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  1. Well I knew this would happen eventually but I guess I need to pick up the rest of the bike dlc and go after that 1 online trophy now.
  2. I'm glad I recently picked up the marvel ultimate alliance bundle before it got delisted.
  3. Sad to hear this mp is going down but honestly it wasn't great and boosting it sucked glad I finished it a couple years ago. And ya I'm sure the sequel is next glad I got that done as well.
  4. Well this sux I guess I'll never plat this game now and if I had about another few weeks to a month I could have all well less learned.
  5. I hope this isn't true as amazon only has $50 psn codes so I had to go to Best Buy (online) to get my plus renewed also they have codes for $20 as well as $10,$50 & $100 but that's for physical cards.
  6. Glad to hear that motorstorm apocalypse wont go down until august so I should be able to finish it soon as well as all the other games going offline in next few months.
  7. I hope this isn't true but hopefully I can get to it done before the end of June either way.
  8. I have a 20% off code if anyone wants it I won't be getting anything this week.
  9. This sucks I was planning on getting this game done but I guess I will never get the 100% now good luck to everyone that will be trying to finish it though.
  10. I'm saddened that the servers are going down.(Sony is basically saying that's it PS3 support is done 1st party especially). Now I have another game that I need to Make a priority. (Sigh)
  11. No keep at it that's how I felt doing stage 5 naga It took me forever the 1st time I platinumed it. Oh & doing this trophy focus on one enemy at a time dodge/counter there attacks try not to get knocked back or your teammates it can be luck based as well just try to get everyone to focus on one enemy & knock them in the water 1 by 1
  12. I platinumed this game twice (PS3) & (PS4) & nearly a 3rd time for someone but this time in shareplay not including this trophy (I tried for a couple hours to get this trophy in share play but it was to laggy)
  13. Yes thanks I just got it myself especially since I'm hoping to get the GOTY version (it will be very helpful) when I get the game this year.
  14. Alright sounds good as well as other PS3 mp games. When I get back depending on what servers are still up I will likely be making a ton of sessions on here to clean everything up. I originally wanted to clean everything up this year but had to many set backs now I'm going for it.
  15. I still need to run this game myself & when I get back online I would have no problem doing this game with you POEman553