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  1. Never happened to me, try using rest mode, at least until you got everything.
  2. Depression and existential dread at 16? At least wait when the back pains start, it won’t get better from here on out, so you better enjoy your childhood, Regarding games, are you getting enough sleep? Covid was stressful on me for work, so I had less time to sleep, at that point I almost detached myself from gaming, even considering getting simple trophies a chore, but slowly I’m getting back to it, it also helps for depression.
  3. Wow, I thought I was the only one experiencing this bug, as I couldn’t find anything on Google. I found out that if you leave the match on for more than an hour the autosave function will stop working (hence you stuck at 52) and the game will take ages to load, not even deleting and re-downloading the game helped, fortunately I’m at 48 millions now, so it’s just a matter of patience for one final push, but damn, this platinum was complicate enough.
  4. Oh, but they do know that, I can’t remember a single sport game made by a Sony first party, it’s just that, it doesn’t really matter if it’s liked or not.
  5. Dude, you platted Crash Team Racing in a single hour, get the hell out of here. Also, you collected the 50 hours trophy in F2021 before it released.
  6. Very manageable, you get a pseudo super Vergil after completing very hard, you can also use items, and, well, Vergil stomps everything. Do normal run with Dante (yellow orb) then start with Hard Gold Vergil, and continue there ‘till you reach DMD, Dante is better suited for HaH, due to his mobility, and you can farm mission 18 for style points.
  7. I’m working on getting a 2.0 TT Ratio, so might as well join in.
  8. Alright then, sign me up.
  9. “Dude, trophy hunting is niche AF, the devs don’t care one single iota”
  10. We went from Sony Rewards, to this type of shit, now people are buying platinums, and Sony doesn’t have to do shit, even the sites that keep track of user stats are made by private users, how disgusting.
  11. None of the advices I found on various trophy guides helped me much, wall+Aizen’s move isn’t really helpful because the AI will get you most of the time and doesn’t give you enough comboes. What I did was picking Ruffy (pirate kid with obnoxious voice) and do his special move. Your special move gauge fills up as you take damage, the ideal setup is to take enough damage round 1, and then finish said round with a 4 hit combo+Ruffy’s special move( the one you press X), this should get you 4,200 points just by that, the rest is calculated by time, total sum of health in the two rounds, whether you didn’t lose a round, perfect win, but it’s really not necessary and if you meet said mission objective(s), if you’re careful about this, you should get the S rank quite easily. Also, red hawk, one of Ruffy’s techniques, I found the AI has problem defending against it, setting the volume to zero might also be helpful.
  12. Kinda interesting to check this thread and see how the rarities of platinums have changed, there was a time where Black Ops 1 platinum wasn’t an UR. Anyway, mine is Just Cause at 5.07% for now.
  13. For the love of God, I’ve grown to expect this type of shit in new games, but now, remasters have it too. This was one of my favourite game in the ps2 era, but I’ll just buy it for cheap after it’s patched.
  14. Unexpected behaviour from Bandai. Maybe they’ll finally throw Chunsoft in the trashcan, one can only hope..
  15. China and mobile games, huh? Quite an enjoyable time.