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  1. Gwyn's greatsword from Dark Souls.
  2. Senator Armstrong's nanomachines.
  3. The shotgun from Bulletstorm. That thing is mental, I want that, for non-murdering reasons, that is.
  4. It is, yes, it was added alongside other more obscure titles than Tales of in the past, the new model with limited games though, is adding "giants" of games thus far
  5. There are many games I played who I ended up disliking, but if I had to put my finger on the worst of the worst, then that would be Space Overlord, I feel kind of bad because the title is an obscure indie with no fanbase to defend it but it doesn't excuse the trashfire it was. It has the worst controls, the worst most repetitive story, the worst trophies (no, it's not an easy game, I feel to the trap too, had to power through to get that damned plat) and the worst experience, for a title like "space overlord" you'd think you'd be an invincible person of mass destruction, yet you're slow and as frail as paper, glad it ended. Do not play it.
  6. No god, please not Ni no kuni. Why is Sony adding every game I bought recently to either plus or now ugh, at least it wouldn't be the complete edition so there's that... Doubtful for Vesperia, Tales of is too niche, and right now they added important titles with the new update model, Resi7 I could definitely see them trying this either on plus or now, since it's part of the Hits with their lowered prices altogether.
  7. If you feel underpowered use the aeons, send Yuna in Auron's part and start farming phys atk sphere, then go def sphere, hp if you want break hp limit, luck and so on, ignore matk.
  8. Of course Sony is ashamed of the Vita. Imagine how they hate not making an online paywall at the start of 2012.
  9. This game is more about optics than money for EA, so I'm sure they won't fuck it up down the line. It also seems to have action rpg elements from what I've seen, might pick it up later down the line when cheap.
  10. Are they? I ask because outside of the trophy lists I don't have informations of the game. Hmm, 65, your starting 30+ 35
  11. Hmm, hypothetically these trophies could be boosted in a single session, but the game seems a bit dead, you also needed to play 30 matches regardless for another trophy, so my estimation would be that you'll get these out of the way quickly, still, it remains a number's game and my possibilities remain belpw 3%, I'd say it will take you a range of 35-50 matches, and, as for a number, let's go with 35.
  12. Yesterday I damaged my controller after more than a decade for those damn exo survival trophies, mostly the flip flop one, I finally completed it, but it reminds me of the second type of trophies I hate the most, those that take a long long time and has you failing quite easily, but the top spot definitely goes to these trophies, which I might as well give up: - Personal Decorator COD BO3 - The Hero we Deserve and Battle Master Injustice 1 ps4 (aka patched) - Set for life Dragonball Fighter Z - Anything Mugen Souls - Online trophies in Gran Turismo Sport, alongside Level 50 trophy. - Any challenges in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Challenges in Street Fighter 4 - Also Ultra Street Fighter. Wow, lots of fighting games huh
  13. As a Greek history and mythology buff, and also blood I guess, since Naples is for "New City" I pulled the trigger and bought the whatever edition's name that had AC3 Remastered and the Season Pass, I'm playing it on another blank account right now to synch later on as I started too many games lately and it seems this one will take a very long time, and I gotta say, I'm disappointed that Ubisoft nailed the Action RPG part much much better than Square with FFXV. Hopefully I get to meet some mythological creatures, Ubi already forgot the animus and present part, so, might as well go full-on fantasy.
  14. Well it's true that you use different accounts, but the credit card remains the same, at some point it should raose suspicions.
  15. How long have you been doing that, and have you been banned in the past? I also did that two times and there are games on Now that strangely only activate if you're playing with the account that subscribed only, such as Asura's Wrath.