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  1. Huh? No, it was in Europe, I got the fucking platinum from the digital store. Oh god, let me check, I hope they didn't delete anything from my compendium. Yeah, game's removed from the store but it can be downloaded if you bought it, 669 MBs.
  2. Inaccurate Ultimately though, a political ideology is just a means to an end, not the end, and said ends may change based on what you require on a specific time or to react at different situations from others that happen as time goes on so that you avoid fossilization, which then invites manipulation.
  3. I understand your point, I too had bad experiences with DA:O with the level 20 trophies, since enemies don't respawn, unless you buy DLCs of course, unfortunately for EA, Bioware wasn't able to patch a glitch, regardless of who, or how many act this way, in my view, it remains the same, it's even worse because Randy is aware of the potential of trophies, so that's something to always stick in the back of my mind. I too am a Borderlands enthusiast, as you can check from my profile, but this whole B3 DLC fiasco? Pass, I'm already pissed off regarding the location trophies the base game had glitched for MANY months.
  4. Haha, voted, that's cute. But even if you do, Sony is a public company, with stocks on the market, a CEO there is nothing more than a glorified prostitute, his removal wouldn't change much. Only thing that would work is pressure from rivals, and last time Microsoft was on top, they made paid online the norm.
  5. Why am I an idiot, because you're still bitter that not everyone is sucking Sony's shit? I offered a profitable model of business for the Uncharted series, alongside it made friendly to suicidial politics anglos love, what did you offer that gives you the ability to discern who's an idiot and insult them, you little shit?
  6. Impossible, Lazarevic is russian, so not trustworthy in their voting patterns outside of their home country, he cannot, henceforth, be considered an hero. They did "whitewash" Abby's dad though, I'm sure Druckmann can't live that down, so: Daughter gets kidnapped by a relative of Eddy, the one from U1 Nathan left to die, Nathan tries to save her, but gets killed, and well, whatever I suppose Nathan is indeed a psychotic serial killer, though having time to analyze these things in the first place is a luxury, and in real life, these situations are kill or be killed, but let's forget about that, don't wanna destroy the whole deconstruction ego trip and all, we're going full gung-ho on Josef Campbell, since we're not able to create a better framework, we'll just bring "realism" to it. After Nathan dies, Nadine comes to the rescue, save the little girl and takes her under her wing, also makes sure to tell the daughter that Nathan was an idiot, careless, had it coming blabla. Part 1 over, part 2, they are on a island with a great treasure, by the way, forgot to say, the main villain was here for the treasure, and brought Nathan's daughter for the lulz he/she had with Nathan, so yeah, we rip off a bit of Indiana Jones now, which is an expy of a real life nazi explorer, but don't tell that to Druckmann, he might burn the whole franchise, as the premise, an expy of an expy itself is unsalvageable at that point. They find the treasure, Nadine defeats the villain, but won't kill (ludonarrativewhat) him/her because she's better than that, here's the twist though, the villain still dies, and I guess I can use he/him only now, due to some Supernatural forces. Kid will have a similiar relationship with Nadine Nathan had with Sully. The end. Plot written, I accept cash from a fellow jew Druckmann if you like it, and hey, I left the door open for several new entries to milk the franchise, a win/win. Seriously, though, I would like a game regarding past Sully and Marlowe, but eh, doubtful it's in the workings.
  7. Yeah, I'm not going to write this in french, so make your mind at peace about it. 1) I'm not sure why you're bringing up the ps5, your message says that they "delivered" on the season pass being 4 DLCs, that's not why people are pissed about this, they're pissed they spent 120 euros, and they still don't have a fucking finished product in their hands, even the "ultimate edition" at 100 euros (released a year later, mind you) is another shot at the dark, as they could milk more barebones content. Also season pass aren't "temporary", sure, some games push their luck by having more than a season pass, but that's mostly a very minor part of it, not even 2% if we exclude ftp, Borderlands too, never had more than a single pass and the headhunters pack, they had the decency to exclude trophies and to give directly the entire package on the next gen console, going as far as giving away the commander Lilith DLC for free when they gave THC on Plus since really, asking for a price after 5+years they didn't do anything to it, and with the new game around the corner was just milking the loyalists. There is also the fact that B2 wasn't a glitchfest like B3, so people have a more positive expectation fir the content. Ironic that B3, the first Borderlands game to put a redirect on the trophies on your main menu fucks up the platinum on both versions. Oh, and make no mistake, Randy already said at the time of B1 that trophies would help sales, so I damn will look at any new trophy lists added aware of that particular thinking. 2) No, the main BB game is at 20 euros only now because it simply entered the ps classics library, the initial price for Bloodborne was much higher, Designer's cut is sold at 15 euros 3/4 the price of TOH, and it doesn't offer even 1/10 of it. 3) Haha, no. Lore, even in the gearbox forums, you won't find people that gives a shit, because all they use is the "lol so randumb icsdee" framework, which is not entirely bad, if you focus on the gameplay like they do, but don't try this as a selling point, it's pathethic. I said weapons that CHANGED the playstyle not just weapons, you omitted that to suit your reply, since then, even the binary operator could be considered a "weapon" like the ones in THO, nuh-uh, that's not how it works, fights also means nothing when it's shit, and don't give me the whole subjective bs, when fucking youtubers make an earning out of the interest they generate. No, you brought TOH's price as an excuse for this designer's cut not having a 3 euros price tag, and it doesn't work, no idea about Doom, but if it's anything like this, then sure, fuck it. 4) Great, DS2 bashing. Look, I already have a low opinion of your arguments, it's pointless to bring up that game when it has nothing to do with the conversation.
  8. That's very dishonest on your part fanboy, just because both The Old Hunters and Arms Race are DLCs, that doesn't mean the prices should be similiar. TOH answered lore questions, gave the buyers plenty of new fantastic fights, and modifications to the gameplay, thanks to a lot of newly introduced weapons that changed the playstyle, which can be brought in the various NG+s, oh, and no, this part is not subjective, sorry to say. What Arms Race brought? I can't even see companies worshippers like yourself defending it, outside of "that's just your opinion man". I mean, sure, you can say that it's "for the community" and I can say that's just milking, subjective, huh.
  9. Most of the difficulty ratings are a combo of subjective views + hype, so it's nice that we try to create a line in order to combat the author of the trophy guide's experienced view, compared to the noob trying to snag the platinum, however, I feel that it needs to be tweaked further, I'm going to use several games, mostly Deus ex Mankind Divided to get my point across. Now, Deus ex is an ultra rare sitting at 2.53%, an high rarity that makes it an ultra rare, but in truth, it is actually an easy game that, can't blame them, most people just dip out at the beginning, however, it happens to warp around several of the possible guidelines written in the thread. It has a difficult related trophy that only unlocks after the first playthrough, this also applies to most Sony games, where they add mg+ and hardest mide, hardest mode and ng, are a COMPLETELY different challenge than hardest and ng, Deus blocks mg+ on the hardest mode, but it changes nothing in its case. Said hardest mode in Deus, is also pretty much pointless, as even im the easiest mode, you're much better off stealthing your way, as gunplay is horrible, there are no difference in stealthing in easy or hardest mode, yet the presence of said trophy shoots the difficulty up by a lot, not to mention, stealth is also encouraged by other trophies like foxiest of the hounds. Missables are another problem, the game has 50+1 trophies, 40 of those are missables, along with the difficulty, this combined with the fact that you need a guide for some collectibles and dialogue, and also the shitty breach mode, makes it jump to 8/10, but it's hardly that. So, why are they missable in the first place? 8/10 of the trophies sound like a big deal, but that's just because you need to jump around the area, after a bit of story you're no longer allowed to go there, or night arrives in Prague, changing the paradigm, and yet, most of these trophies can be obtained in a matter of minutes, with you even able to re-load the game to a previous state to avoid any story or customisation blunders, you don't really need to apply that much for these trophies, except for the audios, since they are 60 to collect, but you got a guide for that. My suggestion, would be to add time as a difficulty indicator, time is commitment, I'm levelling up Tidus in FFX to reach and beat Penance, just as I'm training to learn Batman in Injustice GAU, so that I can spam a 40% combo, footsie, anti zoning and all that shit, so that I could easily beat kids online and get my 100 wins trophy, sure, one is harder than the others, but both are time commitments, and they should be judged as well, similiar with missables, how much time have I wasted in not getting a specific skill related trophy in Deus ex? Not really that much. That, and if harder modes do indeed CHANGE the core experience of the gameplay, which Deus ex does not.
  10. Yeah, Sony and some companies don't have the languages pinpointed out, Call of Duty tends to give me spanish as a language, even though I'm italian, which make the EE much harder. It's better if you create a new UK/Duth account for your PSNow endeavors
  11. You can earn all trophies with ultra digital.
  12. Oh come on man, Sony is a piece of shit, but you're reaching. What did you expect? To take a 7 days trial so that you can download and keep the games forever with the ps5? Get real.
  13. Yes, all he needs to do is delete his main account (only on the ps4, the psn servers will always have it registered), and then add e-mail and password to the blank account with the dmc 5 plat, so that he can access again with the main account.
  14. If you fear that the difficulty of this plat could stop you at having a 100% account, just play it on a blank account, and if you manage to get all trophies, synch it with your main.
  15. It's kind of funny that you brought the 33% discount as if it changes anything. Here, the discount is 25 euros (Europe always pays MUCH more, even after the currency difference that Sony fails to organize, games cost 10 euros more, with stuff like Demon's Souls base edition arriving at 90 dollars if bought in Europe, so yeah) which is roughly 29 dollars, and this is just for the first season pass, there's another season pass that costs 20 euros who also has trophies, 45 euros just to get the 100% on a single game you already bought (under a sale mind you), hich also happen to be an almost 2 year old game, not to mention that, until 2019, Europe almost never had DLCs sales and even in these sales, specific companies like Activision take the piss. I 'don't' have the 45 euros to give to a DLCs just to fight OCD, I would never have it, even if I was a billionaire, as gaming is an hobby with no renewal income unless you're some youtuber or shit like that, and sure as hell, I don't want to reward a company that puts overpriced DLCs, which outside of a very few exceptions, is a term loaded with a lot of baggage.