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  1. What the hell do you expect? You're saying that being impatient doesn't mean being impatient, what kind of well constructed post can even reply to this premise? Let's see, maybe this: "some people are impatient, but not you, you're smart, patient, and clearly know best than everybody else", happy now?
  2. Yes. Oxford dictionary: " /ɪmˈpeɪʃnt/ /ɪmˈpeɪʃnt/ annoyed by somebody/something, especially because you have to wait for a long time 2. wanting to do something soon; wanting something to happen soon "
  3. Come on now, do you really need to ask this. Either because they're extremely impatient (some games even give you the option to download 48 hours before everyone else, if you pre-order) or because they think they have a virtual relationship with the company, so they feel pride and joy, to support their endeavors.
  4. Daiv has said it perfectly, only thing I would like to add, stop looking for a new "saint" company, to use against the "demonic" EA, Activision, Ubisoft etc, that's what makes people suckers. Companies are made of a great handful of individuals who constantly changes, what you see as a name means nothing, CDPR itself, how many of the staff from Witcher 3 are still there, for example?
  5. Bold of him/her to assume it ends at 2020. But we'll surely not have zombies, at least.
  6. Huh, so I wasted my time with Tifa.
  7. Oh, they went bankrupt, huh? I'll edit the message, I mean, Borderlands is from Gearbox, so they should know, it was already released on the 7th gen, and then got a remaster on the 8th.
  8. Geez, third time? Give it a rest already.
  9. If I could remove a game in my profile, it would be this, no hesitation about it, the worst of the 300+ games in there, not even Space Overlord was as bad as it
  10. I had the same problem, there's news of a kombat pack 3, with Kronika playable, but at this point, it's been two years, Netherealm should be gearing up for Injustice 3, so I just bought the base game.
  11. The only difference I see between Infamous and HZD is a tacked on level up ststem, who also happens to be very lazy, been a while so IIRC every level up only gave you a skill point and 10 HPs. Usually, there are two schools of RPGs, one that focuses on the roles in the story, while the other, roles in your fights, HZD misses the mark on both. The setting of the story though, is to me, the most original of the 8th generation, so I'd like to see what they can bring next, high chance that they'll just scrap the level system though.
  12. It truly is the My Name is Mayo of Action RPGs.
  13. I think turn based RPGs should do the trick for you, especially easy ones. Check out the Final Fantasy series ('til you reach 12), the Shin Megami Tensei series and so on.
  14. You're this close getting the Killzone Shadowfall platinum, don't give up now.
  15. Don't agree on this, I used to administrate forums back before everyone and their mothers began using Facebook in early 2009, and back then, it was much much more easy to gather informations on people posting, an ip ban was actually effective, nowadays, a pointless joke, still, the providers got better and now you don't get much information from an IP, and it's even harder to get the "real" IP. Social media is a different kind of beast, you shouldn't be giving your data on the Internet, and, if you're obligated to do it for work related reasons, you should simply make multiple accounts, some for Internet use, and an official one for work, if someone thinks their "original" opinions on twitter/reddit/facebook, warrant their exposure, that's entirely a problem they brought on themselves, "Anonymous" precedes a bunch of kids wearing Guy Fawkes masks playing script kiddie, but there's nothing you can do if they spam nonsensical words like "cringe", and then proceed to feed their ego. But still, never saw the problems escalating to homicide, even if you manage to get informations on someone you'd need, a deranged mind, being close to where the person is, a good deal of luck to avoid having troubles before they're able to kill the person, an highly likely lack of experience with firearms that would not help you during the critical moment, since a person this disturbed would alert the people selling guns/shooting polygons (am I safe myself doing business with them? This person could not think about the consequences of their actions), do I know this person's routine? Could they have someone living with them putting more chaos and unexpected outcomes in their plan? Is the person ready to see blood? Or is it the first time, get frozen in the heat of the moment (huh, puns) allowing the person defending themselves to react, potentially even killing the aggressor? And that's talking about killing a normal person, it gets much more complicated, and, dare I say, downright impossible against an actress like the Abby VA or this faceless corporation. Death threats have always been a joke, but people nowadays use them either to support what they like and create excuses, or just mock them for giving importance to this, it's interchangeable, depending on either political leaning, or sunk cost fallacy, this thread itself represents a microcosm if it. As for Social media shit, it's kinda the problem when something is allowed to grow too big, defeating the purpouse of capitalism itself, only way I see it solved, is to "nationalize" the places, to make them less "cool" and disperse the userbase.