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  1. Fel free to add me, just let me know that your from here PSN: Drumming_Blitz Games: Borderlands handsome collection5 Last of US SOA" Hollow Fragmet Destiny Elder Scrlls onlie Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Star Wars Battlefront COD BO3 GTA
  2. Thanks for teh help, it sort of worked. Managed to kill him twice and then it crashed it. I will have a look on the forums to see if there are any known issues with him,
  3. Everytime I kill Hyperious, my PS3 freezes. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how they got around it.
  4. Original -= Money burning a hole in my pocket Slim = A way to game and be in be bed
  5. I honestly can't remember Gravity rush being that bad. I hate the controls on Motorstorm RC, i remiinds of why I havent learnt to drive yet
  6. Drumming_Blitz PS3 and PS Vita Accepts blank requests, however more likely to accept if theres a short message (Even just PSN Profiles)
  7. Would adding a second player/controlle make it multiplayer mode? Sucks that i bought the vita version, i only did it to save me money. Guess i'll check the trophy lists before I buy a game from now on
  8. Basically I was wondering if there are any collectables after beating sarumon on the second level and what are they? My game keeps crahing aftr I beat him and was just wondering if I need to reinstall the game to get my plat. THanks in advance
  9. I keep on going back to both borderlands games, especially when im in a bad mood, there is just something about shooting a load of claptraps that makes me smile.
  10. Borderlands 2 The Walking Dead inFAMOUS 2 Mass Effect 2
  11. I got a problem with the DLC I Got with the game and straergy guide. I have never had the art of war stuff from the guide and only ha the soldier stuff on one save, before I started the game again. I know it was in the ingame menu the first time, but none if of is there this time. Has anyone else had issues like this?
  12. Injustice man, you should definatly finsih that
  13. I iwsh Lighting Returns was a midnight launch, instead I have to wit anter 12 hours to get it in my ps3

    1. DEMON


      It was launched today here in some GAME stores.

    2. xVolloxx


      Picking it up tomorrow :)

    3. Minus13dB


      Yeah, my local game tends to suck, but ut is the best gams place near me.

  14. THis worked by hiding all but the romulus lairs, thanks for the help