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  1. I would absolutely love if Oblivion had a trophy list. I put so many hours into that game. Me and my buddy always go back and forth with Oblivion vs. Skyrim lol. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Skyrim, but Oblivion was just it for me. Hahaha I'll keep my eyes open. I really need to post in the Gaming Sessions, I'll do that after work today. Thank you for the welcome, I'm sure I'll be around for a while!
  2. I joined back in 13 but first posted yesterday! We seem to have some similar interests, which is always nice. I've been playing guitar for about 10 years now. I started out playing through a beginner's course. My advice after your beginner's course is to search around for resources online. There's an unbelievable amount of free information out there for guitar. A lot of the music theory I know was learned through being in band in high school, but even that is available online (which I'm assuming you already know some of this if you dabble in audio engineering). You can find some amazing tutorials online for specific songs you want to learn too, and you're able to choose your own pace. If you'd rather not learn from videos/reading forums I would recommend finding a tutor to teach you one-on-one. The problem with courses is that everyone learns at different speeds, so sometimes you find yourself waiting to go on to the next project. Anyway, welcome, I hope we both enjoy our time here!
  3. This. I was like 4 years old when my dad got this game on ps1. I snuck into the room while my dad was playing it and saw the cutscene where the rat turns...into a scarier rat lol. That scene gave me nightmares for a LONG time. Went back when I was older and loved the game, but the music still to this day gives me chills.
  4. 1000 hours might have been a bit of hyperbole lol, but yeah its definitely gonna take me some time. Good thing the game is so much fun though, and the co-op aspect makes the time go by faster. I'll probably be grinding on this for a while!
  5. Folklore Game seemed to go by unnoticed by many, and was one of my favorite games at the time of release. It'd be cool to have a trophy list for this.
  6. I'm still in the process of playing this, but I've already taken more screenshots in it compared to any other game on my ps4. I definitely think this game could use a photo mode of some sort. I've only ever used photo mode in Spiderman, but I could see myself spending a lot of time in photo mode in DS. Also I agree, the scripted music is really nice, I understand that Kojima wanted us to hear certain music at certain points, but maybe having an mp3 player of sorts post-game would be nice. There's such good music in this game its a shame I'm running around in silence at parts.
  7. I'll definitely be doing this! Just need a couple co-op trophies in BL. Thought about getting one of my buddies to do it couch co-op but he's not gonna be getting off Iceborne anytime soon lol. Thanks! Thank you! I was really shocked when I looked at the amount of content Iceborne has. It's such a steal at it's price. Only fought the first 2 new monsters, so I've got a lot to do there. Was thinking about going for both base game and Iceborne plat. That'll take me a good collective 1000 hours (at least) with all the crowns.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm "new" here. I made a profile here what seems like years ago, but never really got involved with the community here. I've been playing games a lot more recently and thought that I should finally post here. I'm not really a trophy hunter, I have limited time to dedicate to that, but I do enjoy setting goals in games that I do enjoy playing. Some info about myself: I work at a custom cabinet shop drafting shop plans in CAD software and programming a CNC machine in CAM Software. I drink 1-5 cups of coffee a day depending on circumstances, gotta make it through the day somehow. I absolutely love music, I'm currently learning Cakewalk by Bandlab. My past experience has only been Ableton and Garage Band. My favorite instrument to play is Guitar, but I know a few others (not quite as well, some I haven't touched in years.) Some of my favorite games of all time include The Legend of Dragoon, Vagrant Story, KH Series, FF10 (not a fan of FF10-2, sorry), The Last of Us, The Elder Scrolls (specifically Oblivion) Borderlands Series, Horizon Zero Dawn, and I'm sure I could name 100 more. I play a bunch of games all at "once" because I easily get bored and like to switch things up. SO I'm currently playing: Death Stranding (phenomenal in a way that can't be explained without playing it) MediEvil (Missed this as a kid, having fun with it now.) Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Just started this with a few buddies) Borderlands GOTY (Actually hunting the trophies here, but need someone for the Co-op trophies.) and Smite on and off with some other friends. I'm not too worried about my completion rate, but I would like more platinum trophies. Maybe some of you guys can help. or give me the motivation I need!