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  1. It's extremely easy, barely tried levelling much (like I'll attack a monster so I could have it added into my defeated monsters list and then avoid it as much as I can after) and I've only had a problem with one boss which only took me 3 tries to beat. But I play mostly play games for the stories so I have all the challenges turned off.
  2. It's probably Asian, since there already is NA and EU, or it could be a physical edition. Is Limited Run Games making a physical version of this?
  3. Only 24 achievers, and that's all there ever will be since the game didn't even last 2 weeks before it was shut down and pulled.
  4. It's sad that 250 people lost their job with no severence in one of the most expensive cities in the US to live in, but does anyone see the irony that the last game they worked on is labeled 'The Final Season"
  5. Meh I just kept playing poker when you first get to the casino and kept doing double or nothing. That double or nothing was extremely easy.
  6. Bought the game back when the pre-order bonus was the collection also. Looks like I won't be starting the final season until all episodes are fully available then. Good thing I waited, was gonna start it a couple weeks ago.
  7. I wanted to name him Android 17, but I just couldn't because I want some immersion in an RPG, so I went with what I named my old Troll Shadow Priest main in World of Warcraft. "Syero"
  8. So I'm close to the end of the game, but I wanted to save the act 3 trophy for last since the trophy screenshots are pretty cool for the act trophies. Anyway I was on the mission called "Pax in Bello" and checked on Google to see if that was the last mission, so I could avoid it and go back after I finish everything else in the game. When I googled the mission name, check the authors of this book that popped up. Wondering if this was intentional or just coincidence....
  9. I was curious on why mine didn't unlock either but then I realized that fight was just way too quick and easy for that to be the main fight 🤐
  10. Finally got it at exactly 20 events
  11. Yea I think it's just a lot more than 50 spiders. Because I killed the same amount on the ps4 but had to replay a few more levels for it
  12. 2k19 dropped already, surprised there is no trophy list for that yet either. At the midnight launch for Spiderman, there were like 100 ppl there for 2k19 and 50 for Spiderman
  13. Thanks for this, very easy to follow along
  14. I'm one of those. I come back each expansion for a bit then retire again. If there is an interesting update I'll resub for another month and play for a couple weeks
  15. Thanks. It seems like now since they made the game more user-friendly and took away a bunch of spells and abilities in legion it's probably do-able. I know my shadow priest rotation was basically only 5-6 spells