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  1. The problem would be "hackers" deleting others trophy lists, not theirs.
  2. Yep! It's my favorite, the diversity of builds, bonfire ascetics, covenant of champions (who other than making the game harder lets me play unharmed Senator Armstrong style), all those types of magics it had, or the elements, even letting me go as far as having a poison build, there are so many ways to enjoy the game, and the scenery is beautiful, I especially liked Drangleic Castle, Majula, Iron Keep, Dragon Aerie and Forest of the Fallen Giants, not to mention the DLCs and the exciting fights they had. Story also got me hooked, I did not like the characters as much as say Gwyn my favorite of the entire trilogy, but I really enjoyed the dynamics between Vendrick, Nashandra and Aldia. I did not play Salt and Sanctuary but I'll be sure to buy it after I work on my backlog a tiny bit, I still have to plat Nioh on another account after all.
  3. From best to worst: Dark Souls 2 Bloodborne Dark Souls 3 Demon's Souls Nioh The Surge Dark Souls 1 Lords of the Fallen
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Picked up Spyro, knowing Activision I doubt the price will go any lower for a long long time and Shadow of Mordor, maybe I will also pick the Ezio collection depending on price (can't see the discount yet).
  5. It's the way the character swings his weapons that irks me, a problem that The Surge had too mind you. Anyway, savescum for 3 flawless luck runes, get the codex greatsword after you kill Infiltrator, go on until you get Last Will, give the other 2 flawless to your armor set so that you cam bulk up on defense without being unable to roll, and you're pretty much set for the platinum. Oh, infinite voids are bugged, you must complete all of them in ng. Running R2 also happens to be the best attack most of the time, due to the speed.
  6. Avoid Chain of Memories, I'm talking from experience. You also have the ps3 version that doesn't stack difficulty trophies.
  7. Yikes. And the funny thing is, I already have those games, except fifa, but I'm not a fan of soccer, and after the whole microtransaction stuff around it, I'd rather not have it, at all.
  8. Yep, I said it because the OP had it in the list. I don't mind it though, I'm sure the discount would be around 28% right now.
  9. It's been like what, two years and KH 2.8 is still 40 euros under a discount? Come on, drop already. Also, dmc5 doesn't seem to be on sale. I'm tempted to buy Tales of Vesperia, but the truth is that I already have Xillia 1, 2, Graces, Zestiria, both Symphonias and Berseria on my backlog, maybe it's time I stop for a bit.
  10. For me, it's the Perfect Sphere Master, Final Fantasy 10, a close runner-up would be Now do you Understand from Bleach Soul Resurreccion. Practically, impossible grinding only fueled by fanboyism.
  11. Aight Sony, I gotchu, next month my subscription will end.
  12. Interesting, of course it couldn't compare with an established franchise like GOW, but I'm surprised game reviews literally amounted to nothing.
  13. 1 Death 2 Removal of ps3's sync 3 Videogame unions created to skyrocket videogame's price, as I already feel 70 euros for a standard non-dlc game is already too much 4 Banned from psn 5 Maybe, just maybe 200 plats.
  14. This. It's an hard pass for me, I already had to deal with something stupid like cat call. NRS won't get any excuse this time around from me, back to Tekken.
  15. You guys are late for like a decade, check the Resident Evil 5 "controversy".