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  1. Thanks! I got the PS4 version with a friend, but since the news of the PS5 version, even more free with plus, i was waiting for confirmation of this. I should play the better version on PS5 and get the extra PS4 plat later! Thanks for the answer
  2. I saw somewhere that updating the latest version on PS4 enables "cloud saving" or something like that... my question is: is it both way? I mean, if i play and plat on PS5, can i up my save to cloud and auto pop on PS4 too?
  3. Nevermind =T
  4. Wow I'm being observed =P But seriously... I'm a trophy hunter, have been one for a few years now, and I've already given up STARTING a game because of impossible platinums, probably missing some great games just because of trophies... I'm actually trying to change that, and trying not to care TOO much about them... and this is a good example, I've bought it day one because i wanted to try and pilot a real drone, but it is an expensive hobby, so for 10 dollars, why not? I'm not gonna lie, this shit is HARD to fly, but as all games, you get better with repetition, and after you get to finish a whole race flying fast... its SOOO COOOL!!! The game is worth it, even with all the bugs (a few crashes here and there, infinite loadings, trophies not unlocking), I have played daily, I just given up the two trophies for racing in all maps for now, until the next update (i'll try reach the forums for the steam version) and I'm working in finishing the tutorials with 5 stars.
  5. Well... i think i'm the only one playing this right now.... i really liked the game, the tutorials are quite slow and didactic, so it's really good to learn how to fly (like i wanted)... but apparently, the plat in unobtainable as of right now, since the steam achievements were only implemented in the latest version, and no one seems to be able to get some, specially the "play in all maps" and "play in all maps with every drone class" WHICH I DID, certain of it, but the wording of "maps" and "track" could be the problem... I'm still missing one MP win, but i think that's totally boostable. The other unobtainable trophy as of right now is the "finish all tutorials with 5 stars", but that could be just plain difficult, i didn't finished them all, let alone with 5 stars... but i think is bugged because one of them, the 6th mission from the second section, "wide curves" seems impossible to get 5 stars, i've managed to get 4.5, but it doesn't seem to be much more room for improvement, as you can't choose a different drone. I did tweak a little in the sensitivity settings, and got a liiiiittle faster, but not enough for the 5 stars... i'll keep trying!
  6. i've finished the first race, the tutorial (?), and didn't pop anything. but it served it's purpose, i enjoyed it, i'll buy it down the road, after they patched the dualsense features on PS5
  7. and this trial opens the PS4 trophy list.... and now i'm afraid to start a race and get a trophy >=(
  8. am i the only one who thinks this is on purpose? i mean, the "transparent checkerboard" is not even smooth, its probably a "meta joke" or something, the comics are full of these
  9. Thank you very much, i've got the platinum!
  10. I've also sent a request! Please someone "adopt" me, my crew is lvl 40, but this is the only trophy left for me, and my EA Access sub is ending in about 10 days. I've would plat this game in a month, but i've ended catching covid and spent 20 days in the hospital, so now i'm in two month on EA Access just for this game, and wouldn't want to renew another month just for one trophy =( I'll look in this thread for other crews, thanks in advance to anyone willing to help a fellow trophy hunter!
  11. I get the impression that the difficulty you set for the encounter goes along the modifiers in the Grounded+Permadeath save, i usually do it in very light, and when i occasionally get in a encounter during the game, the enemies take ages to actually see me, and their hits don't take a lot of damage (in fact, in the first encounter, i usually was 1 hit killed), so there's that too...
  12. I'm afraid it is not #TimeTravelFake =P
  13. Very late post here, but.... if someone is having trouble with this one, here's my take on it: The trophy name/description is a little misleading, because i thought you should activate the paths using your staff to "coloring" the switch, and doing it fast enough to activate two roads at the same time. The trophy popped for me when i explored the 7-1 level enough and activated two paths near the end of the level, one with a platform to get the coins, and one with a "water-jump-thingy", so... two "roads" to end the level. So there you go.
  14. There is an update, it came out on xmas, and i can confirm, Excalibur is unlocking! didn't played longer yet, but looks like its fixed!
  15. I've played in VR, always. The Oasis Games twitter page has some responses from a few days ago, saying the team is aware of this and trying to fix it... let's hope they do!