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  1. I'm one of those. I come back each expansion for a bit then retire again. If there is an interesting update I'll resub for another month and play for a couple weeks
  2. Thanks. It seems like now since they made the game more user-friendly and took away a bunch of spells and abilities in legion it's probably do-able. I know my shadow priest rotation was basically only 5-6 spells
  3. I remember I tried playing the game on a controller back around WotLK expansion. It worked just fine, the only time it sucked was when I was healing, especially in a raid group.
  4. Thought blizzard got it down on the launches after legions flawless launch but this was still a mess. At least it wasn't as messy as the other expansion launches
  5. I just resubbed again and I'm lost af. The undercity ending cutscenes was epic though
  6. The psnp rarity still counts the users removed for cheating for some reason.
  7. For the PS4, it's so easy to just put on Spotify with a playlist you like through the PS4 (I personally did 90s and early 2000s music) then turn off the background music in the pause menu. I got tired of the bgm they had after the first 12 puzzles lol
  8. I've gotten that a couple times when I add users to the site for games that don't have many players. Luckily I use this site through my phone and once my IP gets blocked I can just take off WiFi 😎
  9. Was not expecting so many puzzles. This will keep me busy for awhile 😮
  10. That's fine, I'm just happy I can finally play this again. If there are no trophies to really go for I get bored easily.
  11. You get the collection free now with a pre-order of the new season coming out
  12. I need that Fully Loaded Nut trophy for my trophy cabinet
  13. Did you try fighting the guy during black Friday? Instead of taking a picture. That might trigger it because that's a somewhat hidden QTE
  14. Figured it would still be 12-24 hours still. I just lucked out on that one.
  15. I replayed the one part I messed up at and continued to the end which was the gunfire one but I also chose to fight instead of taking a picture that time. I was going to write a guide for this game but so many trophies unlocked at times I can't explain that it would be too confusing to write one.