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  1. For the horde? I'm on and off that game every few years but my main was 17k points. Don't mind the panda, I went panda for the food buff and sleep animation Edit: you can tell I quit again too lol
  2. Ever since my first achievement in Perfect Dark Zero on the 360. I looked to see what the hell that achievement was and saw a whole list of things to do that stay on your profile forever. So of course I had to do it Took a break from it for 3 years and screwed my whole profile over though
  3. You have to load the save where you beat the game and press continue. You can only play normal until you unlock all knacks basically, then go to hard and very hard right after. It's annoying, I know. I'm on my third normal playthrough and just need two more diamonds then I can move to hard and very hard.
  4. I came here for the title without looking at the trophies. I was not expecting a racing game....
  5. I don't mind it. I just don't like how many playthroughs it needs for the plat. But that's on me for going for it.
  6. This, my LG has to stay on 24/7. When I shut it off and turn it back on half the screen is dead and just a black screen. It takes me hitting it on the corner or wait an hour for it to fix itself. Stay away from LG. Even my old LG phone was bad and kept resetting itself.
  7. You can add me, just say you're from PSNP. I restarted my knack game since last time I played it was 2014, I'm actually getting some really good things too PSN: NutellaOrgies
  8. Nice PSN name ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    2. It Is Time To Oil Up

      It Is Time To Oil Up

      Lol yeah I did. You are edible ;)


      Nah I dont get a gross vibe from your name. 

    3. It Is Time To Oil Up

      It Is Time To Oil Up

      Well it was nice meeting you. I'll add you on PSN when I can if you would like. But going to bed right now z_z 

    4. NutellaOrgies


      Yea sure. I'm about to head to bed too anyway.

  9. Collectable trophies suck as is, hope the same doesn't happen to me when I go back to this game
  10. I like bad games, so you just sold me on it
  11. It's a survival game with a dog helping you? I've learned the hard way already when a dog is accompanying the main character, the dog dies. Nope. Nope. Nope not touching that game.
  12. When I clicked that link, I got scared cause it said I had trophies in it, but then I noticed you linked the page with your trophies on it lol
  13. I think they do since they mention in counterspy you won't be able to unlock a certain trophy once shut down
  14. I meant on the main trophies page of a game, to have the tags on there too