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  1. Possibly missable. IIRC though, you're locked out of doing dungeons until you win that first game.
  2. Yeah, the only truly unobtainable one at the moment is Full Flock. Even if you have snails in your game, they do not drop any shells. Snails stopped spawning for me after I beat the 2nd boss. The game in general has been very buggy for a small indie release.
  3. If that's the case, that'd be some pretty dumb trophy logic.
  4. It's bugged lol. I've killed players during final phase while possessing a teammate and I'm well over 50 public wins with the same demon.
  5. Hey buddy. Armageddon is bugged for me too. I've filed a support ticket and the devs have said they're looking into it. This is also the same for One by one we will take you & a bunch of other bugged trophies.
  6. I've been in touch with Saber support and they're aware that a number of trophies are bugged, so that's good news at least. I also had trouble with Effortless Evil until I won a match without possessing anything.
  7. That would be "Out of the cellar". A completely different trophy. DrUberBloom is correct. Edit: Wait nvm, looking at the trophy descriptions you're right. My bad. Strange that that trophy has unlocked early for most. Games whack.
  8. There's other ways. If possession is relatively low, a shotgun blast to the head could knock you out of a survivor too. Ash (ED2) and Ash (AOD) are the two strongest characters imo. Seeing them a lot with Cheryl as support.
  9. Ash (ED2) has the "exorcist" ability. It'll immediately exorcise the demon from any survivor or basic unit.
  10. No I first played as the Warlord.
  11. Just updated the thread. More problematic trophies seem to have cropped up. For reference, the demon I leveled to 45 was Puppeteer, tried everything possible to register that I've unlocked all unique skills, but no trophy is popping. So basically, 30 wins as a demon, unlocking all skills & possession are all bugged for me. :/
  12. So it's purely luck based then? At least it's good to know that you only need to down a survivor while possessed.
  13. It's bugged. The only people who have it, have obtained it via luck. Gonna have to wait for a patch unfortunately. On the plus side, according to people who have the trophy, it's supposed to unlock after you down someone while possessed. So you don't have to wait for them to bleed out or anything.
  14. The only way to make them kill themselves is by pushing them into the "storm". I've done that too and no trophy. It seems to be legitimately bugged. Unsure if the 30 demon wins is bugged too, or if I haven't done 30 match wins yet.
  15. No but no one I play with is interested in private lobbies. Also it's definitely bugged. Killed a guy via possession, kept hold of the possession until the guy bled out, still nothing. :/