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  1. Really, a twitter poll? What even is the average age, have they even played FF7? Japanese games have their problems, with some having very lazy efforts, especially on licensed games and specific panderings, just like some western games are glorified movies with specific panderings, for example the gruff old guy that babysits someone, pref. a kid in order to kick in that paternal instinct on your average consumer. Let's have a look at the facts shall we? Ff7 sold 10 mil. while TLOU 7on the ps3, in an age where there were MANY more customers to incite than the ps1 days(especially at the start with FF7). Ff7 only lost to Gran Turismo, taking the seat of the second best selling ps1 game, and not by a long shot mind you, unlike GTA 4 and 5 who dwarf TLOU, it was the game that started the schism between Sony and Nintendo, with FF being a Nintendo's franchise at the time, FF7 brought attention to this new console and helped it greatly in expanding, which is no mere feat, as Nintendo's stranglehold on the japanese gov. is well known, you wouldn't even have The Last of Us, without the huge success of Final Fantasy 7 that helped the Playstation stay afloa. It revitalized a genre in the west, bringing confidence in Japan about porting other games here too, culminating today with jrpgs like Monster Hunter World (and don't tell me it's unknown, it outsold TLOU even though it's hard to PR japanese games in the West), the Soulsborne series the other Final Fantasies, Persona and so on. Dragon Quest is a famous turn based rpg made by the creator of Dragon Ball, it suffers from extreme lack of good pr in the west, but in Japan it has GTA like success, to put it into perspective, DQ11 sold like 13 more times than The Last of Us, whether that makes DQ look good, or TLOU trash is up to you, regardless it's a case of value dissonance. What did The Last of Us brought to the table? Because all I remember are Neil quotes about it. Ah, and what exactly is wrong with turn based systems? Maybe Bioware could take a hint, and change their atrocious battle system, so people would remember Dragon Age or Mass Effect for more than romance simulators and the dialogue wheel.
  2. I guess? It's not my style, and I dislike rushing things, not to mention I tend to branch out from game to game before I complete one, my best fast achievement on this account is being part of the top 100 for SoulCalibur 2's platinum, but there are others who take this seriously, so yeah, as long as they have fun.
  3. Thank you everyone. It's 4AM here so bank is out of the question( my Bank's Site didn't show me any debts or newer transactions for what is worth), I sended an E-mail at Sony explaining the situation and asking the removal of my subscription. Ahh, sleepless nights...
  4. Woah there, first time I've heard of this but judging from the situation it fits the bill. So what happens if you don't pay? Do they ban you, or remove the plus after a week? Any way I can reverse that and remove the plus myself?
  5. Yes, this is exactly why I'm perplexed, and Sony thinking I'm some cheater that exploited a bug or some shit is the worst case scenario. My prepaid card shouldn't have been able to pay even a 1 euro game, let alone a 60 euros plus membership, and at the same time, during the entirety of 2018 and 2019 to this day, I only bought one ps plus membership on the 16 of June 2018, yet here I am with another 364 days time limit on my plus games. It's baffling and I cannot explain it. @Bairuto Nothing of this sort, it says I have 364 remaining days on plus.
  6. I'm not scared of Sony because they are a big evil company or whatever. I'm scared of Sony because of their incompetence since the hacking it had years ago. Having said that, yes, 100% sure. I'm also the only one using the ps4 so nobody else.
  7. Yep, I checked that, my last transaction was 13/06/2019 in order to buy a Yakuza game (4 euros, it was definitely the last stuff I could buy as first I tried with a 5 euros game and couldn't work). So i checked the 16 june 2018 transaction page, and I got 42 euros spent on sony for the ps plus, but said transaction was only one time, so I don't think I bought plus two times. No other methods to pay are used, I only use a Mastercard with limited amount of money for Sony as I don't trust them enough. Edit: For clarifications, here's my transaction for PSPlus back in 2018, it is unfortunately on my native language, but I doubt it makes that much of a difference, as the numbers are the key point:
  8. Hello, I thought I was finally over with ps plus after May 2019 but something strange happened. I bought a one year plus membership on another account on June 16 2018, the thing should have expired by now, but as I connected on the playstation I still saw the plus icon on my account, I thought it was strange so I checked out by downloading a ps plus game to see the time limit, and to my surprise I had like 364 days, indeed my plus membership was extended to June 2020. Now, I know that those sneaky guys at Sony activate automatic renewal whenever you buy plus, but the fact of the matter is, I use multiple credit cards on my bank account, one of these is solely for my videogames niche thing, and said card didn't even had 4 euros last week, I bought a miriad of stuff and didn't charge it again, as nothing of interest to me was in the days of play sales, yet suddenly a 60 euro membership is payed? So I ask, is it possible that maybe Sony does this kind of stuff, where it puts you on a debt or something, and requires you to pay at the end or it bans you? Because I honestly have no idea how I got this renewal. Edit: solved.
  9. Yes, you'll have to wait. No, no timestamp problem, it's as if you're offline on the ps3 right now and need to sign in.
  10. Yeah, as long as you don't have them digital. Was downloading Uncharted 3 on my ps3 with all its behemoths of GBs, ugh.
  11. Okay, it's definitely time to wrap up loose ends.
  12. Haha, the Rata games have become quite a burden in the community for this to happen. Fair enough, I like the idea, maybe it will be what motivates me moving my ass and finally plat stuff like gta, dbzfighters, dmc4 and so on.
  13. Yeah, won't be surprised if the trophy list will be a grind, most of the FFs are, and I doubt they'll have anything worse than perfect sphere master. Can't wait to add it in my trophy lost.
  14. Oh, okay, nothing complicated it seems, thanks!
  15. Alright so, heard that chocolate chip confirmed is missable, what actions do I need to do so that Tina arms the cannon?