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  1. It's doable, but you will probably spend a year doing it. A Coda run will take a minimum of 1 month of consistent practice (typically 2+ months, easily). Easier to cheese with the ring of phasing, but you're mostly battling nerves at the end of the run. I wouldn't recommend using a controller unless you're a masochist. There's too much jumping back and forth and one of the boss fights is ~300 BPM. Just no point in making a difficult trophy even harder for no good reason.
  2. I'd also recommend a keyboard. Seems like the consensus in the COTND community is that it's possible to do it with a controller, but it's much harder. And yeah, Zone 4 isn't hard once you get there. Might take a few tries. You're mostly dealing with nerves at that point rather than a difference in skill between zone 3 & 4.
  3. I doubt it, considering the bare minimum at 1x speed is 7.5 hours. Let's just assume that if you play the game at 3x speed it means 7.5/3 to get to the end. That's 2.5 hours. Your next 2.5 hours is going to be every 4th level limit, beating every weapon, etc? 6-7 hours with a ton of practice, knowing exactly what to do while playing on 3x speed. 10-15 hours is probably doable but for the average person this will probably be a ~20-30 hour plat if you do not use the other cheats.
  4. lmao, is that trophy list trolling? Attacking Zegeta 2 only has 75 players. I haven't played the game myself. Can any one confirm that the trophies are obtainable since not a single one was unlocked? COTND takes about 800 hours to plat and that's skill based instead of a grind.
  5. Crypt of the Necrodancer. Hardest game there is.
  6. Crypt of the Necrodancer is awful. You will hate the game and question your life choices before the time you're done. I'm taking a break from it. Too frustrating. Lowest of the low takes anywhere from 3-5 months of practice apparently. Thought I could do it faster, but this game has humbled me yet again but only practiced for about a month. The game is a nightmare. The only tips I have are to look at the strategies in various videos posted on-line. There is some variety and diversity in strategies now, so you can pick which one you like best if you're struggling with a level. Tip #2, don't give up. If you get frustrated, definitely take a few days off. Get well rested. You'll come back at the game better than before. Getting mad at games does not help you. If you find yourself raging, just stop. You will likely not make progress when you're mad and you will end up doing things you will regret. I've started to just stop playing if I get mad. No reason you can't pick it up after taking a few hour break or in a few days, even though it's tempting to keep trying.
  7. New character Tempo = 1 hit kills with blood dagger to start. Dies in 15 beats. Resets after killing an enemy. Automatic hard mode (2 mini bosses) and tons of enemies. Mary = protect the lamb, lmao. Nocturna is kind've fun and easy. You can turn into a bat and stuff. Weapon parries and works like javelin. So new all characters run is 13 characters. Tempo sounds like it would be the hardest.
  8. Anybody else pumped for the new incoming DLC? A bunch of new characters and two new bosses and it is confirmed that it is coming to consoles (TBA). Thankfully no crazy trophies for the DLC. Just a good old fashioned all characters run (no low%, thank god). But that's 14 characters in a row?
  9. Personally, I don't think it's "possible" with the directional pad to pass lowest of the low because of Bolt. You'll see. It's difficult to describe the frustration unless you've experienced it yourself. Truly, It's a nightmare and that's with a ton of practice. Still die all the time due to RNG.
  10. Good luck. You can do up to all characters run with the Vita, IMO. I used mine up until that point. The issue that I mentioned above is maybe easier to see when you consider that 330 BPM is 5.5 beats per second. So hit your directional pad 5-6 times each second with your thumb, that's how fast you have to be. I can maintain the beat with Bolt fairly well now and I tried to do it on the directional pad. It was a joke cause it was too hard.
  11. It would be extremely difficult. The issue is moving around while hitting beats at double speed with Coda and Bolt. While you could probably pass all zones with Bolt with a Vita, it would take a lot of extra work to perfect Bolt low% and maintain the beat for Coda. You'll be constantly asking yourself why you weren't using a keyboard. Death Metal is something like 330 beats per minute. Good luck doing that with your thumb.
  12. I just hate how jumping in Crash 2 feels so broken. Sometimes you jump higher, sometimes not. Sometimes you slide, but it isn't a full slide and sometimes it's a half slide. Sometimes the polar bear does a huge Heracles jump (randomly), sometimes it doesn't. It's horribly broken and I haven't had that issue in Crash 3.
  13. Welcome to your journey of pain.
  14. Yeah, I'm still practicing Bolt Low% a lot and can't do it consistently yet. There is a lot of random stuff you die on. All it takes is a minor mistake and your run is pretty much over. It's frustrating. If you want to do Low% you probably will have to buy a Xim4 at some point. I can sell you mine for a cheaper price if you want. But I don't know when I will be done with this game. One day I think I'm ready, then the next day I can't even do Dove or Bolt.
  15. The time trials aren't terrible for the majority of levels. They are especially bad on Piston It Away and Spaced Out, though. Don't stress out too much. I had the habit of trying to go as fast as possible and earned a platinum on both. The game does give you a bit of lee way, so it's ok to go a bit slower. So far, the game feels quite bad on Cortex Strikes Back. I haven't played the first game yet, but Warped feels a lot better control wise. The road races are a pain in the ass, though. But I do remember them being bad on the original as well.