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  1. It's been a long while, but I'm sure you need to complete Riku's mode in order to unlock characters only he fights like Ansem, Lexaeus, Zexion etc. Just make sure you don't use treasure keys before you finish Riku's save file.
  2. So Blackgeist, or whatever it means in German is the secret boss?
  3. They would be my top 4-6, but since my top three is the same as yours I decided to add them to the mix, in case there would be other vote counting, as they still deserve recognition in my opinion.
  4. Lol, my top three is exactly the same as yours OP not good, but then again ps2 was such a golden age. I'll try to add three different titles: - Persona 4 -4 generation of Pokémon games, especially online with the now dead Shoddy Battle. Pokémon Platinum if we go by official products. -Dark Souls 2
  5. Mortal Kombat. Yeah, I would like to meet irl the imbecile that thought adding my kung fu is stronger as a trophy was a good idea.
  6. Fallen legion seems fun. Budget fun, and I can't quite figure it out from the videos but it seems like the combat uses a variation of active turn based?
  7. Yeah. Seems to be that way sadly, they started removing this in Injustice 2. A pity, I understand the reasoning behind it as it lags, but it is always much better to give player the choice to fight or not players from distant parts of the world. Oh well. At least I only fork out 5 dollars and not 15 euros (I will never understand the reasoning behind these enormous differencies in prices. I mean yeah, it's cool if Europe has more stuff on sale, but when the stuff on sale has the same price of the standard NA store... real talk, I thought MKXL on the NA store only had the dlc chars and not the base game before seeing the GBs)
  8. I thought about this too, but then you have games like Final Fantasy xv, new Spiderman etc that forces you to go beyond the plat. and buy dlcs, conversely there are also hard games that jumps you to A rank quickly like Space Overlord. @Regarding vote spamming: Frankly, I don't think there are negativities on this. Yes, maybe someone will spam 1 or 10 on all games and ridiculous game times but it's not like we're removing the vote done by the person who wrote the trophy guide, besides what do we do about games with no trophy guides like say the DMC reboot? People will have to go to other sites to gauge how hard or time consuming the platinum is, so might as well add the option to vote, without having to add a gigantic guide to the equation.
  9. I would really like an urban fantasy setting this time on the souls series.
  10. "It's being discussed in this thread. Just read it" granted it's the internet and you cannot see others physically so I apologize but it looked as if you thought I posted the message without reading anything from the thread.
  11. Bachelor of Fuck All🤔
  12. There is no need to be hostile, people judging a percentage is the exact reason why I posted in favor of platinum or bust if you re-read my message. Another example would be Wolfenstein 2. You can breeze 98% of the trophies, but the real hard work is that last 2%.
  13. Which percentage are we talking about? I have 78% completion in Injustice Gods Among Us and in no way I would feel confident to rate it since Battle Master is on a whole differnt level. I think it would be easier for people to vote only if they have the plat, or 100% if the game doesn't have one.
  14. A comparision between Nintendo and EA is pointless, first thing first, the wii-u isn't the only system they sold at the time, second, Nintendo has way more exclusive games to their brand that cannot be replicated by others, something like Battlefield, losing the "gimmick" of historical accuracy and worsening the gameplay can easily be replicated by more effective shooters like the Call of Duty franchise, which even if it got a backlash due to no single player campaign sold more than Battlefield 5, third Nintendo didn't suffer from major backlashes on titles due to their toxic pr on games like Battlefront 2, Battlefield 5, Andromeda etc. EA closing is next to impossible but with how things are going and the tech stock market taking an hit I wouldn't be surprised if they close some studios like bioware, and I wouldn't mind that, after all, EA were the ones to close the Orgin Systems and push Dragon Age's focus on romantic relationship not caring at all if the battle gameplay is shitty in modern rpg.
  15. Didn't they remove that at some point?