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  1. Just a quick update: Servers are still up as of January 2023.
  2. I've just completed every challenge mission that was available to me with all the requirements for each and I didn't get this trophy. Did this happen for anyone else? If so, how did you fix it? Currently, it shows 20 total challenge missions with 3 of these being the dlc. Is there one that I'm missing that unlocks from some other requirements? Thanks in advance for any help! Update: I just finished Yami's story and found out that Karna also has a mission. I didn't even realize that we'd get Karna as a playable character.
  3. Update: I ended up deleting the game, reinstalling it, and replaying the final level without the game updates installed. The trophy worked just fine on the first attempt. Hopefully this works for anyone else that may have this issue!
  4. I've just completed the game on hard and got the hard and normal trophies just fine. However, easy didn't pop up. I replayed the last level (still on hard) and still, nothing. Has anyone had this issue? Do I need to play through the whole game again on easy?
  5. I'd say infamous, you're nearly there and it's an easy one to get off the backlog.
  6. Hey everyone! I just got this trophy earlier. This video is a fantastic guide for location but I found it way easier if, after you get enough speed to grind the whole ledge, start with a flat ground manual and jump into a grind with your first air trick from the manual. In case it helps anyone, this was my trick list: 1. Manual 2. Crank flip 3. Feeble 4. Barspin 5. Smith 6. Bus Driver 7. Ice 8. Opp Barspin 9. Pegs 10. Opp Bus Driver 11. Tooth 12. Tuckup 13. Luc-E Hope this helps someone!
  7. Hollow Knight
  8. If you have your ps3 still go for inFamous, super fun plat. If not, I'd say Lara Croft Go.
  9. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment
  10. Sign me up, 8 plats for me!
  11. Far Cry Primal
  12. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
  13. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter. I've been meaning to get that game for a while