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  1. Bronzes are worth 15, silver 30, gold 90, plat 300. A DLC cannot have a plat, and its points range from 15 to 195, a game with a platinum but no DLC has 1260-1350 points in total, games with no plat 45 to 315, excluding DLCs. How they fill up, is up to those that decide, but you can have an entire trophy list without a silver, gold or bronze, as long as you meet those numbers.
  2. Jeeeeeeeesus Fucking Christ. First Bethesda and Obsidian, now this. Wow, that’s actually a game changer, while Sony is busy whoring out their consoles exclusives to PC, Microsoft, realising they can’t make games, buy directly the competition. Sony had it good for many years, so I’m happy that Microsoft, at least this once is stepping up, like, seriously stepping up, ain’t no way gamepass was enough to compete. With Microsoft actually returning to be dangerous (the same guys that made paid online the norm, but the gaming landscape is horrible and beggars can’t be choosers) Sony will be stronghanded to actually be nice to their primary customers, and maybe aim higher with their product, instead of having an incomplete “remake” that didn’t even bother to add the cut Archstone, and then have the gall to add new weapons that can only be unlocked by paying more, alongside raising the total price of the game as their top offering. But still, wow, cod, tes, fallout, doom, diablo, crash sekiro 2 if they want to, destiny, overwatch, this is crazy, those are all top games that made the previous generation, like, what the fuck is a fpshooter I can play on Playstation now? Killzone is defunct as of now, roflfield and, oh no, stay the fuck away from Gearbox.
  3. “I am Platinum, the Trophy Set transformed”
  4. I’m actually interested in an Ubisoft product for once, because they plagarised Kubo. Nice.
  5. Oh, thank God, fuck DLCs. Right, let's see 1/10 Got nothing, just use My name is Mayo or some other type of disgusting shit as a placeholder, if I manage to get the rest, I'll leave this one for last 2/10 Persona 5 Strikers, I hope, for once, that PSPlus actually lowers the average rarity ( 3/10 One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 might as well throw in another musou ( 4/10 Bioshock 2 remastered ps4, might as well do the best in the trilogy without the goddamned online ( 5/10 LittlebigPlanet, got this on hold(ish) for a milestone ( 6/10 Nioh 2, always wanted to start it, but never found the time ( 7/10 Gauntlet I need to complete this shitshow already, probably the game with the highest % I'll swap out ( 8/10 Cuphead huh 8/10, didn't expect this ( 9/10 Devil may Cry 5, I put this game on hold for so long, since it doesn't have online trophies, let's get it on ( 10 Pox Nora rofl, well, it's technically a chore, my work PC is on a different room (
  6. How the hell did you manage to find in a single day a video with so few views? Is this stealth publicity? Has to be, the date you got that golf game plat is the same the channel made a trophy video for it. You know, nobody forced you to make a top 5, make it a 15, 20, 25 etc if you feel there are a lot of missed opportunities.
  7. If they have 10% they simply haven’t played enough, you can gain everything but 7 trophies for free, and trust me, the money spent on getting Survival won’t be your primary concern.
  8. Oh you Ratalaika spammers, always crying that you get a bad rep because of your obsession to inflate numbers in trophies, then immediately project and call others addicts of all terms you could come up. Won’t even bothering posting again on you. The electronics one I founded and hold many years ago, and this may come as a surprise to you, but it’s not required for it to be a game company to get experience, especially with my sector who overlaps in several things, and my role in it, which is pretty much required to check who’s unproductive, if you want to stay afloat. That of course, doesn’t mean that others should not post, feel free, but the posts range from Pavlovan responses that “Free” means it’s good, squallid people that find enjoyment in others not having as much free time as them so their reaction to having it download again is found “amusing”, hell, last time here someone said I don’t own a company, because if I did, I would be interested in Tripwire doing well, a company many Kilometers away from me, who I hold no stocks, as if all companies were a secret cabal protecting eachother, or some other Deus ex shit. You certainly don’t need to have my experience to contraddict me, but all the counter “arguments” are either a push to make it emotional, give incomplete takes like trophy hunters are not important (can you prove it? And if they are not important, why is Tripwire still adding trophies? Seems like more ineptitude), try to minimise the situation with the usage of subjective informations rather than objective (it’s not fun when you need to have to download the game for a long time). My argument on this being unproductive remains still, all the people “disagreeing” either twist it by saying I’m angry, when in reality they’re acting emotionally because they feel they need to “protect” Tripwire, so their defense becomes an appeal to emotion, because “free shit” sollicit a pavlovian response, or are ignorant, have no awareness of how to run a company, so they just get mad that when someone points out that this is a self-sabotaging act they have to lash out with only the bits of informations they got from their favourite youtubers (blablablah, small company good, EA and Activision are evil, if it’s free it’s universally good, yong out, mtx are universally bad and other worthless buzzwords) regarding an argument they clearly have no stakes, or experience around it, or think their experience in getting the trophy is universal so everyone will only require 20 minutes tops to download the game and get the trophy, hell no, I wish it took me less time than this post, I’m actually posting waiting to get the game’s downloaded again, my Country, ever since 2,007, always had troubles with the wi-fi connection, and to change that, it would require a reconstruction of several cities, many of them important commercial sites, who unfortunately have the “curse”of not predicting that fiber would be a thing and a monopoly by a single company in several important areas, it would require a very large amount of money and time, and not something that the Government will do, especially with Covid around, so if you think getting the trophies takes less than posting here, consider yourself lucky, rather than the others delusional. Of course I won’t buy KF3 and I’m hoping they finally end with this pointless shit, I don’t want to grow old continuing to do this shit.
  9. Lots of assumptions here, you’re more angry than me in this moment, as all I did I pointed out the ineptitude of a company, I’ll still get the stupid trophies sooner or later, but I definitely won’t be buying, or even playing for free KF3. What makes you think I’m not a completionist? My completion rate? That’s just because I don’t want to spend money on worthless DLCs, and put several games on hold, hell, I went back to Mortal Kombat 9more than seven years later, I still have all the games I played, and have 200+ games not open yet because I’m trying to slowly boost my completion rate. There is also a substantial mental difference between having to buy two season passes for a game who has 5+DLCs sets and a single bronze you can get for “free”, time to download and GB space considered. Besides, you could at the very least have a decent profile yourself, before shaming others, just a friendly thought, of course. Now, instead of watching other people’s profiles you could try doing some little research about the game you’re defending, it’s difficult on Youtube because it’s not as famous, and as such clickbaity as the games you mentioned, but KF2 had black screen problems on release day, so whatever, bugs in games is something that happens to majority of games, be they famous or otherwise. You received the ps4 version which came out later than Windows, specifically you received the ps4 version months after its release on ps4 via psplus without paying a cent (to them that is, psplus you still need to pay), so more than 2 years passed between the game’s original release, and you booting it up, and your “support” ranges to downloading this game every 3-4 months, watching a YouTube video of a poor soul that every 3-4 of said months torture him/herself in order to help others getting the stupid trophies to this post. And now you emotionally and thoughtlessly barge in to defend their self-inflicting damages. Now, here’s the thing, you state that devs don’t care about trophy hunters, I disagree, because there is solid data that there is a market for them, with Ratalaika, Annapuma, that Christian dev I forgot the name, Sony making trophies much easier etc, but that’s not even important because even if they were a minuscule fragment, the earnings would still be negative, and also, Tripwire themselves disagree with your statement, if they were to agree, they wouldn’t bother to add a trophy for 5 years in the first place, and all the “boons” you describe regarding the game are not lost if, suddenly they decide to stop adding trophies every single time they decide to add a new map. That’s definitely not something that would damage their interest in Microtransactions, or Killing Floor 3 whenever it’s released, they’re risking angering people having to download the game for 5 years every single time, which brings a negative impact when KF3 is released, and people don’t want to grow old and die trying to finishing it, and most surely, won’t be buying any MTXs, while the positive impact is nonexistent, because, the game would still get free updates, with the devs desperately trying to squeeze its life for some more wishful thinking they’ll find whales in their dying userbase. Oh, and one thing, it’s good that cod and bf released DLCs without trophies, especially cod since Activision is allergic to discounts, I’d say your examples are bad, you’re making the two of them look good by comparison. Hell, you’re baffled that people don’t like free content, yet you desperately want Activision and EA to add DLCs with trophies so you can burn more money? Get your priorities and convictions right.
  10. Last time I pointed out here that this was a waste of money and time, a bunch of armchair CEO in their 20s with no experience attacked me, I’m glad that this time, more reasonable people are posting here. This remains a monumental waste of time and resources, and even if they’re banking on micro transactions, adding trophies won’t change anything about them, they only piss off people trying to collect the trophies, risking additional sales for when/if KF3 comes out, and the whales don’t require another stupid find 10 things every few months. This company is either incompetent, has some deadweight handling this who would be completely unproductive if they stopped, so they squeeze it until they can and the top brass can’t notice it because, well it’s a fucking trophy/achievement and will trust the “experts”, or both.
  11. Yeah, nothing for my Country, that’s fine, seems trash, and there was no way Sony Rewards would go back to trophies, now that they reversed it with the Ratalaika and co, where people are the one buying the trophies. Edit: went there out of curiosity and you get for 4,000 points aka 4,000 dollars some shitty headphones, bwahaha, and the funny thing, it’s that they’re on sale, 6,000 otherwise.
  12. OG Loc baby, the guy who stole the phone will be Crazee Catt.
  13. Those third parties, the companies working on the servers “normally” are big companies that you know where to find if they do something stupid, and the repercussions from them doing something stupid for little gain (high risk low reward) are palpable. This is different, who’s Snake, Fig, Nagato etc? Nobodies with unknowable variables in their economic and social situations, the risk for the user is present here under the condition that the PSOne’s risk is largely reduced from the one a big company has. Besides, they allow cfw ps3s and various emulators.
  14. Alright, good for you, pro gamer™ I found it harder legit than the WW2 plat you didn’t get in 3 years, so I’d say it’s more a subjective matter, rather than objective.
  15. All base game trophies can be obtained offline, flipping a map twice is very hard to do alone, though, unless you use a (patched) bug.