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  1. People call me Hadouken because I’m down right punchable
  2. Oh my God, I finally did it, I finally got those stupid 300 treasures in Dissidia Final Fantasy, and with it, completed my tier 1 of games, so *cough*… huh, no idea how to use the color html via IPhone, so, just pretend they’re all green or something: 1) Injustice ps4 NA 100% (that stupid level 100 trophy took me long enough) 2) Jump Force 100% (highlight being how ridiculous I can make my character look like, named her JobberOC, an inversion of the standard mary/gary sue with broken powers, as a matter if fact, I S ranked everything with Ruffy, the pirate kid) 3) Ark: Survival Evolved 100% (had to post via keyboard like 1,016 cheat codes just for a trophy, expected an easy time, came back with a worse arthritis) 4) Marvel vs Capcom Infinite 100% (at least it was short) 5) Dissidia Final Fantasy NT 100 %(the 300 treasures made the experience horrible, otherwise okay) So, tier 2 huh, these 5 games took a lot of times so I doubt I’ll have enough for 5 more, but let’s just see where I land, my next five shall be: 1) Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 ps4, at 77%, all online has been completed, so it’s just the long grind now 2) Guilty Gear xrd Revelator(huh?) at 88%, deceptive percentage, as I need to do the 150 badges thingy, mission mode and tutorial 3) Shadow Warrior 1 at 68% (ohhhh, damn son) 4) Final Fantasy 15 (NA), sitting at 91%, only missing Ardyn’s DLC, (which has the Return of the Founder as UR, surprisingly, this game has lots of DLC as URs). 5) Vanquish at 74% (oh, I’m so gonna hate this decision)
  3. Stupid notifications going on randomly, alright, let’s do this. I’m not sure why you’re trying to flex, yes, you completed the Battle mode on ps3, while I got the platinum on 3 Injustices, 2 of them being on ps4, (1 of them being with my main, Batman, which has no special strategy like Gundy, so, i’m happy for you, but just because you got lucky, doesn’t mean others that will look for help will too) which is harder due to the AI being tweaked, and additional characters you cannot remove, I’m telling you this, just to show, I’m not talking out of my ass regarding the thing. To hell with buying a vita. Now hopefully we get the personal flex out of the way. I was also not posting to help you, you already finished after all, didn’t you? Unless you’re planning on doing it on other systems, then yeah, you can definitely use what I said to make it quicker than, what was it? 2 nights? 2 or 3 if unlucky hours to get both max and impossible out of the way, I’d say, but honestly it would pretty much be an hollow effort due to your lack of humility, I mean, let’s be frank here, you assume I don’t read your post, rather than your fresh out of the oven strategy is fallacious, that’s delusional, and to top it all off, you don’t even know FG’s terminologies, no, “sorry” for being unhelpful, but it was for other people struggling following your method and I’m not even sure why you post in quotations regarding db2mb, that’s just the terminology adopted by NRS competitive side, my post were to dissuade others doing your erroneous advice regarding the supermove, people that perhaps are doing another version (like a ps4 version, where you’re currently posting in one of the forums), or just people struggling regardless of version, kinda like you on this very thread, before turning around and say that it was easy for you, with no problem, in the very page that has you say fuck this game for the exasperation it brought you. Uppercut (actually d2, uppercut doesn’t exist in this game, rather, it’s a launcher, uppercut is more in line with MK, where it’s more of a combo finisher, or surprise jab), has poor recovery frames, and basically requires the opponent to come closer, aka, problems with zoners, or dashers like lex, which the AI loves to spam bf2, I mean, you said you learned to avoid fighting Deathstroke in the Max, ok, but can you avoid it in Impossible as your opponent number 24, when the difficulty is bumped up? No, it’s a death sentence using your super move then. Batgirl is also DLC, not sure why you say she’s rare, her probability are like the others, and you can remove her from the equation altogether in the ps3. Point is, 1124, and d24, aren’t your main move, they’re a crutch, so to speak, in order for you to build up meter to do the pain combo, they’re not as reliable as the main move, the swamp hands, using the supermove is counterproductive to the strategy, and gimps you for wasting 4 bars instead of 1, for a similar damage output, and while I’m at it, it’s not as easy as db2mb to bait the opponent into taking the throw that leads to the supermove. 3 is x (high) circle is special/power (4), so it would be 1124 1 being low [not to be confused with down (d)] or square, 2 medium and triangle, and, just as you said, it’s a risk you’re putting yourself, since you don’t know if the opponent will guard or not, and db2mb, can only be done if you still have meter, so again, avoiding using the super move. As for “sparing you”, my initial post wasn’t confrontational, yet you had to push the matter, saying I didn’t read your post, then offering no concrete explanation on why you’d avoid the coinflips you create, and of the utility on using the super move, this is also avoiding the problem you’d create against zoners, especially Deathstroke, Superman, Zod and partially Martian, you’ll take lots of damage, much more than the super combo, which doesn’t help, since it’s 24 rounds, and one healthbar, impossible also has it that the difficulty gradually scales up to Hard, not even mentioning the Max, as it’s harder and there’s no health gain for performing the supermove, but at least you can see the entire enemy roster at the start there. You did the supermove 2 times at an unspecified round versus Zod, early on, I’m guessing, congrats, what did you get out of this? 10% health when you cleared at 130%. Staying down pressing d24 the whole time hoping he rushes at you rather than zone you, and around the same damage you get with a single bar, that’s a pointless risk, the reason why you felt there was no coinflip is because Lady Entropy blessed that run, the truth of the matter, is that by giving up the meter bar, you’re forced to be reactive during the match, hoping the AI does something stupid, that you were lucky does not mean that you do not lose tools to keep the pressure on and dictate the fight at your own pace by sacrificing the meter bar, bringing you in a situation where you’re subservient to the AI’s whims. By the way, something I forgot before, you can use the swamp hand, and then just use 3 (one time only) then 4 and start the combo, the damage output isn’t that different, like transforming a 3hko to a 4hko, you’re looking at 41% damage and this way, you don’t have to worry about spacing, combos have sort of a soft cap for damage or building up meter, and b3 has very slow start up frames, which can be troublesome if you used the hands from far away, as the opponent will dash away so don’t stress too much on doing that exact combo forever, this is about minimising risks, rather than looking cool.
  4. Bulletstorm (ps4, ps3 is sorta-ish unobtainable), was an enjoyable ride, which didn’t take too long, nor was too hard, it’s an hybrid between a first person shooter and Devil may Cry, and it has, I believe 20 ultra rares, you’ll be needing a co-op partner though.
  5. I read that perfectly, it’s your assumption that it can be used on the Impossible (and the Max too, while I’m at it) that it’s wrong. The AI being dumber compared to the Max doesn’t translate to an easier time, for example, 1124 only works if the opponent guards the first three hits, and that is not a guarantee on the Impossible, even at the end when the difficulty ramps up, pressing 4 as if it was some kind of muscle memory puts you at a disadvantage, due to the weak recovery frames. Using supermoves, you’re creating worthless risks just for a 10% health you can get by either throwing the enemy in another portion of an arena, winning a wage (when you have more meter and click square only at the very end, they tend to not wage a single meter bar, of course, not applicable if you use the entire meter for the super), using an interactable, which are always good, regardless of difficulty, or doing a combo 20% or higher, you’ll average 45-55% health gain a match, which makes the 10% from the supermove not worth it, especially considering that characters actually have 200% health, not 100%, ultimately, after the supermove, you’ll be in a continuous coinflip game until you get enough meter to again do the combo, and outright fucked, if your opponent is Batgirl, or Superman/Aquaman after the patch/ps4.
  6. Huh? What? No, good lord, DO NOT use the supermove. The point of the strategy is to build up enough meter to use db2mb in order to do an (almost) unblockable move, so that you can then combo the enemy. You’d sacrifice 4 meters for a damage output comparable to the one done with a single meter burn combo.
  7. Bas choice on Netherrealm’s part, now they’ll be harassed by even more people flr the invasion trophy.
  8. It’s about time I finally finish Killzone Shadowfall before the online  servers go down.

    Also, I’m gonna pull out a crazy move and buy Cyberpunk20whatever,  and only getting  around to play it in a year or so, after I’ve done  everything online.

  9. No such thing as nonsense, Activision Blizzard is a behemoth of a company, unlike 20 years ago, when there was no merger even. The monetary requirements it needs to stay afloat have changed, the playerbase mentality is also very different from 2 decades ago, Blizzard is in no condition of luxury to just cash in on the (tiny in the grand scheme of things) nostalgic fanbase, especially not after getting a bad reception for Immortal and HR related stuff. And This is a remaster, while it’s true that most remasters are just ports, some aren’t, for example, the early game of Diablo 3 didn’t have the Gem of Ease, Blizzard also thought that the auction was a good idea, they changed their minds after seeing the state of the playerbase. The gem of ease made levelling up much more fast, and practically avoided people buying levels from others. Don’t jump to conclusions, we don’t have enough informations, neither in what the trophies are, neither if they won’t add/change anything.
  10. It’s too early to talk about trophies, we not only don’t know what the trophies’ll be, we also have no idea if they’re gonna introduce new items, change some mechanics etc that could change things drastically. Remember, original D3 and current Reaper of Souls are two different beasts.
  11. Percent wise, it’s Just Cause 2. Difficulty wise, it’s Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, the game should have an UR plat, if it didn’t have a small, concentrated player base. It’s an hack ‘n’ slash game under similar veins of Devil may Cry, with the hardest mode being basically Hell and Hell mode. You pretty much need to master the parry (flourish as it’s called here) system against all types of enemies including bosses, especially the miniboss knights (16 of them in a single wave) who are pretty much impossible without parry. I’ll go ahead and say it was harder than DMC4, not sure about 5, as I haven’t found enough time to study it. Game is short and to the point if you’re good, no exploration or stupid collectibles, my preferred kind.
  12. Athena becomes the greatest stalker when she’s hungry:
  13. Hmm? What’s this? Far Cry Classic? Honestly it’s been too long since I made the post you quoted but err, yes, I haven’t, no big secret as I don’t have any hidden games.
  14. What exactly do you expect from a JRPG? Final Fantasy 10 is my all time favourite, no contest, but what you prefer is connected entirely to your expectations. Yakuza, for example, with the exclusion of 7, isn’t a RPG at all, it’s more similar to the Batman Arkham games. Final Fantasy 10, is a turn based JRPG, who discarded the old ATB style of previous entries to a more pure form, with ATB being a form of turn based Hybrid, what’s your experience with turn based? It’s not something many like, so your first FF should be chosen considering that. 10-2 has an abysmal plot, but in there lies some shedding about the world, that make it less black and white that some might interpret at the end of 10 (With Yevon being bad, and Youth League good, for example, also several albhed and machina, Ff10 for war machines being a danger in certain situations), old Ultimania posts also tell about former Gods before the titular God in the main game, with said religions restarting after the disbanding of Yevon, so we’re talking about 1,000+ years of worldbuilding, and a connection between FF7 and 10 no less. Most of the good stuff comes under the aspect of worldbuilding, narrative wise, the plot is atrocious, there’s no realistic way to salvage that, but the battle system is the best of the entire mainline franchise, to me, it’s kinda like the evolution of FF5, before 6 changed things up (almost) forever. Both offer high value of replayability, if you’re interested in it, with 10-2 having a job system and a form of ATB, and 10 the expert sphere grid. The ff12 you can buy on the psn store is the remaster, which completely changes the battle system with the addition of a job system, the battle system there, is like a single player MMO, so, again, it depends if you can stomach it, or outright like it. I would strongly suggest to skip 13, maybe reading the plot and just barge in on 13-2, the best of the 13 trilogy (not that great of a bar, though)while some consider 2 the worst, at least it had a compelling villain, 13 doesn’t even have that luxury, having a posadist villain, and that’s a problem with FF ever since Exdeath of FF5, not that I’m a posadist or something taking personal issues, but Exdeath, Kefka, Ultimecia to some extent, Kuja, Necron, Seymour, Nooj to some extent, Gabranth, Barthandelus, Orphan, Caius Ballad, and 15’s villain, Square Enix is obsessed with this villain archetype and deathseekers/destroy and re-create in general, however it gets old at some point, and 13 gets the “privilege”of having not one, but two central villains like that. Protagonists are also not that well received, I believe only Sazh is well liked, due to his plot point with his son (a plot point that they end up recycling not once, but twice in the trilogy, Sazh has no agency other than saving his son), recycling plot points is also something that they do quite a lot during the trilogy, you won’t notice it if you only play 13-1, but characters learn a lesson, be it cheesy or otherwise, and then they do the same mistakes again in other games. Gameplay is the worst of the ones I mentioned, you only fight in 13, and that battle system is a mockery of the job system, bad, and most importantly, stressful, even in random encounters, and Square couldn’t figure out a way to organically grind for money except killing a boss over and over until you get lucky with an item drop, said item only sells for 150,000, yeah, you’ll require like 10+millions for the platinum, by the way, enjoy. 15, I think, may end up being the one you prefer the most, in all honesty, on a personal note, I consider it the strongest cast of main characters of any mainline entry, the combat is an Action RPG, which is… not that great for old fans, but if you’re new, that shouldn’t be a problem for you, base game is pretty easy, but the DLCs have some compelling challenges that might interest you. Earlier I mentioned that 15’s villain is a posadist, and, while he does have entertaining moments, he’s a posadist due to his unlucky circumstances, the game tackles the confrontation between Noctis and the villain more from a essentialist paradigm, rather than a existential one, this is, at least in japanese media, very refreshing, so many teenage-directed games always have existentialism as a plot point, with the same answer, as in us finding meaning etc, it got so bad that I remember a Breaking Bad episode tackling this, with Jesse spamming “kafkaesque” in all his phrases as a form of mockery, or maybe not, I can understand the argument behind paying taxes being dreadful, but enough about Breaking Bad, to put it bluntly: the game tackles the situation more on Aristotle’s terms, rather than Nietzsche’s, like some other games might do (off the top of my head, Nier Automata). More importantly, the protagonist has a mission, or vocation I guess, if you want to consider Bahamut as a God archetype, and there is no easy way out from said mission, excluding non-canon material, that is, again, very renewing, in japanese media, there is always some type of man behind the man, that pulls the strings of everyone, and once eliminated all problems and conflicts stop, this is unfortunately also a problem 10 had partially, since a certain plot point nullified the sacrifices they made before. The AI system, according to the interviews, at least, takes inspiration from Husserl’s phenomenology, I won’t say that it’s the best, honestly Kingdom Hearts 2, also from Square Enix, is miles behind gameplay wise, Husserl was anti dualist, though, so I will at least say, that it’s gameplay and story integration. Could have been much better looking at Square’s catalogue of action RPGs though. Finally, if you enjoyed Yakuza, this is the closest you can get in Final Fantasy at least, to that. 7Remake, I’m too busy to clean up online games to start it, but from what I’ve seen, it’s similar to 15. I don’t feel confident in suggesting 6,8 and 9 as a starting point, especially 8, 7, maybe, but the graphics are a bit dated, and Nomura decided to scratch the plot, so eh… In summary. I’d say: Definitely start with 10 if you enjoy or tolerate turn based. Then try the original seven, then 9, 4 on the ds, 6 and 5, you can branch off to other series, like Dragon Quest, Shin Megami Tensei, including Persona and so on. Start with 15 if you want an Action RPG, from there, go look at 7Remake and Kingdom Hearts, maybe branch off to the Soulsborne series.
  15. Hmm? I got this burning sensation that I needed to participate in this shitshow. What did I miss? Can I get a quick rundown on this, as I doubt you rule France with an iron fist.