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  1. Yep I did. Got it like an hour after I put it on autorun
  2. I got it too for some reason
  3. Hmm the recorded stats for me right now is around 80 hours.... So I should get mine tonight while I'm asleep probably
  4. The guide is old, it didn't take into account the games lasting the whole match because everyone is rubberbanding
  5. Thanks, it helped me figure out who I was supposed to give that relic to 😁
  6. Did you have an XP boost on? Because I got mine the same way around the same time too. But I was in an actual afk lobby where all of us were afk
  7. Some game modes aren't on your stat screen like that head one, but it still counts their time
  8. Play in matches for 100 hours
  9. Glad the title clarified that this is in fact a game. You just never know these days.
  10. That 50 missions didn't seem like it would be hard in the beginning but damn they get hard after mission 26
  11. Add me to the list. Didn't pop for me after I got all plats on every mission, even replayed a few of them with no luck 😢 Was planning to get that as my PSN level 20 trophy but nope, gonna have to settle for something else.
  12. My PS4 has been on for about 21 hours straight so far 🙄
  13. Got this reply about the mission trophies. Looks like that needs to be done too since it can't be done offline.
  14. I did the kills trophy before I went to bed. It's really easy, especially with everyone rubberbanding and I woke up with the crate trophy so yea that worked while I was asleep
  15. If you check my stat history you'll see my inactive time. I became an alcoholic for a few years and started games I've never finished. Now that I'm sober, I'm going back and finishing everything I've started.