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  1. It was glitched initially. They have patched it now.
  2. Says its compatible with VR. Want to make sure it isn't required to complete the game.
  3. Finish anyone of the arkham series or the Last of Us
  4. Is this trophy glitched? I'm pretty sure I explored the whole map and it was on 'Dynamic' mode. No one seems to have gotten this trophy yet...
  5. Damn this glitch. I had to do these all legit back in the day :/
  6. Batman Arkham City! That game is great
  7. Need people to help with this. Need several online trophies. Hit me up. PSN: brad0103triplex
  8. I just got this game and checked the trophies If there was a complete on hard difficulty or anything like that... And I did not see it, or maybe I missed it?
  9. Arkham City, you have all those plats and not Arkham City, I'm ashamed of you Yee we should. Gotta boost for this and AC:B. I personally don't like this batman game :/ Gonna open up my ps4 and plat Arkham Knight eventually
  10. Injustice... I wish you luck man (Don't tell me AC:B, I got a session soon)
  11. Not sure If this is right section of forums to post this but... How/wheredo I buy this game? Please help
  12. Arkham Asylum, nice game, easy plat. You got a lot of plats though
  13. The Order:1886. Heard that plat is really easy. @junckerkids. I got it
  14. Vigilante here as well. Have the Plat for AA and AC. Only 1 of the Lego games though :/
  15. Metal Gear Solid V. The Game is awesome