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  1. Yo
  2. 5/10 too many colors
  3. Akira ! (and thats actually enogh)
  4. "I want Candy"
  5. Hell No lol Dark Mark
  6. Level 9 reached, now on to lvl 10 :D Shouldnt be hard with all those god damn releases next month :P

    1. WuTangJase-
    2. KingBaku


      My wallet is gonna suffer from this <_<

    3. Albani0310


      It's pretty easy leveling up until you reach level 12 or 13 then you will see what a trophy really means :P

  7. Axton
  8. If anyone used to play or still plays Rage Of Bahamut, please contact me :D

  9. Added on PSNP
  10. that avatar
  11. Cant wait for Bioshock Infinite, even tho I don't like FPS Its basically a just give me more free stuff thing