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  1. I'll throw a predict and say the plat will be around 17-22%.
  2. Just my usual luck huh. Glad it's over.
  3. Maybe I'm retarded but I can't seem to crack above 16.1 Edit: got it. For those who want to know: doing 15.1 isn't enough sadly. Now I really have to get the platinum, it's personal.
  4. Platinum #125: Mortal Kombat X It was a nice journey, I adore how all characters both here and on Injustice 2 have unique interactions, it brings life to the game and I hope more fighting games will adopt that. Online was grindy, you are almost forced to boost since people seem to be angry when they lose and give you 0 respect points. Invasion tower needs to be re-worked, but in general it's just me hating (real) time sensitive trophies. Overall I'd give it a 5/10 and definitely suggest to pick this up, the amount of information it gives you is very helpful, I'd say it's a stepping stone in learning how to fight properly for any fighting games. Final score: 5/10 Difficulty 8/10 enjoyment. Around 80 hours to finish everything. 2.01 rarity percentage.
  5. Dbzfighterz, gameplay was okay, but people blow it out of water, it also has that cancerous stuff about locking behind a paywall characters that all fighting games have, even worse they announced a second season pass. Nah this stuff is spiralling out of control in fighting games. Plot was also a copypaste of Persona 4 arena, with troubled waifubait marysue and the usual evil clones but yeah I get it, plot doesn't exist in fighting games, but good lord try at least, I shed a tear in Tekken 7 when you know what happens.
  6. You can reset after buying some trophies before autosave hits. So don't worry about it.
  7. Tekken Tag HD, I was never able to find this game.
  8. Mortal Kombat X Platinum trophy "All trophies unlocked"
  9. Cod BO3 you won't like decorator... at all.
  10. You're close on finishing Onrush, give it a try.
  11. Gta v ps4
  12. You're looking too much into it, people enjoy competitions and collecting. It just so happen that trophy hunting is niche.
  13. On one hand, I'm happy for Modern Warfare, great game, on the other, extremely disappointed, we got only 2 games, one is a remaster of a previous gen game, and the other is... hardly an AAA game. Bad way to start your new run on plus games Sony. Guess I should be happy they didn't remove the possibility to play previous ps3 plus games, eh?
  14. Don't give up skeleton! Cat Call was unironically the last ability I unlocked, I had to sit to the entire skill set of all characters to unlock it, with patience, you'll be able to unlock the plat.
  15. Hey all, since this is the only active thread talking about trophies and well, it's impossible to find any information, does anyone know what you need to do for the A Lonely Throne trophy? I finished the game and unlocked the epilogue I think? Not gonna spoil but the ending seemed pretty close to the trophy's namesake, yet I got nothing. Damn, this game might have an interesting battle combat, but the trophies are a mess.