
  11. Well there are certain trophies who when missed force you to play the game's version of new game plus, and while it's true that people can look up guides, it's an argument that can be used for 90% of games. Stuff like the clock stopper trophy, the casino, both fragment and trophy, and all the minigames with the clock and color alignment, find ALL monsters in the game, defeat hidden bosses on normal mode etc, it's very demoralizing stuff and much much harder than LR, yet the plat doesn't crack the rare milestone. I can only think that everyone went with a guide, after getting bitchslapped by the treasure hunter from XIII-1.
  12. I'm honestly more surprised for XIII-2 rather than this one, since it had some pretty convoluted stuff but has a very high plat percentage. Lightning Returns, however? Pretty much a linear and short game, you can play on easy and bulldoze the competition, only real problem would be the accessories trophy, but it becomes just a memory exercise.
  13. Okay got all trophies except the havoc kills, which ugh... it was my mistake, I thought that "Armageddon" was the hardest difficulty mode, since new game plus DLCs tend to have it in the requirements, but nope, that's another name with no trophies connected to it, Armageddon was just a cool way to say new game plus. Oh well. Edit: and it's done, before the free trial expired, whoo.
  14. Seems mediocre, but has a curious name.
  15. Honestly yeah. I have no idea about Control as a game, but my question would rather be: is it REALLY worth it to play it on pc where of course I had no achievements and need to start over? Because if it's just better graphics lmao get that shit out of here. Trophies have been a very good addition, regardless if you are a trophy hunter or not, it lets you experience games in ways you never thought possible, would I really do all the stuff to get the platinum on DMC 1-4 and reboot? Hell no, would I really do something autistic as having all the accessories on FFXIII or getting all different types of weapons maxed out on Demon's Souls? And definitely wouldn't do that shit with the sphere grid in FFX. That, and it also gives you incentives on doing difficult modes. Honestly, if it weren't for trophies I probably would have stopped playing games by now, maybe I would still play casually for some hours in a month or so, but it would be a very small selection of games. The only game(s) I ever took seriously without trophies was Pokémon and that's because it had competitions on Smogon and VGC/Battle Spot, buying a game, completing it for the story, and then trade it in for another game, I cannot imagine something so boring at least for me. I'd wager that many games that would come out I'd rather just watch them on youtube, for example, something like Uncharted, without trophies I would just watch the cutscenes on youtuve rather than playing it on easy and finding collectibles that hold no real use.