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  1. I was going to post the guide i wrote on steam here too but didn't realize you need to buy the game on playstation also to post your guide
  2. Got the achievement on PC, basically unlocked when i did a gig in Westbrook for some reason. Note: I wasn't level 40, was level 36 at the time but 50 street cred
  3. (Non-spoiler btw) On chapter 16, when you take an elevator up to floor 59, whatever you do, when you find stairs going down, do not go down. They go all the way back to the bottom and there is nothing there, luckily there is the elevator down there to go back up. But yea, it's pointless and you just waste what felt like forever going all the way down in hopes that something is there.
  4. Reloading a save didn't work for the drones. I got 35 kills when I tried reloading and it never popped. Figured I would try it since there was one right next to my auto save.
  5. *waves* Tis an honor to have you visit little ol me.  Your trophy cabinet always makes me laugh.

  6. I don't see any trophies that look hard, could have missed one. Here's to hoping the games trophies aren't bugged like the last game.
  7. They have a few more achievements in the dlc, but their gold achievements are in the dlc instead of the main list like ours is. So it looks like the PS4 one is going to be easier anyway.
  8. This worked for me. Thanks!
  9. I keep getting 2nd place. I'm always getting matched with OriginalGoku and he's kicking my ass at the end.
  10. Actually forgot that one lol. That did take me a couple tries too.
  11. It's available, I just finished it. This episode was pretty easy, only retried one scene and that was the drifting one and even then I found out how to cheat that now by just spamming square the whole track.
  12. I haven't gone for those yet because I'm gonna see if it will come naturally through a playthrough but I'm sure you could just keep pressing replay Everytime you finish the races that have them.
  13. We don't know that yet. I know scene 8 in season 1 Episode 1 was giving me a problem. I replayed that race maybe 15 times before I finally got it. The AI was cheap in that one.
  14. I'm actually excited about this. I've seen clips from past episodes but never actually seen the show itself. This seemed pretty Innovative too, actual episodes turning into gameplay.
  15. Anyone who logged into fallout 76 in 2018 will get fallout 1, fallout 2, and fallout Tatics free soon. The tweet says it applies for Xbox and PS4 also.