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  1. I'd say it would be a stupid move too, but for different reasons. Sony made Insomniac, and they can easily break it, if MS bought Insomniac, the IP for Ratchet and Spiderman would still be Sony, all MS would get is another underperforming Sunshine Overdrive or new ip with no confidence about it, while Sony would give their two titles to a different dev(s). ReC might have a little backlash since it was created by Insomniac but Spiderman matters more for the name, Guerrilla could make a similiar if better work. The 250 millions, I disagree it's few for them, Sony does not have the manpower of MS, but the fact of the matter is: they spent it to avoid microsoft having another Sunshine Overdrive, which, frankly, some could be even grateful for it, not to produce other Spidermans or ReC, Sony already got those in the bag, and without them, Insomniac is dead, with or without acquisition.
  2. No it wasn't. All the titles you mentioned, they are published by Sony long before the buyout, Insomniac would have gladly continued to make them, as without them, they're only left with that sunshine overdrive game, which would spell doom for them, they already had their hands tied. Frankly I didn't even know they existed to begin with, doesn't seem like a big hurdle.
  3. I don't think Sony has the resources to buy Square Enix, and frankly, them buying Insomniac was stupid, but perhaps they could try their hand at FromSoftware. Back a decade and an half ago, when Oblivion was at the time exclusive, they tried to fight that with Demon's Souls, so it's kind of an interesting cycle, From has three strong titles at their beck and call, and they could use the battle planners there to shake up their gameplay system on their various exclusives, something they struggled with this entire generation. Also, Bloodborne 2 100%
  4. I'll be honest, every trophies except the titles and icons, which are connected to the trials (so the trials too) can be cheesed quite easily, online can be boosted easily, as you can check your opponents before the match, focus attack before wakeup fucks up the cpu, and said cpu cannot properly handle Zangief, so beat arcade on x with y can be done easily. The showstoppers are the my kung fu is stronger and the trial trophies respectively, mk is a question of time, sf of skill, wouldn't hurt an arcade pad.
  5. Rofl. I could not care less about Fallout, but I'd be a liar if I said I didn't like Skyrim, so I'm glad tes 6 won't be exclusive, still, classic incompetent and weak-willed Microsoft, they spent 7 billions and an half for this.
  6. I don't see why things should change. Upgrades/ports/remasters will have, or not a new trophy list at the discretion of publishers and devs. But I'm curious if Square will have the gall to bring the 5 stacks of FF15 to ps5 too.
  7. Royalty is the best starting class, yeah. Augmenting your hp from the getgo will make your life much much easier. Builds are kimd of limited, faith doesn't have the spears, and strenght weapons are "nerfed" by a lack of poise.
  8. 7 years and 8 months of back and forth, of corrupted saves, destroyed playstation 3(s), today I finally exorcise the demon that haunted me for a good portion of last decade: Platinum number 165: Mortal Kombat 9/2011 Couldn't risk waiting for a milestone, I had to get this shit over.
  9. It's about time we get a God Hand remake. But yeah, the entire Crash games were a delightful joy.
  10. Every time I see these types of threads, something in my darkest corners of my mind reachs out and tells me "videogames are a drug" The defensiveness when someone does not like your choice/acquisition, the guilt of once again falling for buying a game day 1 in the heat of the moment, only to find out all the unfinished trash it has, the heel realization after the dopamine rush ("hype") wears off, it doesn't happen to games only. I tend to be lassez faire, but I recognize that there are certain loop holes to fuck the mind of the average person, maybe the jobless youtubers desperately seeking cash on their patreon do have a point regarding regulating this "hobby". Oh, and imagine cop- taking inspiration from Anthem, brrr, they deserve to lose their job.
  11. If you want to pre-order games, go right ahead, it's your money, but don't spread psychological terrorism about game companies dying if pre-ordering stops being the norm. Would they get less money? Possibly, there are games such as Demon's Souls that sold like trash first week, but later on became hits, it's not like bloating the budget on overused voice actors, publicity and other stuff like water physics isn't part of the problem, if, by chance, majority of people would stop to pre-order companies wouldn't bankrupt overnight, they would just re-think their approach, expectations, budget and, perhaps, with some luck, give a finished product at the start, just to inform the loyalists that "y-you don't have to listen to others, see, we actually tested our product before selling it".
  12. This thread reminded me that for some reason I bought the entire Tales of series for the ps3 and ps4 while I never played a single one of them, except Xillia 1 for a very short while. I really need to stop buying stuff... What are the most painstakingly plats? The two Symphonia and Zestiria? Might want to start with those and get them out of the way.
  13. Yakuza ain't really a rpg, it has much more in common with the Batman Arkham series, I liked Kiwami 1 for the musou feelings It had, but there are no rpg mechanics, so maybe see if the musou genre intrigues you, or Batman I guess. Final Fantasy may seem innocent, but has many tricks up its sleeve, the thunder dodging in FFX, the jump game in IX, almost everything in X-2, no seriously, you better start that game with a guide, it's "choice" based, and almost everything is missable, the bestiary and concurrences in XII, Treasure Hunter in XIII and don't even get me started with Dissidia. If you enjoyed the Surge and the souls series, perhaps give Lords of the Fallen a try? It's a soulsborne made by the same creators of the Surge, there's also Dragon's Dogma, action rpg with classes made by the creator of DMC 3 Itsuno, also try to play Chain of Memories and FFX-2, just to fill in your collection on the respective game series.
  14. Oh, you definitely need to spend fm, otherwise you'll never get the trophy with the base 16, and, even with new chars it's still hard, you'd need 20 level 50 chars. Heh, fucking Capcom "locking" trophies behind a paywall, oh well, I was able to breeze survival on hard, if I get all the trophies except that, I'll buy the arcade version at a heavily discounted price.
  15. I definitely play the games again, only on another account, I need dem pops and progression bar.