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  1. Far Cry Primal
  2. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter. I've been meaning to get that game for a while
  4. Either Mirror's Edge or Wet, both fantastic games.
  5. Surgeon Simulator
  6. Batman Arkham Knight
  7. Sly Cooper (PS3 or Vita)
  8. Madden 25 if the MUT trophies are still available. Otherwise go for 100% on capcom arcade!
  9. Watch Dogs. Yet another game that has been incomplete on my account for years lol.
  10. Either Wet or Mirror's Edge. Two of my favorite games and I just recently went back to platinum them both. They'll get frustrating at moments but be patient and you can do it!
  11. I'd go for either Spiderman or Uncharted 3 next!
  12. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath