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  1. Very late post here, but.... if someone is having trouble with this one, here's my take on it: The trophy name/description is a little misleading, because i thought you should activate the paths using your staff to "coloring" the switch, and doing it fast enough to activate two roads at the same time. The trophy popped for me when i explored the 7-1 level enough and activated two paths near the end of the level, one with a platform to get the coins, and one with a "water-jump-thingy", so... two "roads" to end the level. So there you go.
  2. There is an update, it came out on xmas, and i can confirm, Excalibur is unlocking! didn't played longer yet, but looks like its fixed!
  3. I've played in VR, always. The Oasis Games twitter page has some responses from a few days ago, saying the team is aware of this and trying to fix it... let's hope they do!
  4. Me too, started this game a few days ago, and in chapter 3, nothing... deleted the save, deleted the game, redownloaded, started completely offline, and still no Excalibur! Weird thing is, before i delete the game, i wasn't able to get the gaze and touch trophies, but i got them after reinstall... With Excalibur i wasn't so lucky =T There is a 1.11 patch? on my ps4 (american, and american game) it says software is the latest version and is on 1.10
  5. Like this one?
  6. Ok, ok... as the rage goes away, i guess DrBloodmoney do have a point. I'm from Brasil, and we're not familiar with this "holiday season" of games... i speak for myself, of course, nut only in recent years the brazilian market started following the black friday sales, and holiday season (or only now i realised that, now that i'm following closely the news in the US, mostly), but ok... i really wanted the game, i love arcade racing games, and i had the money at the time to play on day one. The game is not perfect but i'm enjoying it. But that makes me think about game prices. I just saw an article saying EA is right, games are the cheapest "entertainment" paid by the hour (60 bucks a game for X many hours, it's usually cheaper than renting movies or watching in theaters), but from EVERYONE i talk to about games, 98% of them waits for a sale to buy a game, even if they really wants them. In fact, this was the ONLY game i've paid full price since Metal Gear V TPP. And over what Fragtaster said, i hope the money i've spent on it helps Ghost to continue making good games, but i hope they realise EA is not going to a good place in gaming, and when they release themselves from EA, they make a damn good racing game. Thanks, guys!
  7. I was trying to defend this game, i really am enjoying, i love racing games, and i think the gameplay on this one is good, actually. Sure, the action scenes and races were... awkward, and the shipments are just bs. But after 10 days, the game is already 40% off, the deluxe edition is cheaper than the regular edition on launch... screw it, screw EA, i'll never buy anything from them again, unless it's so cheap, or i'll buy it used from someone else... even if they make Skate 4!!! wait..... YEAH, EVEN IF THEY MAKE SKATE 4, they'll just charge you 0.99 each wheel, anyway. I should have learned it by now.... NEVER. PRE-ORDER. ANYTHING. ESPECIALLY FROM EA!
  8. Rock Band Unplugged on PSP o/
  9. Does anyone still have some invite to the beta? I really want to play it, and i got betas for all recent ubisoft games, except this one, which i really wanted! Thanks to any kind soul, in advance! PSN is Andreh-Feijoh (anyone, feel free to add, just put PSNProfiles in the request) Ubi username is AndrehF
  10. Thank you so much, i also finished the game without doing this trophy, and your spot is great to farm it!
  11. Nevermind, i got it! o/ if anyone open this with this problem, my hint is: turn off steer assist... worked for me
  12. It's the only trophy left for me, and i can't do it! I'm using The Super, in World 1 Hub (around the big plane), but i think i'm breaking the chain sometimes... any tips? thx in advance!
  13. Anybody knows if this special price will be forever, or just a week or two? I wanted to buy it, but don't have credit in my wallet right now, will have to wait for my paycheck =T
  14. March, 22nd - 14.99, with 10% off with pre-order. This game was one of the best i've played in my childhood, definitely gonna buy it! Maybe, if a lot of people buy it, with the success of Grim Fandango, they'll continue remastering these golden classics! Full Throttle is already on it's way... =D
  15. I've stopped here, the Fatal Frame games is all i need! i have 1 and 2 on PS2 Classics already, but if they come with a platinum, it's a sure buy! PLEASE SONY! MAKE IT HAPPEN! i wouldn't mind Indigo Prophecy as well, and since it's already been remastered on PC, shouldn't be too hard *wink wink*